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  1. Yeah, that was the joke. I'd be so busy ogling her I wouldn't pay much attention to the contestants. It'll be more difficult because they'll be more of her to show since she'd be critiquing the performances as opposed to singing with a couple of contestants. Too bad about not remembering the season. I'll just say it's not S4 despite what Idol says. It doesn't surprise me Kat is more into acting than singing. Even back during her time in Idol she said she was more into being an actress than singer; she even mentioned it when she had her interview during the AI Rewind episode that aired her audition (speaking of which, I can't believe it's been 15 years since her season; that's not a good reminder ). With that said, her career now is exactly what I thought it would be. I never expected her to be a multi-platinum pop star. I always thought she would have a career doing both singing and acting. You won't have to do any digging because I'm posting the video. She was heavily criticized during that season. As I mentioned way back in the thread, she received major backlash over Rachel Crow's elimination. I think that sealed her fate in the US version. From what I understand, she's more popular in the UK than she is in the states in both TV and music. Fair point about the point of the panel is guessing who's under the mask than critiquing the performances. I just thought it was cool for her and Robin to give some advice seeing that they're both singers/performers themselves. With that said, it appears Ken is rubbing off on everyone because there has been some absurd guesses this season. Definitely true about Idol, especially tonight. Unless your name is Grace, it appears everyone is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and they were doing so well earlier this season. Bring Paula back!
  2. Oscar Night Tonight was Oscar Night! Which contestants gave performances that were worthy of the red carpet treatment, and which contestants made you wonder how they were nominated in the first place? We'll find out. But first... Lionel is nowhere near the singer he once was, but it was a nice way to open the show and set the tone until... Bobby Bones is back?!! Ugh, things were going so well this season. Now for the contestants: Top 9 Grace - Happy I said Grace is the one contestant who was capable of producing an Idol moment; however, she had to pick the right song. Unfortunately, this wasn't it. Happy is a fun song, but it doesn't allow anyone to shine vocally. Grace tried to have some vocal moments towards the end, but it felt out of place. In addition, for such a lively song, she appeared to lack energy during the performance. I think this was her weakest effort thus far. Hopefully, she'll pick a better song in two weeks. Caleb - On The Road Again The only interesting thing about Caleb tonight was his deadpan response to Bobby Bones revealing he was nearly blind in one eye. Performance wise, this was the usual for him. He wasn't bad, but he wasn't anything great either. If anything, the performance came across as something anyone can see in a country karaoke bar. The one positive thing I'll say about him is he knows who he is as an artist, which is something teens struggle with on the show (I keep forgetting he's only 16), and that will serve him well as long as he's around. Hunter - Falling Slowly I haven't all that impressed with Hunter so far this season. That changed tonight, however. I think he picked the right song and he probably had his best vocal moments this season. With that said, I still thought he looked nervous and there was the end where he messed up some of the lines. I won't say too much about him crying over messing up because it happens to even the most seasoned performers. However, I'm sure that played a huge part in him survive the cuts tonight. Oh, and LOL at Graham appearing with his family in the video! Chayce - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You This performance was a tale of two halves. The first half was really lackadaisical and disappointing because I thought this song should've been perfect for Chayce on paper. However, he came alive somewhat in the second half and brought the emotion the song is known for. Another positive is that he didn't sound like he was pushing his voice too hard like he did the previous couple of weeks. I want to say he's capable of more, but as of right now I'm not sure if he really is. Alyssa - This Is Me Well, it started off nice. I was waiting for the moment when she would lose control because she tried to do much, but it looked like she was going to give a restrained and controlled vocal performance all the way through. Then came the end, and she didn't disappoint as her lack of control and focus came about. With all of this said, I thought this was her best performance so far this season, and it appears she's taking baby steps regarding her voice. DeShawn - The Way We Were Is the song old-fashioned? Yes. Did DeShawn's performance come across as old-fashioned? Also yes. However, this was a really nice performance of a great albeit old-fashioned song. I felt more than anyone this evening DeShawn displayed great vocal technique, and this was the most connected he was to a song thus far. I'll go as far as saying it was my favorite performance of the night. As of right now, I don't have anyone who I consider a favorite, but I'm rooting for him to go far because he seems to be the contestant that is predicted to leave but hangs on each week, and I love a good Idol underdog story. Casey - Somewhere Over The Rainbow I had to watch this on YouTube because my stream stopped working. Admittedly, I raised an eyebrow when I saw this song choice, but it's not because I didn't think she was capable of singing it. It's just that it's such a departure from what she's done up to this point. With that said, I expected some kind of rock type of arrangement and for her to rock out on it. However, she sang the song straight and showed she is capable of doing more than rocking out. She has certainly come a long way since her first performance and her upward trajectory seems to continue. Cassandra - Writing's On The Wall Ugh, Sam Smith. With that said, I'm putting my bias aside for the singer and song to focus on Cassandra. For starters, she looked more confident on stage than the past couple of weeks. As for the performance itself, was it perfect? No; I thought she missed a few notes towards the end. Despite that, this was a strong showing for her. I felt she connected to the song well and had some nice vocal moments. I hope this is the start of her becoming more confident on stage and giving stronger performances. Willie Spence - Stand Up More than anyone, Willie has been the most consistent for me. With that said, I have to say I wasn't all that impressed with him tonight. Technically, he was very solid; however, for such a powerful song I felt he could've injected more emotion into the performance. He added some of it in the second half, but I felt it wasn't enough. Having said that, he's still one of the best singers this season, and I don't think this performance will hurt his standing in the competition. Eliminated Ava - City Of Stars I didn't expect Ava to be eliminated this soon, but I guess she wasn't as popular as initially thought. I think Ava gave a solid and controlled performance, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to survive. I think she has a lot of promise and hopefully she will take this experience and use it to help her develop as an artist. With that said, the one good thing about her elimination is that I no longer have to hear the judges say she's only 15; I was getting shades of Randy telling Jordin she was only 17 all over again. Beane - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life Well, the tradition of the wildcards being among the first booted during the ABC seasons continues. As I've said, I'd rather do away with the wildcards and have the top vote getters advance. Having said that, Beane didn't do himself any favors with his performance. It started off interesting enough with the acoustic guitar arrangement; however, he had to put the guitar away and go with the more up-tempo original version. Unfortunately, it came across as campy and something that can be seen on cruise ships. He would've been much better off sticking with the acoustic arrangement he had at the beginning. At least it looked like he had fun. Madison - Run To You When I heard she was doing a song from The Bodyguard, I was going to put my fist through the screen if she picked I Have Nothing (except not really because I don't want to hurt myself and replace my screen. I still wouldn't have been happy, however ). With that said, this song choice wasn't much better. As usual, she whiffed on the key change and while she wasn't that bad outside of it, I didn't think she was up to the challenge of handling this song. At least it seemed she was grateful to be there, and to be honest I preferred her to Alyssa. Best of luck to everyone who's time on Idol has ended. So tomorrow the S18 contestants vie for a spot this season? I'm not a fan of this, but it's here. At least they'll have the opportunity to perform on stage with a live band, even if it's a one-time thing for all but one. Since I know Arthur is one of the contestants, I have a feeling he'll win that spot; nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. I watched the first season of XFUSA when she was a mentor/judge, and even I have to admit she wasn't that impressive though not as bad as she's made out to be. I did, however, hear some great things about her in the UK version. She was also good in the first season of TMS in which she gave advice to some of the performers. Unfortunately, she and the rest of the panel became cheerleaders in the subsequent seasons not unlike the current AI judges. It'd be interesting to see how she would fare as a judge.
  4. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing her as a mentor or judge (in more than one way of course ). However, as with Kat, it'd be difficult for me to concentrate on the contestants if that were the case. If she were a duet partner, at least she'd get to sing with someone good this time (at least I hope that'd be the case). Oh well, at least we know what the seasons are, and that's the most important thing. Give yourself more credit! We'll see what happens regarding that. I did see her appearance on the show, but thanks for posting the video. It was such a treat to see my two all-time favorite Idol contestants together in the same room. It looked like it was just a nice girl chat between them. Now I want to see the two of them collab together musically. I also enjoyed Kat performing one of the songs she does on her sitcom.
  5. We'll see what happens tomorrow night. Unfortunately, I accidentally came across the theme while looking for something else. If the video doesn't have anything about the current contestants, I'll check it out.
  6. Bohemian Rhapsody was cut? That was the only Constantine performance I liked and thought it was going to be in the Top 20 (not a complaint, just an observation).
  7. If Nicole appears on Idol this season, which seems unlikely, I'd swear they somehow probed my mind and tried to turn me into a crazy fan. Who knows, maybe they'll hear the complaints and cater to your desires. If they don't it's their loss. I guess he stood out because it was such a huge contrast to the other duet partners. I'm willing to give credit. I'm sure I'll be able to figure out this mystery before we get to that point. Happy birthday to Miss Emma!
  8. Even worse, an overdone song that is considered someone else's moment. That's not saying she could do a great job with it, but it's a huge risk to take on. I won't say anything about the theme, as I'm trying to keep the thread as spoiler free as possible. That is kind of dangerous because I may accidentally stumble across the contestants who are still around.
  9. @~*8Kay8*~, @*Amanda, and I have made our decisions. Advancing: Nadia Turner - "Try A Little Tenderness" Cutting: Anwar Robinson - "I'll Never Love This Way Again" Anthony Fedorov - "Everytime You Go Away" Anthony Fedorov - "Don't Take Away The Music"
  10. . The only other person who could come close to having that impact on me is Nicole Scherzinger (speaking of whom, I can't believe I didn't mention how hot she was in her outfit on last week's TMS episode. She looked really pretty in tonight's episode as well). Yeah, them still calling it S4 is annoying, but what can you do. Haha, they must have some strong willpower or determination to resist something like that. Oops, I guess I got a little carried away there. I know you didn't write the article and understand her talent. As for Ryan Tedder, I felt he could've let Cassandra have the last note in their duet or at the very least sing it together with her, and I thought he overpowered DeShawn at times. The most important thing is that you found it. Oh, I misunderstood that part. I guess I'll have to channel my inner Sherlock Scherzy and find out who these two are.
  11. Maybe at the end of the season I'll rank all of the contestants. I'm guessing a strong ballad that will really allow her to showcase her voice. I think the upcoming theme will provide a great opportunity for her. No, I won't go back and watch any audition or Hollywood footage because I feel it would take away from me trying to assess the contestants solely on their performances. Maybe after the season. OK, fair enough. Better late than never!
  12. Eh, not one of the better episodes, IMO. With that said, it's good to see Nick hosting again. That opening with Nicole and Ken singing to him was funny though I'd rather have just Nicole singing instead. As for this group, I wasn't expecting Mark McGrath. I knew it couldn't have been Billie Joe Armstrong or Dave Grohl because I don't recall them having twins. It was so thight anyone could've stayed or left. For the others, the only one I have an idea about is Seashell. Everyone else I don't have much of a clue.
  13. Thank you. After being hit with that pleasant surprise, I managed to notice them although I had to rewatch the episode. Good point about her being the only Idol finalist featured. Between that and Paula judging Monday night, they have acknowledged their older roots over the past couple of seasons. I have no idea how Willie was able to concentrate on the rehearsal with such beauty in front of him (I could say the same about Alyssa. There have been some straight females who said Katharine made them question their sexuality ); I know I'd have a hard time doing so. Yeah, even after reading the title I decided to read the article and laughed. Whoever wrote that article clearly has not seen or heard Kat sing The Prayer before. She can hang with some of the best singers in the world, including one Andrea Bocelli who she sang this song with in the past. If anything, she held back so she wouldn't overshadow Willie. She could've pulled a Ryan Tedder and made it about herself, but she didn't for either of her partners. Me too, except I don't have the time to watch shows live as much. Well, it appears you found it now. Understandable about thinking I would post some thoughts here; however, that would be kind of redundant. I have no idea which two. We'll see where they end up should I go through with it.
  14. As of right now, I don't have anyone I would consider to be a true favorite though there are a couple I'm keeping an eye on. The only one I really didn't care for was Colin, but he's out now. I take it you like Grace and don't care for Ava. I will say this about Grace: I think more than anyone this season she is capable of having an "Idol moment". I don't think we've had any of those since S15 with La'Porsha's Diamonds and Trent's Chandelier, although an argument can be made for Maddie's Nothing Compares 2 U. I think it comes down to Grace picking the right song, which I don't think she has yet. I have a feeling I know which contestant you'll be happy to see. I hope you do read the latest review and am happy to see you finally found the thread!
  15. Her body language gave that away. She was practically hoping Ryan wouldn't call her name to advance to the next round. It was an entertaining albeit bittersweet moment because Jurnee, who was my favorite that season, went home as well.
  16. I wasn't a huge Catie fan, but even I had some sympathy for her during that performance. She looked completely defeated after that.
  17. We agree on something this season. Brooke. There does seem to be some similarities. Hopefully Cassandra doesn't forget her opening line and ask the band to start over.
  18. Since I had some down time at work, I managed to finish my thoughts on last night's episode. Top 12 (Top 10 + 2 WCs) Before I talk into the performances, the biggest complaint I had about last night’s episode was the band was too loud. There were times I could barely hear the contestants over the music. This has always been an issue on Idol, but it was really obvious last night. The show opened with a surprise. Wyatt for some reason would no longer be part of the competition. I’m not going to speculate why, but whether it has to do with different producers or the show being more lax, it appears it’s easier for contestants to leave the competition. I remember them making it difficult for contestants to withdraw after Mario Vazquez. Lastly, I don’t like the wildcards. I’d rather see the Top 12 vote getters advance instead of a random number of people advancing and the judges picking the last spots. Top 10: Casey - House Of The Rising Sun Right at the beginning I’m immediately reminded of Haley Reinhart’s version. However, I have to say I wasn’t all that enamored with Casey’s version. I felt the arrangement was too busy and she got lost in the music at times. However, there were some parts I heard I really liked. It appears she’s growing as a performer every week and if she keeps up with this trajectory, she could go really far if not win the whole thing. DeShawn - Higher Ground I’m not speculating whether he advances or not anymore because he keeps proving me wrong. This was his most energetic performance; however, he still appeared to be stiff. In addition, his facial expressions didn’t match the sounds coming out of his mouth. While this was his weakest performance vocally, it was good to see something different from him. Cassandra - Light On Unfortunately, it’s getting harder to watch her on stage. It appears she’s becoming more nervous and less confident every time she takes the stage, and this performance was affected by it. She hit some really bad notes in this song; in fact, some of them made me wince. She has an interesting vocal tone and I’d like to see her be more comfortable, but from the looks of it I’m not sure if it’ll happen at this point. Caleb - Nowhere (Original) He ditched the hat for this one. Performance wise, it’s more of the same from him. He’s not terrible, but he’s not the type to grab your attention either. With that said, the song doesn’t sound too bad; however, it’s not really my thing. He may last a while because he comes across as this non-threatening country boy, and that appeals to a decent sized voting demographic. Ava - Love Of My Life First, I don’t know why they told her to sing more classic songs. I think she was doing just fine with her more current ones. As for this song, it didn’t get off to a good start, for I thought she started too low. However, it got better as the song went on. I thought she hit a couple of bad notes at the end, but overall while she was no Laci, it was a nice showing for her. Chayce - What Brings Life Also Kills Sadly, Chayce is someone who I’m becoming less impressed with every week. I didn’t really care for this performance and by the end of the night, I pretty much forgot about it. From what I did remember, again I felt he forced his voice at times. Having said that, I don’t think he’s going anywhere any time soon, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he left earlier than expected. Alyssa - Greatest Love Of All This was a typical Alyssa performance. By that I mean it had a more hip-hop, R&B type of arrangement and Alyssa being vocally all over the place. The belting at the end was especially difficult to listen to. This was my least favorite performance of hers; in fact, I listened to Fantasia’s version just to get this one off my mind. She’s someone who has no idea what to do with her voice, and I don’t think she’ll get one any time soon. Willie - Diamonds I smiled like a loon through this performance. While it wasn’t a super energetic performance and it certainly didn’t measure up to La’Porsha’s renditions, it was more lively than any of his previous ones. I loved the way his voice soared in the song and it was good to see him move on stage more. I have no shame in saying this was my favorite performance of the night. Grace - Dangerous Woman I’m ambivalent towards Ariana Grande, and Dangerous Woman is a song I don’t care for. Nonetheless, this rendition caught my attention. The first half was OK; however, she really soared in the second half. It was there when I started to see why she’s so hyped up. With that said, I don’t think she’s picked the right songs up to this point, but if she does, she can really show what she’s truly capable of. Hunter - I Can’t Make You Love Me I don’t have anything to say except it was his best vocal performance. Even with that, it was just OK for me. Hunter is someone I have difficulty talking about because he’s just there for me. There isn’t really anything about him that stands out, except he has the potential to be the season’s heartthrob. With that said, it wouldn’t surprise me where he finishes outside of winning. Wildcards Madison - Hotline Bling For starters, I am not a Drake fan by any means, and Hotline Bling is a song I want to punt to the sun. However, this was an interesting performance by Madison. I liked the arrangement because it gave the song some life. In addition, Madison had some nice vocal moments in the song, moreso in the second half. I did think she was one of the better Wildcard performers and had no issues with her being selected. Beane - Grow As We Go To me, this was his best performance up to date. After a couple of weeks in which he experimented with his voice and arrangements, he gave a pure and consistent vocal here; Alyssa should be taking notes. He reminds me a bit of Dalton in that he isn’t afraid to experiment with his performances, even if it doesn’t always work out, and that makes him interesting to watch. Eliminated Alanis - Heart Attack It looked like there was room for only one pop-rock girl this season, and Casey was the one who won out. Unfortunately, Alanis didn’t really do herself any favors this season. What did her in was picking songs that were too much for her range. Once I saw she was singing Heart Attack, I knew she was in trouble because that song has a lot of high parts. Predictably, she struggled to hit the high notes. She’s a pretty girl and has a nice voice in her lower parts, but she needs to understand the limits of her range and she’ll be much better off when she does. Colin - Waves I’ve been trying to be as objective as possible, but I was not a fan of this guy. I got the vibe he didn’t take the competition seriously, and his performances reflected that. This one was no exception. As usual, he was breathy in parts and didn’t appear to try to hit any of the notes in some parts. He appears to be a nice and chill guy who likes to have fun, but he’s the one I’ll miss the least. Graham - Cover Me Up I was secretly hoping he would be in the Top 10 just for the LOLs and meltdowns. I’ve made no secret I like Graham, and I really liked this performance. He appeared to be the most relaxed; then again, a lot of that had to do with him not having to perform immediately after learning his fate. I had a feeling this was as far as he was going to go if he wasn’t voted into the Top 10, but I appreciated what he brought to the show. It appears three will be eliminated next week. If it’s anything like the past ABC seasons, Madison and Beane are on borrowed time. As for the third, it’s pretty much up for grabs. Next week ought to be interesting with the eliminations and comeback twist.
  19. Oh well, it can't be helped. Since I know he's part of the twist, he's the one I have the biggest problem with. It has nothing to do with how I feel about him as a contestant (for the record, I wasn't a fan of his). It's just that as mentioned, he was the runner up last season and therefore, he comes in with an already established fanbase, with most of them still upset over him not winning. I can understand the others because they didn't make it very far, even Louis and Makayla although they were finalists. Nonetheless, he'll probably win the spot easily and the others are probably better off not showing up.
  20. Just finished watching tonight's episode, and outside of Paula judging again (and seeing Randy in Facetime), the thing that caught my attention was Ryan announcing they were bringing back 10 contestants from last season to compete for a spot this season. I don't know what to think about this. On one hand, I understand last season's group was screwed from the Idol experience because of the pandemic. On the other hand, I think it does a disservice to the current group, especially if one of last season's contestants was fairly popular. With that said, without reading any threads or spoilers, here are my thoughts on who may return or not: Not Returning: Sam - Winner Arthur - Runner-Up Grace - Over the Age Limit Jovin - Over the Age Limit Francisco - Signed Julia - Signed Dillon -Signed Sophia - Signed (at least I think she is) So that leaves these 12: Faith Olivia Makayla Louis Jonny Franklin DeWayne Lauren Nick Aliana Cyniah Kimmy Since only ten are coming back, I'd guess Jonny and Franklin would be the odd ones out because I get the feeling Jonny wouldn't care to do something like this, and Franklin may be over the age limit. If any of the other ten come back, I guess it would be OK. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. As for the current group, I'll have my thoughts on the Top 12, the eliminees, and their performances within the next couple of days.
  21. Oh. Here's to a speedy recovery for him.
  22. Paula's judging tonight?! Is this for some kind of special occasion or something? Regardless the reason, it'll be good to see her at the judges' table again.
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