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  1. I can't remember if it was eligible or not, but if it were I would've sent (Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay).
  2. It is funny how that happened. Fantasia was my second favorite that season, so I enjoyed her. One thing I've noticed about is people seem to respect her talent even if they're not a fan of her voice. I get that she's not for everyone, but I will fight anyone who says she has no talent. At least for now. Although I'm glad I sent DROMP straight to the Top 20, I would've sent one of George's performances instead if I'd known he'd be targeted in Round 5.
  3. Yeah, I miss it when IDF was like that as well. Maybe they'll do something like that in the future. Thank you. I finally got my test score back. It wasn't as bad as I feared, but as mentioned I felt I could've done better. I'm happy with the grade regardless. I see a clue has been posted below. I'll check it out later. Oh no, it's a great thing you listened to the songs posted. It's not all that bad, but it's probably something I shouldn't post here. Yeah, I'm easy to read when it comes to things like that. I'm not sure when I'll do that ranking; maybe when I'm not
  4. Not only that, the Top 5 were in the exact order I ranked them! I'm framing this moment because I doubt it'll ever happen again! I totally expected Summertime to be #1; however, I really underestimated how polarizing Fantasia is. With that said, I'm certainly not complaining about Don't Rain On My Parade topping the list! I'm looking forward to S4. S5 on the other hand...
  5. Happy to see you liked my comments on Wyatt. Seeing that a certain someone created a fan thread for Liahona, I had a feeling my opinions about her would be disagreed. Still, she wasn't the worst of the night.
  6. Yeah, when Niecy said she was going to pick who would unmask, it was easy to see whoever she choose was going to be Nick. That means Cluedo can't be him as was speculated. As for the rest of the show, it was weird to see Group B in back-to-back weeks. I guess they figured that was the best group to reveal Nick's return. I have a feeling I know who Chameleon and Crab are. I'm still iffy on Black Swan and Piglet.
  7. Seeing that it's one of your favorite shows, it makes sense to watch the videos in between commercials. - You're welcome. - I don't know; it was difficult to know for a while. - Hey, that's right. Remembering something from a recent season. Maybe if it involves our favorite contestants, it'd be easier to remember such things. A virtual dinner sounds like something they would do. However, how would Luke know if Katy paid? Maybe she'd have to show a receipt or something. I've been pretty busy myself, plus I have my S19 thread, so my time in here may be spor
  8. Unfortunately, with the season underway, there will be more activity and therefore, this may happen more often. Fair enough about not wanting the seeds in your food. Hopefully you'll check out some of their videos some day. You're welcome. I make sure I'm nowhere near a set of keys should I do so. Unfortunately, I still don't know my test results. I'll be waiting whenever that time comes. Oh, I see about listening to the songs posted. At least you enjoyed some of them. Smash ended in 2013. I don't think it would make sense for it to
  9. Denise, I'm about to call it a night, but I'll see if I can reply to everything tomorrow.
  10. Alright, time for Part 2 of the semi-finals! Jason Warrior Solo: Call Out My Name It appears this guy has a controversial past on other singing competitions. I don’t know anything about that and even if I did, I’m solely focusing on his time on Idol. He has a powerful voice and great control, no question about it. However, I thought he was over the top in this performance. It felt like he was putting on some kind of act. Nonetheless, it was a strong way to open the show. Duet: How Deep Is Your Love (PJ Morton) My love for this song runs pretty deep.
  11. I should have my comments on the other 12 semi-finalists up in a day or two.
  12. Alanis - Yeah, that ending was abrupt. It felt like the song was going somewhere else but was cut off all of a sudden. Agree with everything else. Cassandra - I could see how her tone could come across that way, but it’s something I enjoy for now. Yeah, I thought Ryan was wrong overshadowing like that. You’d think he was the Idol contestant with something to prove and Cassandra was the recording star. Alyssa - I could see that regarding her solo performance. What made you think that about Kat? You weren't kidding when you said I would be pleased about one of the cele
  13. Alright, the first night of the semi-finals is underway! Before getting to the contestants and performances, I’ll share a few thoughts. For starters, it’s nice to see everything back in a studio again. I felt bad for last season’s contestants who didn’t get to experience this, though it was no fault of their own. The stage looked nice, and it was good to see actual people in the audience instead of the monitors other shows employed. Maybe it’s just me, but did the judges actually criticize some of the performances? If so, things are looking promising for this season al
  14. I'm looking forward to us disagreeing on the contestants. Yeah, I know you're respectful. I don't have to worry much here. Heh. My thread titles are usually plays on my username. It's hard for me to declare the season a disaster when I haven't watched any of it up to this point. Hopefully that won't be the case this season. Thank you.
  15. Semi-Finals Top 24 - Part I Top 24 - Part II Top 16 Top 16 Results Top 12 - Oscar Night S18 Returnees Top 10 - Disney Night Top 7 - Coldplay & Mother's Day
  16. Hello all! Seeing that the semi-finals are upon us, I feel it's time to create a new thread. This thread will be a one-stop thread in which I give my thoughts and commentary on S19. A few things to keep in mind when reading through this thread: I did not watch any Audition or Hollywood Rounds episodes, nor have I read any spoilers or visited any of the contestants’ fan threads. Therefore, my opinions will be solely based on what the contestants did that particular night. While on the subject of spoilers, I please ask not to post any in here. Speaking of opinions, this
  17. I may have to check some of these videos out when I have the time. As for the Mavid ones, it looks like the first two are the same. The last one was definitely the best, with them wearing the Cheeseheads and doing the Laverne and Shirley dance. Seeing they were in Green Bay, I liked that they paid homage to those two things.
  18. Better late than never! S4: I do remember Carrie and Bo being somewhat close. It wouldn't be all that surprising if Bo and Constantine became friends. S7: I've tried looking for the dancing videos but couldn't find anything. I love the Life Is OK duet from Michael and Brooke. S8: Nice to see the three of them are still in touch. Matt and Anoop being hilarious together sounds like something that would happen. S9: I'm not too familiar with Casey and Crystal. S10: It did appear the guys were close, and James and Paul would be no exception. S11: They certainly
  19. Fantasia Barrino "Something To Talk About" - (3) Weedy, Lily, Crisis Lisa Leuschner "Sweet Thing" - Jasmine Trias "Run To You" - LaToya London "Ain't Nobody" - (4) Alex, Nico, Weedy, Lily Fantasia Barrino "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" - (1) Nico Fantasia Barrino "Always On My Mind" - (1) Chris LaToya London “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til The Sun Comes Up)” - (2) Weedy, Chris Fantasia Barrino "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - (2) Alex, Nico George Huff "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" - (3) Nico, Lily, Crisis Fantasia Barrino "Something About The Way
  20. Yes, Jake Paul is Logan's younger brother. Both of them are Youtubers who've had their fair share of controversy. Nicole was on the right track, but guessed the wrong brother. He was the weakest of Group B, so I think it was the right elimination. I feel I should know who Crab is. That voice sounds familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. So we only got to see Nicole's and Ken's crushes? I wanted to know who Jenny, Robin, and Niecy crushed on.
  21. Jessica/DeAndre: That trio performance was amazing despite my favorite of the three being cut (though it worked out for her in the end). I was not aware of the two dating. I first learned of it when someone briefly mentioned it in the other thread. Joshua/Hollie: I agree with everything here. The team Jollie shirts and the video of Hollie talking about Joshua crying at her elimination were my favorite parts of your write-up. Trent/Dalton: That’s right, Dalton was your S15 favorite. It makes sense to want to keep up with him. I don’t doubt the T3 that season had a lot
  22. Yeah, me too, unless it’s pumpkin seeds because they’re edible at least. With that said, one thing seeds are good for is they can be planted and grown into new fruits/vegetables. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the same. I don’t like writing when it’s an assignment and I have a minimum word criterion and deadline to meet. Moreover, I fret over what I’m writing and how it comes across. Other than that, I don’t mind it too much (seeing I’m on a message board and everything ). I remember some English classes being called language arts. If you’re interested in seeing some mode
  23. That (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay cut was brutal. If any George performance had to be cut, What A Wonderful World would've been a better option.
  24. Diana: Do you love me? Me: Not enough for this performance to move on. In other words, Diana's Do You Love Me is my cut.
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