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  1. Jessica/DeAndre: That trio performance was amazing despite my favorite of the three being cut (though it worked out for her in the end). I was not aware of the two dating. I first learned of it when someone briefly mentioned it in the other thread. Joshua/Hollie: I agree with everything here. The team Jollie shirts and the video of Hollie talking about Joshua crying at her elimination were my favorite parts of your write-up. Trent/Dalton: That’s right, Dalton was your S15 favorite. It makes sense to want to keep up with him. I don’t doubt the T3 that season had a lot of fun. La’Porsha/Dalton: Too bad about not me seeing the bond they had. Should I have the time, I’ll check out the video posted. The two did appear to get along so well despite being different. Dalton/Tristan: Pretty much the same as the other Dalton friendships. Based on the pictures I don’t doubt the two had a great time together. Maddie/Caleb: Well, I certainly didn’t notice they were a couple. It’s great to know they were best friends since Hollywood and are still going strong today. Gabby/Cade: It was a bit of a surprise to learn they were dating. I think I remember Gabby was blushing and holding her head in her hands backstage when Ryan mentioned it after one of Cade’s performances. I wish the two the best of luck with their family. Francisco/Louis: Oh, the bet was the other way around. It’s not the first time my memory failed me. I wonder if Luke and Katy ever settled that dinner bet. It was probably hard to do immediately because of the quarantine. As for Francisco and Louis, based on the video it looks like the two became close while rehearsing for their duet. Aww, don’t cry. I’m not abandoning this thread. I have some ideas about future topics, but I want to wait until at least after this season before implementing them. I look forward to seeing you read my thoughts. Yes, we can definitely continue to post our crushes here. We’ll see about the third thread; I’m still deciding on what it’ll be on. Plus, I’m still considering a Contestant Rankings thread in The Masked Singer subforum, so I’ll probably be a little busy in the Idol off-season.
  2. Yeah, me too, unless it’s pumpkin seeds because they’re edible at least. With that said, one thing seeds are good for is they can be planted and grown into new fruits/vegetables. Unfortunately, I don’t feel the same. I don’t like writing when it’s an assignment and I have a minimum word criterion and deadline to meet. Moreover, I fret over what I’m writing and how it comes across. Other than that, I don’t mind it too much (seeing I’m on a message board and everything ). I remember some English classes being called language arts. If you’re interested in seeing some modern/contemporary songs performed in some retro styles, PMJ is something to look into. They have a plethora of videos posted on YouTube. A few Idol contestants have performed with them over the years, including Casey A. and Haley R. (which I’ve mentioned a few times), Vonzell, Melinda, and Blake. Thank you. It’s nice to see you not drinking nor having any interest in it. Unfortunately, that ship has long sailed for me. I went all of 2019 without drinking, and I haven’t had any drinks since I got back from my Vegas vacation. I don’t know how long that will last, however. We'll see after everything's graded. Haha, I guess that went over my head. Hey, you were the one who said you had another crush to post. If so, I look forward to the clue. You’re welcome. I’m sure all of us have performances in that vein. I can see the point about how editing videos takes a long time. Yeah, it appears that’s what that person did. Did you listen to the songs I posted or the albums? I’m just being curious. Regardless, I’m happy to see you enjoyed them and agree with the favorites. Smash has a cult following, and there is some thought about people creating a petition to bring it back on some streaming platform. I don’t think it’ll go anywhere, but it would be interesting to see. I definitely enjoyed her appearance on Lip Sync Battle in more ways than one. I loved how she beat Jason DeRulo with his own song. She had another performance there, but it’s hard to find a good video of it. It was her dancing in tight leather pants; I’ll let you connect the dots as to why I enjoyed it. The Waitress clips were great indeed. Of the videos posted, my favorite is the duet with Sara Barielles. I believe Jordin was also in Waitress. As for Kat, I would love to see her in more Broadway roles. Yes, Country Comfort is a sitcom streaming on Netflix. I believe it premiered earlier this month. Kat plays an aspiring country singer who is kicked out of her group by her boyfriend. With nowhere to go, she ends up at the home of a widower cowboy and his five kids and becomes the kids’ nanny. I marathoned it this past weekend and enjoyed it. The first video with her singing with the kids is one of the more poignant points in the series; however, I won’t say anything should you decide to watch. Thank you; I’d like to think she would as well. I wanted to do my favorite Idol looks of hers as well if only to have another reason to scratch my shallow itch , but as I said I was exhausted and the tribute was long enough. I’ll end the post with posting a video of her and the cast doing a singing promo of the show. I thought it was funny and cute.
  3. That (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay cut was brutal. If any George performance had to be cut, What A Wonderful World would've been a better option.
  4. Diana: Do you love me? Me: Not enough for this performance to move on. In other words, Diana's Do You Love Me is my cut.
  5. Cool, I get to make my picks alone (not that I don't enjoy working with others). I'm advancing LaToya London's Don't Rain On My Parade and cutting John Stevens' As Time Goes By.
  6. Decisions by @*Lily and I: Advancing: George Huff - Ain't Too Proud To Beg Cutting: Leah LaBelle - I Have Nothing Jon Peter Lewis - Drift Away
  7. Dalton Rapattoni/Tristan McIntosh I’m back to being a broken record, but again this is a friendship I am not too familiar with. Unlike some of the others, I really don’t have anything to add about these two. This is probably the friendship submitted I’m the least familiar with along with Archie/Carly. I guess I know very little about S15 friendships. Maddie Poppe/Caleb Lee Hutchinson Here is one of the two S16 relationships. I don’t recall the two of them hanging out with each other during the season though apparently the two liked each other’s social media pages or something along those lines. Of course, it was revealed during the finale that the two were a couple. I thought they make a cute couple and appeared to have many things in common. From the looks of it, the two of them are still together, which is great to see. Gabby Barrett/Cade Foehner Gabby and Cade is the second of the two S16 relationships. Unlike Maddie and Caleb, the two were revealed to be dating during the season, thanks in large part to Ryan outing them. There were murmurs that the two together was just a show-mance; however, they still were an item after the season. As we all know, Gabby and Cade tied the knot and became parents not too long ago, producing the first Idol baby (to be honest, I thought Ace and Diana would be the first ). Francisco Martin/Louis Knight The final friendship submitted for this listing comes from the previous season. Francisco and Louis were both popular heartthrobs who did a duet and appeared to get along during the Hollywood Rounds. If it were a regular season, it wouldn’t have been surprising if the two became closer as they would’ve spent more time together. I believe the judges had a side bet as to who would go farther in the season. I think Luke said Louis and Katy said Francisco. Katy won that bet as Francisco made it to T5 while Louis only went as far as T7. Dalton Rapattoni/Tristan McIntosh: Maddie Poppe/Caleb Lee Hutchinson: Gabby Barrett/Cade Foehner: Francisco Martin/Louis Knight: Recap: Kelly Clarkson/Justin Guarini Ruben Studdard/Clay Aiken Clay Aiken/Kimberley Locke George Huff/Jennifer Hudson Carrie Underwood/Anthony Fedorov Chris Daughtry/Ace Young Jordin Sparks/Blake Lewis Blake Lewis/Chris Richardson David Cook/David Archuleta David Archuleta/Brooke White David Archuleta/Carly Smithson David Cook/Michael Johns David Archuleta/Michael Johns Adam Lambert/Kris Allen Scotty McCreery/Lauren Alaina Haley Reinhart/Casey Abrams Lauren Alaina/Paul McDonald Lauren Alaina/Pia Toscano Pia Toscano/Stefano Langone James Durbin/Stefano Langone Jessica Sanchez/DeAndre Brackensick Joshua Ledet/Hollie Cavanagh Trent Harmon/Dalton Rapattoni La'Porsha Renae/Dalton Rapattoni Dalton Rapattoni/Tristan McIntosh Maddie Poppe/Caleb Lee Hutchinson Gabby Barrett/Cade Foehner Francisco Martin/Louis Knight That was an interesting topic to do, seeing that the nominations were listed instead of ranked. However, I think it worked out pretty well. I wish I had more to say about some of them, but what can you do? I'd also like to thank Denise for her contributions, as they helped me learn more about some of these friendships. I think this will be the last topic I'll do in here until at least the end of S19. I'll be making my S19 debut next Sunday, as it appears to be the day the semi-finals start. I'm looking forward to meeting this crop of contestants and giving my personal opinions on them and their performances. As I mentioned earlier, I'm still debating on whether or not to post it here or creating a separate thread for it. As of right now, I'm leaning towards the latter. Speaking of threads, I have an idea for another one, but if I do decide to go through with it, it won't be until after S19. In the meanwhile, I'll post some clues about my next crush some time today, so I hope this is something everyone's looking forward to.
  8. Jessica Sanchez/DeAndre Brackensick The main thing I know about these two is they were in the same group with Candice during the S11 Group Round. It appears, however, these two became friends during the season. Apparently, the two of them even dated at some point. Outside of these tidbits, I have nothing much to say about this one. Joshua Ledet/Hollie Cavanagh One of my favorite Idol friendships! These two had a great bond. I loved the pre-performance clips of the two interacting with one another. My favorite one is probably when the other contestants talked about Joshua singing all the time followed by him singing Hollie’s name. The main thing that stands out was how visibly upset Joshua was when Hollie was eliminated; heck, he was more upset than she was! It was also nice to see the two of them together in the audience during a S12 episode. I hope the two are still friends to this day. Trent Harmon/Dalton Rapattoni Unfortunately, this is another friendship I know very little about. From what I understand, these two (heck the T3 for that matter) had great camaraderie with one another. Both guys seem to be friendly and down to earth, so it would make sense if they became friends during the season. La'Porsha Renae/Dalton Rapattoni You can pretty much copy and paste the Trent Harmon/Dalton Rapattoni write-up and apply it here, except replace “both guys” with “the two of them”. The thing that stands out to me about the three was how happy Dalton was for Trent and La’Porsha despite being eliminated. It shows how strong of a bond the three were able to form during the season. Jessica Sanchez/DeAndre Brackensick: Joshua Ledet/Hollie Cavanagh: Trent Harmon/Dalton Rapattoni: La'Porsha Renae/Dalton Rapattoni:
  9. It isn't fun, but I have to work with what I have. I know, right? Whose bright idea was it to include seeds? I feel the same way about oranges. Math is my favorite subject. Despite my reservations about the test, I'll take doing a bunch of math problems over writing essays any day(I am not an English fan). Hmm. Yeah, that's the thing with Postmodern Jukebox. I like how they take songs and perform them in some retro styles, but sometimes they don't work out. I suppose that was the case for some people with this one. Oh well. Good point about not seeing everything regarding Stefano and Haley. Maybe they really hit it off when the cameras weren't rolling. It probably had to do with my rant about drinking and driving. I enjoy a drink once in a while, but I make sure I am nowhere near any car keys when I do. As for my test, I just finished it and know I won't get an A; however, I'm confident I'll earn at least a passing grade though I felt I could've done better. Oh well, I guess I can put the drinks away for now. I didn't say anything about giving up on the current list! I mentioned I would try to wrap it up this weekend. With that said, at least someone understands. As I mentioned before, I'm pretty much beyond caring about embarrassing myself. I sense someone else is coming up soon? I most likely will post my next one after the Friendships listing. That's not a bad T6 of her Idol performances if I say so myself. As for Hound Dog/All Shook Up, sure it was a bit messy, but I genuinely liked the performance and think it's underrated. I know about the video! Not only that, I can't imagine how long it took to make it. Regarding her debut album, I liked those songs as well; in fact, I enjoy the whole album after it grew on me. I thought about adding Not Ur Girl, but the songs I posted are my main favorites and that one just missed the cut. You did mention about being obsessed with her debut album in the other thread. I hope you do check out her other albums. Unbroken is more adult contemporary, Hysteria is like a combination of both her self-titled debut and Unbroken, and I Fall In Love Too Easily is a cover of classic standards. The Smash soundtrack is worth checking out as well (I'm still disappointed over the show ending so soon ). Regardless, I approve of whatever you do. I thought about adding her I Can See Your Voice appearance but decided not to since it's already posted in the thread. Thank you for the kind words about my tribute. I was exhausted from work and doing some last minute reviewing for my test; however, I didn't want to go two days without doing anything birthday-related. Ugh, those are back? The All-Star Duets is one of the things I didn't miss about S18. With that said, based on this post I take it that someone who I'm a fan of will be a duet partner this season? If so, I don't want to know yet. I've been pretty good at avoiding spoilers thus far, so I'll wait to see who it is when I start watching.
  10. Since the first post was getting pretty long, I'm splitting the tribute into two. Miscellaneous Katharine Media Lip Sync Battle Can't find any media for Shake It Fast. Waitress Last thing I'll post: Country Comfort I could post more, but we'd be here all night. I hope this tribute was enjoyable.
  11. For those who have come to know me on IDF, it's no secret that Katharine is my favorite Idol contestant. Yesterday was her birthday, and being the awesome fan that I am, I showed my appreciation by not posting anything about it. To make up for it, I'll embarrass myself more than I already have and post a tribute to the beautiful and talented singer/actress. First, we'll start with my favorite American Idol performances (in no particular order): Since I Fell For You Think Until You Come Back To Me Come Rain or Come Shine Bringing Out the Elvis Someone To Watch Over Me Black Horse and the Cherry Tree Hound Dog/All Shook Up Somewhere Over the Rainbow I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues For anyone who has three hours to kill, here is her entire Idol run: Now I'll post some of my favorite post-Idol songs listed by album. Katharine McPhee (2007) Open Toes Home Each Other Neglected Everywhere I Go Unbroken (2010) It's Not Right Had It All Terrified Lifetime Unbroken Hysteria (2015) Burn Lick My Lips Only One Damage Control Don't Need Love I Fall In Love Too Easily (2017) Night and Day I Fall In Love Too Easily Everything Must Change Smash Let Me Be Your Star (with Megan Hilty) Touch Me Don't Forget Me To Be Continued...
  12. Ugh, tell me about it. On the other hand, it's probably best for me since I work full-time. I don't know yet. I guess that's a good thing because grapes are one of my favorite fruits, though I am more partial to the seedless variety. Thank you. The test is for my differential equations class, so I'll need all the luck I can get. - - At least they're still friends if it's any consolation. It's unfortunate they're not part of the Idol couples category. - It certainly is! Now I'm itching to see if they've had any projects together recently. - Thank you for understanding. That certainly appears to be the case regarding him. - The reviews were quite polarizing about their rendition. They did sound great. That would've been interesting if he did do that; I wouldn't put it past him to do it during a show. It was sweet what she said about him, and I agree with her sounding great in the video. Stefano and Haley dating did seem random; at least with the other couples it appeared they became friends before taking that leap. I never got that feeling from those two. What can I say? Assuming I don't drink myself to death after my test, I'll try to wrap up the Idol Friendships category this weekend.
  13. Our group's cuts: Noel Roman - "This I Promise You" John Preator - "That's What Love Is All About" Matt Rogers - "Amazed"
  14. What I'd like to happen if only in my dreams: What she'd probably think of me : I should burn my fan card. In all seriousness, I didn't forget. My excuse is I was so busy studying for this upcoming test I forgot to post something about it yesterday. Happy belated birthday to Kat! I'll post a tribute and reply to Denise's post later today.
  15. Raccoon (Danny Trejo) may have been even worse this time around, but at least he was the one eliminated. With that said, he looked like he had a blast doing the show. Him pretending to strip was pretty funny. His identity was obvious with the clues and his voice; even through the modulator his voice was distinct. As for the rest of Group A, I have a hunch who Seashell may be; however, I'm still in the dark regarding the others. With the wildcards, I guess they'll introduce a new one each week or something along those lines. Orca was pretty cool. Having said that, Russian Dolls have to be the favorite. Finally, Nicole in pigtails? Me likey a lot!
  16. Round 4: LaToya London: Too Close For Comfort Next Round: Jennifer Hudson: Weekend In New England George Huff: Ain't Too Proud To Beg LaToya London: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You Fantasia: Greatest Love Of All
  17. I was rooting for New York State of Mind to win; oh well. With that said, Bridge Over Troubled Water was a great performance and a worthy winner.
  18. Unfortunately, I have a test this weekend, so I may end up losing it then. Hopefully you'll get used to it. Maybe I can come up with something purple to make up for it. Neither could I! I'll try to do so this weekend assuming I feel good after my test. Unfortunately. David Archuleta/Michael Johns: Hey, Michael was my #1 male in the best looking Idols ranking, so I thought he was beautiful. That was a cute clip of them posted. Adam Lambert/Kris Allen: Agree about their friendship overcoming the toxic behavior some of their fans display. There are some big fans of both of them, which is also good. Scotty McCreery/Lauren Alaina: Too bad they never became a couple. I haven't followed them much, but it's good to see they're still friends and still support each other. Haley Reinhart/Casey Abrams: I don't know if there's been two contestants who share the same synergy and style as much as these two. It's usually a treat when they perform together. It does seem to be funny. Lauren Alaina/Paul McDonald: I don't have anything to add but pretty much concur with everything written here. Lauren Alaina/Pia Toscano: It wouldn't surprise me if that were the case. Heh, Pia is one of those women that brings out this side of me. Between this and getting kissed by J-Lo, Scotty has been very fortunate with the ladies. Pia Toscano/Stefano Langone: I guess I'll have to post them. The video of the two singing The Prayer with Postmodern Jukebox: Video of said concert Pia was hosting. She mentions it around the 16:10 mark: I believe Stefano dated Haley for a brief while, but he and Pia never hooked up which is probably a good thing because it would give me another reason to dislike him; I kid, I kid. James Durbin/Stefano Langone: Once again, pretty much in agreement here.
  19. Lauren Alaina/Paul McDonald Unfortunately, this is a friendship I know very little if nothing about. From what I’ve learned, it appears to be a big brother/little sister type of friendship. Also, it appears the two of them are still in touch with one another to this day, which is nice to see. Other than that, I don’t have much else to say. Lauren Alaina/Pia Toscano I don’t know much about this friendship, but seeing pictures of the two together, it doesn’t surprise me that these two hit it off so well. I’d like to think Lauren looked at Pia as a big sister. Furthermore, Pia appears to be the type who can get along with everyone. All in all, I think it’s a nice and cute friendship. Bonus Pia Toscano/Stefano Langone This is a friendship I am somewhat familiar with. I know there were some fans who hoped the two would hook up at some point. That won’t be the case now since Pia’s married and I believe Stefano got engaged if not married (I'm not sure about this one). There are two instances of this friendship that comes to mind. One is them singing The Prayer together with Postmodern Jukebox; the other is Stefano texting Pia in between sets during a Pia home concert. It appears these two are still friends today, and to that I say good for them. James Durbin/Stefano Langone It appeared these two guys hit it off almost immediately after meeting one another. They had a real close bond on the show; the main thing that sticks out to me was James consoling Stefano during Pia’s swan song. From what I understand, the two still were close during the tour, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the two are still friends now. Lauren Alaina/Paul McDonald: Lauren Alaina/Pia Toscano: Pia Toscano/Stefano Langone: James Durbin/Stefano Langone:
  20. Nice to see you enjoy it. I tried to find a picture with all four of them together but didn't have any luck.
  21. David Archuleta/Michael Johns Couldn't find a picture of just Archie and Michael, so I went with one with Syesha in it. Also, it doesn't hurt to add some beauty. Although not as well-known as the David/David friendship, it wouldn’t surprise me if Archie and Michael had a big brother/little brother type relationship like the other one. Although not as much as say S2, it wouldn’t surprise me if most of the contestants were close in some form or another; these two would be no different. Adam Lambert/Kris Allen Although the two couldn’t be any different in both personalities and lifestyles, it appears they get along really well and have a strong friendship. From what I know, the two understand and appreciate their differences, which is something a solid friendship needs. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about some of their fans, especially after Kris beat out Adam for the AI crown. Scotty McCreery/Lauren Alaina S10’s T2 country teens worked together a few times during the season and appeared to become friends along the way. Some of their fans thought the two were a couple; one thing that really fueled this flame of thought was Lauren kissing Scotty after Scotty was announced the winner. I'm sure seeing the picture posted above with Scotty kissing Lauren as well stoked the flames. I think she said in a post-Idol interview she did it as a dare and it was nothing romantic; oh well. Haley Reinhart/Casey Abrams Speaking of two S10 contestants who were often paired together. Haley and Casey share a lot of similarities when it comes to music styles and personality, so it was no surprise the two became friends during the season. Their friendship exists to this day as the two have collaborated on some music projects after Idol, the most notable being their work with Postmodern Jukebox. Unlike some of the other pairings, it appears fans of this duo see their relationship as nothing but platonic though there are thoughts that Casey is in love with her. Overall, I think this is one of the more well-known Idol friendships. David Archuleta/Michael Johns: Adam Lambert/Kris Allen: Scotty McCreery/Lauren Alaina: Haley Reinhart/Casey Abrams:
  22. Thank you. I haven't lost my sanity yet, so you can say I'm doing well. Too bad you don't seem to like it. Yeah, it was surprising to see him there. He wasn't my pick to leave either. . I have to listen to the other songs first before deciding my favorite. - You're welcome. - I remember hearing about it during and even some time after the season. I was like are people even thinking rationally. - - I'm sure it would've been!
  23. It's the day after, and things are still green here. As a certain someone who was revealed on another show said, it's not easy being green. I listened to the two songs, and they are both good. With that said, I'm more partial to Scars. I'll definitely have to check out the rest of the album. Yeah, that's true. As long as we are all respectful of other people's tastes and opinions, things should be just fine. - From doing an Internet search, it looks like it was sometime in 2007, thus two years after their season. - Exactly. There were even rumors of Jordin and Chris R. being an item. I was like she is a minor; there's no chance of either Blake or Chris hooking up with her. - Happy to see you read and understand my thoughts/complaints. I know not all fans behave that way, but as the saying goes: one rotten apple spoils the bunch, or in this case a few overzealous fans make everyone look bad. I have no doubt you are one of the better ones. - I pretty much agree with everything here. They definitely had the big brother/little brother thing down pat. - - Well, sometimes all it takes is a little thing to make something great for some people. - If I were to switch the order they were submitted, this would've been a set full of Archie friendships. This appeared to be a good friendship.
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