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  1. It finishing first just made my point. I guess I am asking for punishment, but I'll play S12 although I'd rather skip the next three seasons and go straight to S15.
  2. I had a feeling Baby was Larry The Cable Guy! Him singing the theme from The Flintstones was iconic! With that said, he was the weakest and the costume was kind of creepy, so I don't mind the cut. As for Pepper:
  3. This is definitely my least favorite winner thus far. At least both of Elise's performances made the Top 5. As for the Elise/Hollie fan war, Elise was my favorite and Hollie my third favorite, so I don't really have a dog in the fight. In fact, I would've like for both of them to have at least one more performance in the finals.
  4. Good for her. I have two more write-ups to do. Mine should be sent within the hour.
  5. Time for #6. The clues: - Fell short against its natural rival in another habitat - Microphone checka, swingin' sword lecture; closin' down the sector, supreme neck protector - Was invited to fill up a tank and hit the road with a band 6. Rottweiler/Chris Daughtry Season 2: Second Place Rottweiler - Maneater Rottweiler - Love Runs Out Rottweiler - Castle On The Hill Rottweiler - Grenade Rottweiler - Someone You Loved Rottweiler - Mr. Brightside Rottweiler - Alive Rottweiler Unmasking To paraphrase Baha Men, I let the dogs - or in this case, dog - out. Barking and roaming his way into the #6 spot is Rottweiler. The costume is one of my favorites of the series. I liked the mask, coat, jeans, hat, and shoes. I also liked when he wore the Santa hat along with the Christmas sweater. What I found the most interesting was the reason he picked the costume, which was to help him overcome his fear of rottweilers. Outside of the costume, Rottweiler was a consistent act who gave his fair share of great performances on the show and from what I understand, considered to be a favorite to win the whole thing. With that said, on to the performances. He started his impressive run with a great performance of Maneater. Along with the strong vocals, he showed some nice swag when moving with the dancers seeing that he isn’t much of a dancer normally. As with Bee, I was familiar with the voice from the beginning, especially that unmistakable vibrato. The performance was enough for him to beat Tree in the head-to-head and emerge from Group B. The next time Rottweiler took the stage was the fifth episode in which he sang Love Runs Out, which was a performance very similar to Maneater. Next, he took on the Ed Sheeran single Castle On A Hill, which was another solid effort on his behalf. Following that, he gave an explosive performance of Grenade (ducks tomatoes thrown at me) that I enjoyed despite being tired of hearing that song. That performance won him the head-to-head against Flower and allowed him to advance to the next round. There he stepped away from the up-tempo performances and sang the Lewis Capaldi ballad Someone You Loved. Unfortunately, this is my least favorite performance of his; however, it has nothing to do with Rottweiler himself. On the contrary, he sang the song and emoted it really well. Also, it has nothing to do with being a ballad. It’s just that, like I mentioned in Turtle’s write-up, I am not a Lewis Capaldi fan and I like Someone You Loved even less than Before You Go. OK, enough of my Lewis Capaldi grumblings, time to move on to the next performance which was Mr. Brightside. This was a rather interesting performance. It started off as a ballad, and I thought the rest of the performance would be the same. However, it became the more up-tempo version it’s known for during the chorus. Regardless, it was still a strong performance and it was enough for him to advance to the finals alongside Flamingo and Fox. There he gave, which was not only my favorite performance of his, but one of my overall favorite TMS performances with Alive. It helps that I love the song (funny enough, not when Sia sings it). In addition, the dancers were both great and hilarious, especially at the beginning of it. It was certainly a great final performance of the season and one that would’ve been worthy enough to win it all. Nonetheless, he was the runner-up to Fox and was unmasked as Chris Daughtry. I was surprised none of the panel got him; I like to think they were unfamiliar with him because anyone who was familiar would’ve known it was him from the first performance of the season. From what I understand, there were complaints about him not winning the season, but it is what it is. Regardless, Rottweiler is one of the best TMS acts when it’s all said and done. 06. Rottweiler/Chris Daughtry: The Fab Five: Monster Fox Frog Sun Seahorse #5 to come some time.
  6. I meant in general. I would have three, maybe four Jessica performances in the finals, not six. Personally, I would have no more than five performances per contestant in the finals. I understand Kelly and Tamyra in S1 since they carried most of the season, and I expect Candice to dominate S12 and the same for Trent and La'Porsha in S15. I expected Jessica to be targeted more than she was and a Jessica/Hollie fan war for some reason, but Jessica got through pretty much unscathed.
  7. Well, I'll go with my left field third guess if it's not my first two. I noticed Robin don't get the people he worked with or was associated with in some form or another. He didn't guess Robot or Giraffe correctly despite collaborating with the former on a couple of songs and was a childhood friend of the latter. Now he add Dalmatian to the list.
  8. Steve Harvey?! Seriously Jenny?! I thought Nicole's guess being one of the Lil rappers was absurd. It was a solid group, for there were no obvious weak links here. With that said, I thought it would be between Cupcake and Dalmatian. I had no idea who Dalmatian was, but the clues made sense looking back at them. As for the surviving acts of Group B:
  9. Colton Dixon "Decode" - (3) Andrew, Priscilla, Kevin Joshua Ledet "I Wish" - (1) Crisis Skylar Laine "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" - (2) Hayden, Richard Erika Van Pelt "New York State Of Mind" - (7) Alex, Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Kevin, Megan, Crisis Colton Dixon “Piano Man” - (2) - Priscilla, Richard Skylar Laine "Gunpowder And Lead" - (3) Alex, Megan, Crisis Phillip Phillips "Still Rainin'" - (1) Kevin Colton Dixon "Love The Way You Lie" - (2) - Priscilla, Richard Phillip Phillips "U Got It Bad" - (6) Alex, Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Megan, Crisis Jessica Sanchez "Try A Little Tenderness" - (2) Alex, Priscilla Skylar Laine "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - (1) Kevin Jessica Sanchez "Proud Mary" - Joshua Ledet "To Love Somebody" - (2) Derek, Richard Phillip Phillips "Home" - (4) Andrew, Derek, Hayden, Megan
  10. Battle 5: Jessica Sanchez "Dance With My Father" - 11 (Andrew, JC, Richard, Wallace, Lily, Hayden, Akshar, Weedy, Amanda, Victoria, Priscilla) Jessica Sanchez "Proud Mary" - 14 (Alex, Elliott, Steven, Diana, Zoey, Chris, QK, Megan, Derek, Sola, Nico, Gigi, Andy, Crisis)
  11. I was really hoping that one made it. Oh well, it can't be helped. At least New York State Of Mind is safe for now.
  12. Who cut Edge Of Glory?! I'm not mad, I just want to talk. Cut Colton Dixon "Lately"
  13. The problem with Adam Brock being cut is there are no black women left.
  14. Elliott Yamin (Rankings 5-1) 5. Free Elliott Yamin - Free 4. A Song For You Elliott Yamin - A Song For You 3. One Word Elliott Yamin - One Word 2. Movin' On Elliott Yamin - Movin' On 1. Wait For You Elliott Yamin - Wait For You
  15. @Solaris and I are advancing Skylar Laine - Stay With Me and cutting: Joshua Ledet - Without You Jessica Sanchez - My All
  16. Finally got around to watching the first two episodes. I had a feeling Octopus was Dwight Howard and Mother Nature was Vivica A. Fox. Both were fun, especially the former, but they were the weakest of the group. LOL at Ken getting his First Impression guess right first. Ken has always been good with the athletes, so it was no surprise he got Octopus correct. Disappointed Pufferfish is already out. I thought either Baby or Hamster was weaker, oh well. Back to Pufferfish, I knew she was Toni Braxton from the beginning. As much as she tried, she could not disguise her voice from me. I found Nick's disbelief at the panel not guessing her kind of amusing. Her performing with two masks on was certainly impressive, especially considering other acts talked about how hot those costumes are. As for the remaining acts, I'll put my guesses in spoiler tags. These are without me reading any spoilers.
  17. Our cuts: DeAndre Brackensick "Endless Love" Jeremy Rosado "Gravity" Shannon Magrane "Go Light Your World" Colton Dixon & Skylar Laine "Don't You Wanna Stay" Hollie Cavanagh & Jessica Sanchez "Eternal Flame"
  18. Elliott Yamin Rankings 11-6 11. Alright Elliott Yamin - Alright 10. You Are The One Elliott Yamin - You Are The One 9. Train Wreck Elliott Yamin - Train Wreck 8. Find A Way Elliott Yamin - Find A Way 7. Take My Breath Away Elliott Yamin - Take My Breath Away 6. I'm The Man Elliott Yamin - I'm The Man
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