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  1. Just a reminder: rankings and write-ups are due 48 hours from now.
  2. Katharine and David Foster are on Cameo! A video of their Cameo requests and responses thus far:
  3. Just for fun and comparison purposes, my S9 Top 20 performances: Michael Lynche "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" Crystal Bowersox "Long As I Can See The Light" Lilly Scott "A Change Is Gonna Come" Katelyn Epperly "The Scientist" Siobhan Magnus "Think" Didi Benami "Rhiannon" Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason" Michael Lynche "This Woman's Work" Didi Benami "Play With Fire" Siobhan Magnus "Paint It, Black" Michael Lynche "Ready For Love" Lee DeWyze "Treat Her Like A Lady" Crystal Bowersox "Come Together" Casey James "Jealous Guy" Siobhan Magnus "Across The Universe" Lee DeWyze "A Little Less Conversation" Crystal Bowersox "People Get Ready" Casey James "Don't" Crystal Bowersox "Maybe I'm Amazed" Crystal Bowersox "Up To The Mountain" Actual Top 20: Lilly Scott "Fixing A Hole" Crystal Bowersox "Hand In My Pocket" Alex Lambert "Everybody Knows" Crystal Bowersox “Long As I Can See The Light” Katelyn Epperly “The Scientist” Siobhan Magnus "House Of The Rising Sun" Lacey Brown "The Story" Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason" Michael Lynche "This Woman's Work" Didi Benami "Play With Fire" Katie Stevens "Wild Horses" Paige Miles “Honky Tonk Women” Crystal Bowersox "Me And Bobby McGee" Michael Lynche 'Ready For Love" Lee DeWyze “Treat Her Like A Lady” Katie Stevens "Let It Be" Crystal Bowersox "Come Together" Casey James "Jealous Guy" Crystal Bowersox “People Get Ready” Aaron Kelly “You’ve Got A Way” 10/20. Considering the season, I thought it would be fewer. On the subject of confused reactions, I have 12. It could be worse.
  4. This was the other band I was thinking about. I guess it worked out.
  5. It's now time to reveal the final set before the Top 10! Let's see which acts fell just short. 15. Russian Dolls/Hanson Season 5: Fifth Place Russian Dolls - Man In The Mirror Russian Dolls - Wonder Russian Dolls - Want To Want Me Russian Dolls - 24K Magic Russian Dolls - Shallow Russian Dolls - I’m Still Standing Russian Dolls Unmasking Clue: Has multiple layers despite being lost at times The multiple layers are referring to the dolls having layers themselves. The being lost at times is a reference to their album Middle Of Nowhere, although the other explanations were good. Starting the Top 15 is Russian Dolls. Russian Dolls had one of the more unique costume designs (albeit a little creepy) and concepts of any TMS act. They often came out in different numbers, so it was difficult to ascertain how many people were in the group (although their die-hard fans appeared to know who they were from the beginning ). The best part of their performances were the harmonies, as it was easy to tell they have performed together for a long time. My favorite performances of theirs were Man In The Mirror and 24K Magic. It was thought they were going to go all the way to the finale at least; however, they were eliminated in fifth place much to the dismay of their fans. In a twist of irony, they were eliminated after singing I’m Still Standing (my favorite part was Ken doing the Carlton during it ). They were revealed to be none other than Hanson. I thought them being in one doll when they were unmasked was amusing (and how all three of them fit in the large doll). All in all, Russian Dolls was a really fun and creative act that gave some great performances during their time on TMS. 14. Black Swan/JoJo Season 5: Second Place Black Swan - Barracuda Black Swan - In My Blood Black Swan - How Will I Know Black Swan - Use Somebody Black Swan - Do I Do Black Swan - Thinking Out Loud Black Swan - Tequila Black Swan - How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Black Swan Unmasking Clue: Time isn’t up for this dark hued flyer The dark hued flyer is the black swan. Time isn’t up is referring to JoJo’s hit single Too Little, Too Late. We stay in S5 for the next act to fall in this ranking. Black Swan was the runner-up in S5 as well as the second to last S5 act to appear in the ranking. Black Swan was a strong vocalist who showcased quite the range and versatility on TMS. From her opening number of Barracuda, it was easy to see she was going to be a force to be reckoned with. My favorite performance of hers was Use Somebody because I felt she was at her strongest vocally there. She had a couple of performances at the end (Thinking Out Loud and Tequila) which appeared to be polarizing because the arrangements made it hard to recognize the songs at first (with that said, my favorite part of TOL was the dancers in the beginning moving like their knees were giving out. I guess it was supposed to go with the “when your legs don’t work like they used to before” line ). As mentioned earlier, she was the runner-up and was unveiled as pop singer JoJo. One thing that caught my attention was her saying she was developing stage fright and her performing on the show helped her overcome it somewhat. I also understand she had some rough times in her career, so for that I was happy to see her on the show. 13. Serpent/Dr. Elvis Francois Season 4: Group B (Last Eliminated) Serpent - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) Serpent - The Bones Serpent - Cool Serpent Unmasking Clue: Skilled with both tongue and hands The tongue part is a double entendre. The clue is referring to both snakes/serpents having long tongues and the singing ability of Dr. Elvis. The hands part is referring to his occupation as an orthopedic surgeon (seeing that snakes/serpents don’t have hands ). At lucky #13 is Serpent. First, the costume looked all kinds of awesome, especially with the snake tails animatronics. Next, he was certainly an impressive singer who showed an incredible vocal range. His performance of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) was not only one of my favorite performances of the season, it may be one of my all-time favorite TMS performances. He completely changed the song up and gave an emotionally charged rendition. His other two performances were really solid as well. Unfortunately, he was in Group B where he had some really stiff competition with Seahorse and Crocodile and thus was eliminated in the Group B finals. He was unmasked as Dr. Elvis Francois. He was someone who I was not familiar with prior to the show. Apparently, he’s an orthopedic surgeon who sings in his spare time and some of his videos went viral during the pandemic. From the looks of it, he performed with Nicole in some special, so that’s probably why she was able to guess him correctly. Lastly, seeing Ken get emotional after his unmasking was a nice moment. I wouldn’t have minded seeing him go further, but he had a nice run all things considered. 12. Peacock/Donny Osmond Season 1: Second Place Peacock - The Greatest Show Peacock - Counting Stars Peacock - All Of Me Peacock - Can’t Feel My Face Peacock - Let’s Go Peacock - Shake A Tail Feather Peacock Unmasking Clue: Strutted its way into a spooky surprise on another show Peacocks strut. The spooky surprise on another show was alluding to Donny Osmond’s iconic duet with Ghost Hunter on I Can See Your Voice. He was so sure Ghost Hunter could sing, and his reaction to Ghost Hunter not being a good singer was legendary. Coming in at #12 is the first act to have a performance shown on the US version of TMS. Peacock was a very entertaining act who looked like he was having a blast every time he took the stage. His first performance of The Greatest Show helped set TMS off on a great foot (imagine something like Hippo’s My Prerogative being the first performance aired). His Counting Stars was also a highlight with him starting on a high platform before it was lowered to the stage. That had to be intimidating for him with him saying he was afraid of heights in his clue package. The rest of his performances were amusing in some or another. My personal favorite is Shake A Tail Feather because his energy was contagious. The best part was him and the dancers going around the stage in a line. I thought the performance would’ve been enough for him to win, but he fell just short (which I didn’t mind too much). Peacock revealed himself to be Donny Osmond. It was good to see he had so much energy at his age. He was a total ham and made no apologies for it, and that is one of the reasons his showmanship was contagious and fun to watch. 11. Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo Season 2: Fifth Place Thingamajig - Easy Thingamajig - Rainbow Thingamajig - Ain’t Too Proud To Beg Thingamajig - Haven’t Met You Yet Thingamajig - Caught Up Thingamajig - Ordinary People Thingamajig - Winter Wonderland Thingamajig - Unmasking Clue: Nothing but net in both song and showmance despite appearance Nothing but net is a basketball reference for shots that go through the hoop without touching anything but the net. Victor Oladipo is an NBA player who currently plays for the Miami Heat. He and his performances captured the heart of one Nicole Scherzinger. Taking up the final spot before the Top 10 is Thingamajig. His costume was certainly an interesting one to say the least. It was unidentifiable, but it was still cool and lived up to his name. Thingamajig gave some very strong performances while on TMS. The performance he’s probably best known for is Rainbow. It was a great performance and my personal favorite as well. There were some people saying his version was better than the original (I personally wouldn’t go that far, LOL). I also enjoyed his Ain’t Too Proud To Beg and Ordinary People. Outside of his performances, the thing he is known for is his showmance with Nicole. Nicole seemed to be enamored with him (no I’m not jealous, why do you ask) and to his credit he played along with it perfectly. Thingamajig did well enough to make it to fifth place where he was unmasked as NBA player Victor Oladipo. Ken was the only one who knew who he was while the rest of the panel, especially Jenny, were telling him how wrong he was. Another cool tidbit was Ken and Nicole crashing his post-elimination interview backstage. Thingamajig was a very impressive singer; I think an argument can be made about him being the best non-professional singer on TMS thus far. 15. Russian Dolls/Hanson: 14. Black Swan/JoJo: 13. Seprent/Dr. Elvis Francois: 12. Peacock/Donny Osmond: 11. Thingamajig/Victor Oladipo: We've made it to the Top 10! Here are the ten acts listed by season and placement: Monster Bee Fox Rottweiler Night Angel Turtle Frog Sun Seahorse Chameleon I'll post each act one at a time. I'll give clues to each act before posting them. I plan to give at least three clues per act, so it should be easier to guess who they are. Before I get to the Top 10, however, I may do an intermission and rank the ten acts from The Masked Dancer. We'll see.
  6. This looks fun. I'm going back and forth between two bands right now.
  7. Lady Gaga - Chris, Gigi, Dee, Andrew, Wallace, Derek Madonna - Chris, Gigi, Dee, Wallace The Beatles - Gigi Paul McCartney - Lennon & Yoko - Willie Nelson - Ed Sheeran - Steven Celine Dion - Elliott, Chris, Gigi, Andrew Shania Twain - Elliott, Chris, Steven, Crisis Led Zeppelin - Elliott, Dee, Crisis Pink Floyd - Dee Metallica -QK, Dee Sound Garden -QK, Dee Prince - Dee, Wallace Michael Jackson - Wallace, Crisis Tom Petty - Dee Nirvana - QK, Dee, Crisis Pearl Jam -QK, Dee Foo Fighters - QK, Dee Green Day - QK, Dee Linkin Park - Elliott, QK, Dee, Andrew, Crisis Fall Out Boy - Andrew Weezer - P!nk - Elliott, Wallace Katy Perry - Gigi, Andrew, Wallace, Steven, Derek Christina Aguilera - Chris, QK, Dee, Wallace
  8. I was tagged and I haven't even participated in this thread! With that said, I'll vote and may consider taking part somewhere down the road.
  9. I got one of the rankings wrong. The 4 ranking in Better should be 3. It's fixed now; thanks for catching the error.
  10. - Understandable - Who says you can't learn anything on IDF? Yes, I'm rooting for her to get back on track. I see the point about lying. Heh. Better late than never, although for a while I thought I was going to finish this thing alone. 25. Pretty much agree about your comments on him. He was interesting and a lot of fun to watch. 24. If I'm banned, you'll never know where I'll rank Turtle. I'm happy to see there are no problems with this spot and not making you cry. I'm familiar with your love and admiration of him. I didn't say I wasn't a fan of his tone; I said I wasn't too fond of it on that song. I figured you would be heartbroken after his elimination. At least he and Turtle were able to develop a friendship from this. 23. It was nice to see a duo on the show. I'm not too familiar with them either, so I was pretty much in the dark regarding them. I don't think I'll do a costume ranking; I have a lot on my plate as it is now. 22. I thought she did well too. I mostly know her and Tia from Sister, Sister. I wouldn't have minded if she went further, but she was up against some tough competition. I used to be able to tell them apart in the past easily; now, I'm not as confident. 21. Your explanation is just fine. I pretty much agree with everything said about him here. Let's see how you did... 20. He's your favorite winner? We do differ here (what else is new? ). At least all of the winners are in the Top 20. I didn't listen to a lot of his or 98 degrees music, so I wasn't all that familiar with his voice to be able to guess him. He did shine with the emotional performances and that opera beginning to Superstition was legendary. Yeah, I don't know how Jenny was able to say that without shame while not guessing the boybander she should be the most familiar with. 19. I pretty much agree with everything here. It wasn't anything too bad regarding the guy, but he gave off that impression. 18. Once again, pretty much agree here. 17. Yeah she was enjoyable to watch. It's just unfortunate she was up against two other strong contestants and didn't have much of a chance. I hope she does think better of her voice. It would be a hoot if they knew each other were in the same season. 16. Happy to see you're not upset with my ranking of him. Oh at him being your first favorite. I don't think people were familiar with him at first because they thought Rabbit was too skinny to be Joey. I agree about the costume and twitching. I also thought it was interesting when he said performing in the costume helped with his claustrophobia. I'm sure he's happy he did as well. Yep, the Top 15 is here! We'll see about these guesses. Maybe Turtle will appear in this set and finish short of the Top 10.
  11. Haley Reinhart - What's That Sound? Track List 01. Let's Start 02. Baby It's You 03. For What It's Worth 04. The Letter 05. Can't Find My Way Home 06. White Rabbit 07. Somewhere In Between 08. Oh! Darling 09. Sunny Afternoon 10. You Showed Me 11. Words Of Love 12. Bring The Love Back Home 13. Time Of The Season 14. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Amazon | Apple | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube What's That Sound? is the next Haley Reinhart album to be ranked. This is mostly an album of covers of some of Haley's favorite 60s songs and two new original ones. The deadline for any submissions will be August 17 at 11:59 PM EST. As always, anyone can participate if they want and any extensions will be granted if requested. @jarmon @thevoiceisthetop
  12. I tried to do that for Nikko in the S4 round, but that didn't go too well. Besides, I don't know which performance to take a vote from because I'm rooting for all of them to make it. If "In The Ghetto" does make it, it wouldn't be the first time a perceived inferior performance made it over perceived better ones. In S3, "Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)" was in the finals instead of "Too Close For Comfort", and in S5 "Think" got more votes than "Until You Come Back To Me" and "Since I Fell For You".
  13. "In The Ghetto" having the most votes of any Michael performance? Interesting because I think it's his weakest one remaining. I was hoping "Ready For Love" would pull through if an extra Michael performance were to be in the finals, but it looks like it won't get the support.
  14. Lilly Scott "Fixing A Hole" - (6) Alex, Elliott, Lily, Diana, Chris, Crisis Didi Benami "The Way I Am" - (2) QK, Steven Siobhan Magnus "Wicked Game" - (3) Gigi, Wallace, Derek Crystal Bowersox "Hand In My Pocket" - (7) Amanda, Kevin, Lily, Andrew, Steven, Rei, Hayden Katie Stevens “Feeling Good” - (1) Elliott Casey James "Heaven" - Michael Lynche "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" - (3) Zoey, Gigi, Wallace Siobhan Magnus "House Of The Rising Sun" - (7) Alex, Sola, Gigi, Diana, Wallace, Derek, Crisis Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason" - (6) Amanda, Kevin, Andrew, Rei, Chris, Hayden Didi Benami "Play With Fire" - (9) Alex, QK, Amanda, Andrew, Gigi, Diana, Steven, Hayden, Crisis Casey James "It's All Over Now" - Didi Benami "You're No Good" - (1) QK Siobhan Magnus "Superstition" - (2) Gigi, Derek Michael Lynche 'Ready For Love" - (1) Derek Katie Stevens "Chain Of Fools" - (6) Elliott, QK, Sola, Chris, Zoey, Wallace Katie Stevens "Let It Be" - (8) Zoey, Elliott, QK, Amanda, Sola, Lily, Diana, Hayden Crystal Bowersox "Come Together" - (8) Alex, Amanda, Kevin, Andrew, Steven, Rei, Chris, Crisis Casey James "Jealous Guy" - (9) Alex, Zoey, Sola, Lily, Andrew, Diana, Rei, Derek, Crisis Michael Lynche "In The Ghetto" - (6) Zoey, Kevin, Lily, Steven, Hayden, Wallace Katie Stevens "Baby What You Want Me To Do" - (1) Elliott Michael Lynche "The Way You Look Tonight" - Michael Lynche & Casey James "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" - Crystal Bowersox "Maybe I'm Amazed" - Crystal Bowersox "Black Velvet" - (3) Kevin, Sola, Rei
  15. Better Rankings 5-1 5. I Belong To You Haley Reinhart - I Belong To You Average: 5.3 @Crisis - 3/11 @jarmon - 4/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 6/11 @Bk1234 - 8/11 Crisis jarmon Bk1234 4. Good or Bad Haley Reinhart - Good or Bad Average: 4.8 @Crisis - 2/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 3/11 @Bk1234 - 4/11 @jarmon - 10/11 Crisis Bk1234 jarmon 3. Love Is Worth Fighting For Haley Reinhart - Love Is Worth Fighting For Average: 3.3 @Crisis - 1/11 @Bk1234 - 3/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 4/11 @jarmon - 5/11 Crisis Bk1234 jarmon 2. Can't Help Falling In Love Haley Reinhart - Can't Help Falling In Love Haley Reinhart - Can't Help Falling In Love (Video) Average: 3.3 @jarmon - 1/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 1/11 @Crisis - 4/11 @Bk1234 - 7/11 jarmon Crisis Bk1234 1. Better Haley Reinhart - Better Haley Reinhart - Better (Video) Average: 3.0 @Bk1234 - 2/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 2/11 @jarmon - 3/11 @Crisis - 5/11 Bk1234 jarmon Crisis And just like that, Better is in the books! I'll try to post the track list and links to What's That Sound? on the front page tonight and the deadlines for any submissions some time tomorrow. As always, anyone can post their interest in participating in the thread.
  16. Better Rankings 11-6 11. Bad Light Haley Reinhart - Bad Light Average: 10.3 @jarmon - 9/11 @Bk1234 - 10/11 @Crisis - 11/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 11/11 jarmon Bk1234 Crisis 10. My Cake Haley Reinhart - My Cake Average: 8.3 @Bk1234 - 6/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 7/11 @Crisis - 9/11 @jarmon - 11/11 Bk1234 Crisis jarmon 9. Check Please Haley Reinhart - Check Please Average: 7.8 @thevoiceisthetop - 5/11 @jarmon - 7/11 @Bk1234 - 9/11 @Crisis - 10/11 jarmon Bk1324 Crisis 8. Listen Haley Reinhart - Listen Average: 7.5 @jarmon - 2/11 @Crisis - 7/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 10/11 @Bk1234 - 11/11 jarmon Crisis Bk1234 7. Talkin' About Haley Reinhart - Talkin' About Average: 6.8 @Bk1234 - 5/11 @jarmon - 6/11 @Crisis - 8/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 8/11 Bk1234 jarmon Crisis 6. Behave Haley Reinhart - Behave Average: 6.0 @Bk1234 - 1/11 @Crisis - 6/11 @jarmon - 8/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 9/11 Bk1234 Crisis jarmon
  17. The deadline for ranking and write-up submissions for Better has expired. I'll be pretty busy tomorrow, but I'll try to post at least the first half of the rankings. If not, I'll post them on Tuesday. In the meantime, anyone who wants to participate for the What's That Sound? round may start doing so now.
  18. I'll wait and see about the guesses. You're welcome! At least it was acknowledged. I tried to find the best gifs possible of the guys. I'm happy to see it was so appreciated!
  19. So Lee is down to one performance. Well, I won't be the one to put the nail in his coffin. Cutting Andrew Garcia "Forever".
  20. Family Matters. Although the last few seasons weren't the best (I want to pretend the CBS season never happened), it still is one of my favorite shows despite it having the Happy Days effect.
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