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  1. VOTE TO ADVANCE SIX SONGS "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)" - 3LW - 3 (Lily, Gigi, Chris) "Fallin'" - Alicia Keys - 10 (Rei, Steven, Derek, Lily, Diana, Nico, QK, Akshar, BB, Crisis) "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)" - Blu Cantrell - 9 (Derek, Lily, Nico, Gigi, Chris, Alex, Akshar, BB, Crisis) "Thank You" - Dido - 5 (Rei, Chris, QK, Akshar, Crisis) "Hero" - Enrique Iglesias - 2 (Steven, Akshar) "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" - Eve feat. Gwen Stefani - 5 (Rei, Steven, Lily, Diana, Gigi, BB) "Differences" - Ginuwine "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" - Jennifer Lopez feat. Ja Rule - 4 (Rei, Steven, Diana, Gigi) "Hanging by a Moment" - Lifehouse - 5 (Derek, Diana, Alex, QK, Crisis) "Family Affair" - Mary J. Blige - 5 (Derek, Lily, Nico, Chris, BB) "Ride wit Me" - Nelly feat. City Spud - 4 (Steven, Alex, Akshar, BB) "Ms. Jackson" - OutKast - 5 (Derek, Nico, Alex, BB, Crisis) "Never Had a Dream Come True" - S Club 7 - 2 (Gigi, Chris) "It Wasn't Me" - Shaggy feat. Rikrok - 6 (Rei, Derek, Diana, Nico, Akshar, Crisis) "Beautiful Day" - U2 - 4 (Rei, Nico, Alex, QK) "U Remind Me" - Usher - 1 (QK) "I Wanna Be Bad" - Willa Ford - 7 (Steven, Lily, Diana, Gigi, Chris, Alex, QK)
  2. Poor Kelly, she can't seem to catch a break! I had a feeling she'd be stuck with a bad singer after the first two episodes. With that said, I can't believe they actually had a 5 bad singers, 1 good singer episode. I get that the contestant thought Magician was a good singer after getting so many bad singers right and decided to risk it, but man did that not pay off. He'll have to find another way to fund his wife's dream honeymoon. Is Ken going to wear the same green suit all season?
  3. I'm trying to bring some humor to the thread.
  4. "Music" by Erick Sermon was cut and not "Love" by Musiq Soulchild, just letting you know.
  5. "Fallin'" - Alicia Keys "What Would You Do?" - City High "Drive" - Incubus "Ms. Jackson" - OutKast "It Wasn't Me" - Shaggy feat. Rikrok Anyone wanting or willing to advance one of these?
  6. Yikes, I got really busy and overlooked this. I'll start with two honorable mentions from the list: Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree Billboard 2021 Ranking: 92 I decided not to include this (and my other honorable mention) in the ranking because it's a Christmas tune that's been around longer than the few years other songs on this list have been (1958 to be exact). While I wouldn't say this is one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs, this is a classic that is cheery and easy and fun to sing along to. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You Billboard 2021 Ranking: 78 Ah yes, this classic Mariah Carey Christmas tune that annually plays without fail. It wouldn't surprise me if this is considered to be Mariah's signature song, which would be something considering her catalogue. It's easy to get into the festive spirit when the opening bells and Mariah's vocals come in. The rest of the song is a lot of fun to sing along with as well. I think it belongs in the echelon with the other well-known Christmas tunes. Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree: Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You: I'll start working on the first set. I'm not sure when it'll be posted, however.
  7. I doubt anyone would be willing to advance what I'm looking at...
  8. Superwoman. I was going to ask if I could swap one of my picks for it. Oh well.
  9. "What Would You Do?" - City High "Get Over Yourself" - Eden's Crush "Hanging by a Moment" - Lifehouse "Love" - Musiq Soulchild
  10. 4. Queen Of Hearts/Jewel Queen Of Hearts - Born This Way Queen Of Hearts - La Vie en rose Queen Of Hearts - River Queen Of Hearts - She's Got You Queen Of Hearts - Bird Set Free Queen Of Hearts - Dream On (Duet With Nicole Scherzinger) Queen Of Hearts - What's Going On Queen Of Hearts - Firework Queen Of Hearts Unmasking Kicking off the final four in this ranking is the S6 winner. I wasn’t a fan of her costume at first - especially with the one eye, blue lips, and crown being prominently on the left side - but it grew on me as the season progressed. While she wasn’t what you would call an energetic performer, at least compared to some of the others, she was very consistent and had some very strong performances en route to her victory. My favorites of hers are La Vie en rose and River. In addition, her Dream On duet with Nicole was very good. After winning the crown, she was revealed to be none other than Jewel. Admittedly, I hoped Banana Split made the finals, but I liked QoH as well despite being my least favorite of the final four and have no issues with her victory. 3. Skunk/Faith Evans Skunk - Diamonds Skunk - It's A Man's Man's Man's World Skunk - Midnight Train To Georgia Skunk - Square Biz Skunk - At Last Skunk - I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) Skunk - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Duet With Michael Bolton) Skunk Unmasking At #3 is Skunk. Skunk has one of the most majestic costumes, IMO. I especially loved the flowing dress and liked that they kept the black and white color scheme; there was nothing foul about this costume (OK, I’ll see myself out). As a performer, Skunk was a serious vocal powerhouse. She had some of the most powerful and soulful performances, with my favorites being It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World, Square Biz, and the Ain’t No Mountain High Enough duet with Michael Bolton despite Bolton moving like he had two Lincoln Logs for legs. She was eliminated in the Group A Finals and was revealed to be Faith Evans. I kind of figured it was her from the beginning and became more sure as more clues came out. She’s someone else who could’ve been a finalist, but the competition was tough at that point. 2. Banana Split/David Foster & Katharine McPhee-Foster Banana Split - A Million Dreams Banana Split - Cry Me A River Banana Split - Let 'Er Rip Banana Split - Poker Face Banana Split - Singin' In The Rain Banana Split - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Duet With Robin Thicke) Banana Split Unmasking One the sweetest acts to appear on TMS comes in at the penultimate spot. Their costumes were cute and fun. I especially liked the heart-shaped eyes on Banana. Lastly, their promo picture is cute with Split doing well, the splits. I enjoyed all of their performances in some form or another, for they showed great variety by mixing up ballads and uptempo songs. I especially loved A Million Dreams, Cry Me A River, and Poker Face. Their duet with Robin was pretty solid, with Robin really showing off some strong vocals. Sadly, they were eliminated in the Group B Finals and were unmasked as David Foster and Katharine McPhee-Foster. I knew it was them from the first note; otherwise, I would’ve turned in my fan card fat chance that would happen. Of course I was rooting for them to make the overall finals, but it wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless, they had a great run. Based on the act themselves, they would have a strong chance of being my #1 (mainly because of one half of the act; guess who could that be ). 1. Bull/Todrick Hall Bull - Drops Of Jupiter Bull - What Hurts The Most Bull - Circus Bull - Make You Feel My Love Bull - Rain On Me Bull - Straight Up Bull - Breakeven (Duet With Jesse McCartney) Bull - You Gotta Be Bull - Invisible Bull Unmasking At #1 is the act who took the competition by the horns but was slayed in the end. Bull’s costume was great, especially with the nose rings, cape, and gold embellishments all over it. Bull was certainly a captivating performer who left it all on the stage. He seamlessly transitioned from energetic uptempo numbers to emotional ballads. My favorites from him are What Hurts The Most, Circus, To Make You Feel My Love, and You Gotta Be. His duet with Jesse McCartney was also good. He finished as the runner up and was unmasked as Todrick Hall. I kind of figured it was him from the beginning. Also, Nicole knowing who he was from the start but keeping it under wraps was kind of amusing. This is a classic case of me ranking an act based on what they do on the show because I am not a Todrick Hall fan whatsoever outside of it. Nonetheless, he was a great performer and managed to edge out Banana Split for the S6 #1 spot. 04. Queen Of Hearts/Jewel: 03. Skunk/Faith Evans: 02. Banana Split/David Foster & Katharine McPhee-Foster: 01. Bull/Todrick Hall: Recap of S6 Ranking: 16. Beach Ball/Honey Boo Boo and Mama June 15. Dalmatian/Tyga 14. Mother Nature/Vivica A. Fox 13. Hamster/Rob Schneider 12. Cupcake/Ruth Pointer 11. Caterpillar/Bobby Berk 10. Jester/Johnny Rotten 09. Baby/Larry The Cable Guy 08. Mallard/Willie Robertson 07. Pufferfish/Toni Braxton 06. Octopus/Dwight Howard 05. Pepper/Natasha Bedingfield 04. Queen Of Hearts/Jewel 03. Skunk/Faith Evans 02. Banana Split/David Foster & Katharine McPhee-Foster 01. Bull/Todrick Hall That's it for S6!
  11. There are six spots remaining in the top 20 with only our wildcards left to choose from. For this final round, we will each vote against one performance. The performance we would not like to see join the top 20. Whichever performance has the most votes is out. Stephany Negrete "Mamma Knows Best" - 4 (Nico, JORDAN_FAN, Sola Diana ) La'Porsha Renae "Proud Mary" - Avalon Young "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" - MacKenzie Bourg "Roses" - 1 (Crisis) La'Porsha Renae "Halo" - 5 (Alex, Elliott, Akshar, Zoey, Steven) La'Porsha Renae "Ready For Love" - Trent Harmon "Simple Man" - You cannot change your vote once you cast your vote. The round will end when either everyone has voted, 48 hours is up, or it's mathematically impossible to catch the performance in the lead. Whatever comes first.
  12. Circus Performer! After having an episode with five good singers and one bad one, it would've been cruel for the next one to be the opposite. Something told me Mixologist was a good singer, but I understood why she didn't risk going for the 100k after getting so many bad singers right.
  13. I did watch it back, and Robin referred to Ken guessing David based on the hand gesture. I'd like to say we both got this right. It looks like it's been retired again, maybe until the next holiday season... It looks like you did just that. 16. That was something when Nick saying they may have saved the best wildcard for last. Maybe the best bad wildcard performance. 15. Fair enough about him. 14. I can see how creepy the costume could be. Glad to see some amusement about my whack-a-mole comment. 13. I agree about the costume being cute. Maybe not much of an Adam Sandler fan because he (Hamster) appeared in a number of his movies. 12. I don't think many outside of their genre would've been familiar with The Pointer Sisters. I listened to their music quite a bit plus Oakland represent! I wished she were better or see her and her sister as a duo as initially planned. 11. Yeah, Jenny acting the way she did with the buzzer was something. I was afraid they were going to use it on Banana Split and guessed them correctly. 10. Fair enough about him. 09. Now I'm hoping for someone to sing the Gilligan's Island and/or Diff'rent Strokes themes on the show. LOL at your mother's text. It is crazy how that happens. 08. Fair enough 07. It certainly was. Nick was all y'all don't know who this is at the time of her unmasking. 06. Sadly, he was the first act eliminated, so unless your an iconic muppet you most likely will be forgotten. 05. Pretty much agree here. Of course, I forgot to mention Ken using the Take It Off buzzer on her and guessing she was Sara Barielles. I will try to have the last four up by tomorrow.
  14. I never expected to cut a La'Porsha performance, but I'll cut Stay With Me. With that said, Borchetta up the for making her sing that song!
  15. @sublymonal and I are cutting: Dalton Rapattoni "Radioactive" MacKenzie Bourg "You Are So Beautiful"
  16. Our group is cutting: Olivia Rox "Confident" Olivia Rox "Unconditionally" MacKenzie Bourg "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)"
  17. We're just waiting for one member to confirm our cuts. If not, I'll post them soon.
  18. I'm OK with it. The only thing is that it gives me flashbacks to my junior high and high school days when I was usually the last person picked or in some cases not picked at all.
  19. Wow, what an episode. That was something having five good singers and one bad singer. I completely expected Wrestling Announcer to be a bad singer after the others were eliminated. I don't know if I would've risked going for the $100k because of this, but the gamble definitely paid off for the contestant. They probably won't have an episode in which there are five bad singers and one good one, but it would be something.
  20. "Kryptonite" - 3 Doors Down: "Back at One" - Brian McKnight: Gigi, Diana, Rei, Lily, Alex (5) "That's the Way It Is" - Céline Dion: BB, Alex (2) "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" - Christina Aguilera: Elliott (1) "Say My Name" - Destiny's Child: "Bag Lady" - Erykah Badu: Gigi, Diana, Wallace, Rei, Steven, Elliott (6) "Breathe" - Faith Hill: BB, Lily, Alex (3) "I Try" - Macy Gray: "Music" - Madonna: Steven, Crisis (2) "I Need to Know" - Marc Anthony: BB, Crisis (2) "Shackles (Praise You)" - Mary Mary: Gigi, Diana, Wallace, Rei, Alex, Elliott, Crisis (7) "Hot Boyz" - Missy Elliott ft. Nas, Eve, and Q-Tip: Steven (1) "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" - Nine Days: BB, Lily (2) ”There You Go” - Pink: "Smooth" - Santana ft. Rob Thomas: Gigi, Diana, Wallace, Elliott (4) "Never Let You Go" - Third Eye Blind: Wallace, Rei, Lily, Steven, Crisis (5)
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