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  1. Things have been hectic the past few days. I'll try to reply this evening. Hopefully, I'll be able to post at least two sets this weekend.
  2. I felt Phoenix and Chameleon were the weakest, so it wouldn't have surprised me if either of them were eliminated. As for Phoenix, my first thought was RuPaul when the performance started. However, one of the clues was the five mini-Phoenix's, and I don't recall RuPaul having any children. My next thought was Caitlyn Jenner because of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters, and what do you know, that happened to be right. As for the Golden Ear, I thought the panelists had to stick with their first impression guess in order to get the point. Ken's guess was Jenner; however, he switched to RuPaul before the unmasking. Nonetheless, he was still rewarded with a point. At this point I'm rooting for someone to take the crown from Jenny this season.
  3. Go ahead and sign me up for S3-S7. I'll try to have my rankings in this weekend.
  4. Clay Aiken "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)" - (1) Andrew Ruben Studdard "Baby I Need Your Loving" - (1) Weedy Ruben Studdard "A Whole New World" - (7) Alex, Diana, Gigi, Tom, Andy, Weedy, Crisis Clay Aiken "Somewhere Out There" - (2) Andrew, Tom Clay Aiken "At This Moment" - Ruben Studdard "Kiss And Say Goodbye" - (2) Andrew, Crisis Ruben Studdard "Just The Way You Are" - Clay Aiken "Tell Her About It" - Clay Aiken "I Could Not Ask For More" - Trenyce "Proud Mary" - (7) Alex, Diana, Elliott, Gigi, Andy, Weedy, Crisis Ruben Studdard "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" - Kimberley Locke "Where The Boys Are" - (8) Alex, Diana, Elliott, Gigi, Tom, Andrew, Andy, Weedy Clay Aiken "To Love Somebody" - (2) Andrew, Tom Ruben Studdard "Nights On Broadway" - Ruben Studdard "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" - Ruben Studdard "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" - (1) Weedy Clay Aiken "Mack The Knife" - (2) Alex, Andy Kimberley Locke "Inseparable" - (5) Diana, Elliott, Gigi, Tom, Crisis Ruben Studdard "If Ever You're In My Arms Again" - Clay Aiken "Unchained Melody" - (5) Alex, Diana, Gigi, Andy, Crisis Clay Aiken "This Is The Night" -
  5. David Cook/David Archuleta Ah yes, the two Davids who were S7’s Top 2. The two had a big brother/little brother dynamic that appears to be strong even to this day. My favorite part of this friendship was when Archie had to pick the safe group during Top 7 but chose to sit in the middle of the stage, and David went to sit with him. It was also nice to see the two work together and support one another during the season. All in all, definitely one of the more memorable friendships. David Archuleta/Brooke White Unfortunately, this is a friendship I don’t know much about. Seeing that they are two of the purest souls Idol’s ever had, it makes sense for them to get along. I could see how Brooke could be a mother figure to Archie as Brooke often gave off a maternal vibe. I wish I had more to say about this one, but it is what it is. David Archuleta/Carly Smithson As with Archie/Brooke, this is a friendship I’m not familiar with. I know even less about this one than the other; however, it wouldn’t surprise me if these two got along with one another. This is probably the shortest write-up I’ll have on any of these friendships. David Cook/Michael Johns It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the two oldest S7 male contestants were roommates and managed to become friends during their time together. The two share some similarities, with the main ones being music and personality. I’m also certain their fanbases overlapped in some form or another. Overall, a solid friendship to add to the list. David Cook/David Archuleta: David Archuleta/Brooke White: David Archuleta/Carly Smithson: David Cook/Michael Johns:
  6. Heh, Snail was an unexpected revelation. I thought no way when the hands came out of the costume. With that said, I thought Raccoon was the worst and would've been my pick to leave. Speaking of whom, unless they're on stilts, there is no way Raccoon is Joe Pesci or Danny DeVito. I thought Gary Busey at first, but I'm jumping on the Danny Trejo bandwagon.
  7. Of all the cuts, that one hurt the most. I thought that had a chance to be in the end.
  8. Oh yeah, St. Patrick's Day is next week. Who knows what will happen with it. - - Me too. - At least she was able to release an album and do something which can't be said for most. I still haven't listened to her solo album. He's in my Top 10 Idol contestants, so you can say that although it seems like I'm the only person to have him there. Carrie/Anthony: It is funny we both mentioned that part. I think something that stoked the fire was pictures of the two together when Carrie attended one of his Broadway shows. I see at the last sentence. Chris/Ace: I guess I do. Jordin/Blake: Blake was born in 1981 and Jordin 1989, so yeah an 8 year age difference. When looking for pictures, I stumbled across that one and had to do a double take. I knew I had to use it afterwards. Blake/Chris: I guess I'll go ahead and talk more about this one. For starters, the bromance would be brought up despite its irrelevance in certain topics. For example, I could be talking about another contestant and how well he/she did a particular night, but someone would mention said contestant wasn't as good as any of the bromance duo and the conversation would be overtaken by others spamming anything [insert bromance name here] related. This was on a regular basis, and needless to say it annoyed me to no end. Another was there were a bunch of stories about the two being together romantically; I'm talking slash, NFSW material. There were some that were really graphic and detailed. I tried to avoid them, but they appeared all over the place. I was tired of seeing [insert bromance name here] this and [insert bromance name here] that, and this was me after everything: Although I wasn't a big fan of either of the two (I'm still not a Chris fan but have come to like Blake some), I was more annoyed with their fans than the guys themselves. With everything said, it's good to see they're just a friendship to you.
  9. Our group's cuts: Charles Grigsby - Overjoyed Carmen Rasmusen - You Can't Hurry Love
  10. Carrie Underwood/Anthony Fedorov Carrie and Anthony were a pretty popular pairing during S4. In fact, it was speculated the two were dating each other; I know there were a lot of shippers who wanted this to be the case. Perhaps the most memorable part was Carrie crying her eyes out when Anthony was eliminated. Unfortunately for the shippers, it doesn’t look like they’ll be together because both have families of their own now. Chris Daughtry/Ace Young Chris and Ace were roommates during S5, and the two became good friends because of it. I know the two worked together at times post-Idol; Ace co-wrote the Daughtry song It’s Not Over (at least I think it was that song, for I know he did co-write one ). Outside of this, I unfortunately don’t have much to say about this one. Jordin Sparks/Blake Lewis I somewhat remember this friendship. From what I remember, Blake was more like a big brother to her despite Jordin towering over him and most of the contestants that season. The two did seem to get along pretty well, and I know Blake was really happy for Jordin when she won. Finally, there was Blake appearing in Jordin’s Tattoo video. As an aside, I thought Jordin was flipping off the camera in this pic. Blake Lewis/Chris Richardson Ah yes, the most popular Idol bromance and one of the most popular Idol friendships overall. Blake and Chris were the two S6 heartthrobs that excited a good portion of the Idol fanbase. The two were similar in many respects, which may be the main reason they hit it off so well. Their friendship was even prominent during the tour. Those who have come to know me know I’ve had my issues regarding this friendship, but I can acknowledge it’s one of the most well-known ones. Carrie Underwood/Anthony Fedorov: Chris Daughtry/Ace Young: Jordin Sparks/Blake Lewis: Blake Lewis/Chris Richardson:
  11. It's great to see nothing happened. I see about the roundabouts. Eh, I can't think of anything I'd want for an avatar. I'll keep it as it is for now. - - Yes, I saw some things somewhere. It was so out of left field; I was not expecting something like that to show up. No worries. As you can see, I haven't been that active here either. Kelly/Justin: Seeing it was the highlight of their friendship, it had to be mentioned! Ruben/Clay: Agree with everything here. Clay/Kimberley: Seeing how close most of the contestants were that season, that kind of caught me off guard. It appears all is well now. George/Jennifer: Yeah, singers like him should have their moments. It reminds me of Allison being a backup singer during the final FOX seasons. Carly/Michael: I think you may be right about this one. Joey/Quentin: I remember this one because Quentin was my favorite that season and have come to like Joey after not caring for her at first. Fair enough about the opinion.
  12. In all seriousness, You Thought Wrong was my favorite song from Thankful. I prefer the Telly nickname because the two are worth watching (yeah, that was lame).
  13. Another monster costume?! They've had one every other year! The other costumes look fine. At least there aren't any as creepy as Lips so far.
  14. Two more honorable mentions... Carly Smithson/Michael Johns To be honest, I'm not sure if this is considered a friendship; however, I decided to post it anyway because it appeared to be one. Carly and Michael had a lot in common, the main thing being both were born outside of the US and were accused of being plants during S7. In addition, the two performed together a few times on the show after their season. I hoped they were friends outside of these performances. Joey Cook/Quentin Alexander This was a very popular friendship during S14. Two of the most unique Idol contestants seemed to really hit it off, and it was a friendship I enjoyed. The main thing they had in common was their love for New Orleans, which is Quentin's hometown and I believe Joey lives there now (she called it her second home). The most memorable thing about it is probably Quentin being upset over Joey potentially leaving the competition (which she eventually did), which led to his argument with Harry. I hope the two are still friends. Carly Smithson/Michael Johns: Joey Cook/Quentin Alexander:
  15. Kelly Clarkson/Justin Guarini This is a friendship I’m somewhat aware of. Seeing that they were the Top 2 during S1, it makes sense for them to get along with one another. Plus, they gave us an iconic masterpiece of a movie with the classic From Justin to Kelly. Outside of this, I don't have much to say here unfortunately. Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken Another Top 2 friendship appears. The S2 finalists appear to be a close knit group, and Ruben and Clay epitomize this. The two of them got along pretty well, and even to this day they’re in touch and work together from time to time. I believe the last thing they did together was a Christmas Special a year or two ago. Clay Aiken/Kimberley Locke As mentioned, the S2 finalists seemed to get along with one another, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if these two became friends. However, in a 2008 interview, Kimberley said something along the lines of her and Clay not really being friends anymore. Fortunately, that no longer seems to be the case as there are pictures online of her, Clay, and Ruben together during Clay and Ruben's Christmas Special. George Huff/Jennifer Hudson This is one of my favorite Idol friendships. The two couldn’t be any different personality wise; however, they were able to get along really well. One of my favorite Idol moments was seeing George as one of Jennifer’s background singers when she performed during a S10’s Result Show. I do wonder if the two are still working together, however. Kelly Clarkson/Justin Guarini: Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken: Clay Aiken/Kimberley Locke: George Huff/Jennifer Hudson: The first set is under way. I'll try to have the next set or two up sometime this weekend.
  16. Oh, OK. I wanted to be a little messy this time around. It looks like I only need to advance one more. As tempted as I am to advance Rickey's Let's Groove, I'll advance his Endless Love instead for my final pick.
  17. So I take it that one was advanced already? Oh well, I thought it was free. OK, I'll think of something to replace these with. My others should be good, right?
  18. I can't do anything at work now, so I'll get my performances in: Round 4: Ruben Studdard - A Whole New World The Other 4: Hadas - You Light Up My Life Kimberley Locke - Band of Gold Trenyce - I Need You (I need you like murder will never not be funny) Julia DeMato - Flashdance...What A Feeling (why not?)
  19. I would've taken her singing Angel every round over some of the finalists that season. - K-Lo's "I used to think you were sexy. You suck!" - Juanita's argument with the judges - Jennifer Fuentes' meltdown after learning she wasn't in the Top 3 vote getters of her group - Patrick Fortson's father arguing with Simon - Vanessa shaking her butt in Simon's face There wasn't any shortage of drama or fun in the S2 semis.
  20. Ooh, that had to be a harrowing experience. One would think of using the correct signal before turning. At least nothing bad appeared to happen from it. There aren't that many roundabouts where I live, so this is something I haven't experienced too much. With that said, I can see how that can be annoying. Yes, people turning into the far lane is something that drives me nuts as well. at the last sentence. Don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable here, do we? It appears that has stopped for now. Hopefully there will be a way to change our avatar colors in the future. Paris/Kevin: I pretty much agree with the thoughts here. Katharine/Kellie: At least I was able to remember it. Although I wasn't much of a Kellie fan during the season, I enjoyed their friendship as well. Maybe I'll look into this and see if they're still in touch. Gina/Haley: I guess most friendships that season we're overshadowed by the famed bromance. That long hug was sad yet nice. I sincerely hope they're still in touch. Colton/Phillip: Well, they're friendship doesn't have a name that was mentioned everywhere no matter the relevance for starters. I think I completely lost when that moment happened. It was just so unexpected.
  21. Tamyra's A House Is Not A Home is my second favorite Idol performance and for a while it was my favorite, so I'm happy to see it top the list here. I don't have much complaints about the other placements and was happy to see Christina's Ain't No Sunshine rank so high. Speaking of whom, nice to see she is still a beauty. She does not appear to age at all! I'm looking forward to S2! The semi-finals that season was a trip.
  22. - As fun of a trainwreck as You Really Got Me was, this was an easy last place. I would've had Frim Fram Sauce in place of it if any of Ryan's performances had to be in the Top 20. - I was hoping Lately would've placed higher, as it's my favorite RJ performance. I rooted for Angela to get the WC spot, but RJ had the best performance that night and he definitely earned it. - I liked Christina and didn't mind The Glory of Love, but outside of YRGM, I didn't like it as much as the other performances here hence the low ranking. - I don't have much to say about I'm The Only One except that it's definitely one of Nikki's best performances. - I'm not the biggest Justin fan, but Get Here is probably his signature performance. I guess this is a good spot for it.
  23. If I could retire now, I definitely would. Yeah, being stranded is no fun regardless of the circumstances. Exactly, we have to be aware of what's going on on the road at all times. Speaking of turn signals, one of my biggest pet peeves is people not using their turn signals, especially on the highway. That is one topic I could rant about all day. I think they would all be great too. Heh, one can dream and then work to make it come true. I wouldn't subject anyone to peer reviews here. After all: I hope I do as well! In addition, I have to review a classmate's paper and provide my feedback. I just hope it helps this person's paper be better. Whether they are our best work or not, hopefully they're enjoyable to read. Maybe there are a few things about the boards that still need to be worked out. Too bad about missing the purple.
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