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  1. Haley Reinhart - What's That Sound? Track List 01. Let's Start 02. Baby It's You 03. For What It's Worth 04. The Letter 05. Can't Find My Way Home 06. White Rabbit 07. Somewhere In Between 08. Oh! Darling 09. Sunny Afternoon 10. You Showed Me 11. Words Of Love 12. Bring The Love Back Home 13. Time Of The Season 14. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' Amazon | Apple | Pandora | Spotify | YouTube What's That Sound? is the next Haley Reinhart album to be ranked. This is mostly an album of covers of some of Haley's favorite 60s songs and two new original ones. The deadline for any submissions will be August 17 at 11:59 PM EST. As always, anyone can participate if they want and any extensions will be granted if requested. @jarmon @thevoiceisthetop
  2. I tried to do that for Nikko in the S4 round, but that didn't go too well. Besides, I don't know which performance to take a vote from because I'm rooting for all of them to make it. If "In The Ghetto" does make it, it wouldn't be the first time a perceived inferior performance made it over perceived better ones. In S3, "Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up)" was in the finals instead of "Too Close For Comfort", and in S5 "Think" got more votes than "Until You Come Back To Me" and "Since I Fell For You".
  3. "In The Ghetto" having the most votes of any Michael performance? Interesting because I think it's his weakest one remaining. I was hoping "Ready For Love" would pull through if an extra Michael performance were to be in the finals, but it looks like it won't get the support.
  4. Lilly Scott "Fixing A Hole" - (6) Alex, Elliott, Lily, Diana, Chris, Crisis Didi Benami "The Way I Am" - (2) QK, Steven Siobhan Magnus "Wicked Game" - (3) Gigi, Wallace, Derek Crystal Bowersox "Hand In My Pocket" - (7) Amanda, Kevin, Lily, Andrew, Steven, Rei, Hayden Katie Stevens “Feeling Good” - (1) Elliott Casey James "Heaven" - Michael Lynche "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" - (3) Zoey, Gigi, Wallace Siobhan Magnus "House Of The Rising Sun" - (7) Alex, Sola, Gigi, Diana, Wallace, Derek, Crisis Crystal Bowersox "Give Me One Reason" - (6) Amanda, Kevin, Andrew, Rei, Chris, Hayden Didi Benami "Play With Fire" - (9) Alex, QK, Amanda, Andrew, Gigi, Diana, Steven, Hayden, Crisis Casey James "It's All Over Now" - Didi Benami "You're No Good" - (1) QK Siobhan Magnus "Superstition" - (2) Gigi, Derek Michael Lynche 'Ready For Love" - (1) Derek Katie Stevens "Chain Of Fools" - (6) Elliott, QK, Sola, Chris, Zoey, Wallace Katie Stevens "Let It Be" - (8) Zoey, Elliott, QK, Amanda, Sola, Lily, Diana, Hayden Crystal Bowersox "Come Together" - (8) Alex, Amanda, Kevin, Andrew, Steven, Rei, Chris, Crisis Casey James "Jealous Guy" - (9) Alex, Zoey, Sola, Lily, Andrew, Diana, Rei, Derek, Crisis Michael Lynche "In The Ghetto" - (6) Zoey, Kevin, Lily, Steven, Hayden, Wallace Katie Stevens "Baby What You Want Me To Do" - (1) Elliott Michael Lynche "The Way You Look Tonight" - Michael Lynche & Casey James "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?" - Crystal Bowersox "Maybe I'm Amazed" - Crystal Bowersox "Black Velvet" - (3) Kevin, Sola, Rei
  5. Better Rankings 5-1 5. I Belong To You Haley Reinhart - I Belong To You Average: 5.3 @Crisis - 3/11 @jarmon - 4/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 6/11 @Bk1234 - 8/11 Crisis jarmon Bk1234 4. Good or Bad Haley Reinhart - Good or Bad Average: 4.8 @Crisis - 2/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 3/11 @Bk1234 - 4/11 @jarmon - 10/11 Crisis Bk1234 jarmon 3. Love Is Worth Fighting For Haley Reinhart - Love Is Worth Fighting For Average: 3.3 @Crisis - 1/11 @Bk1234 - 3/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 4/11 @jarmon - 5/11 Crisis Bk1234 jarmon 2. Can't Help Falling In Love Haley Reinhart - Can't Help Falling In Love Haley Reinhart - Can't Help Falling In Love (Video) Average: 3.3 @jarmon - 1/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 1/11 @Crisis - 4/11 @Bk1234 - 7/11 jarmon Crisis Bk1234 1. Better Haley Reinhart - Better Haley Reinhart - Better (Video) Average: 3.0 @Bk1234 - 2/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 2/11 @jarmon - 3/11 @Crisis - 5/11 Bk1234 jarmon Crisis And just like that, Better is in the books! I'll try to post the track list and links to What's That Sound? on the front page tonight and the deadlines for any submissions some time tomorrow. As always, anyone can post their interest in participating in the thread.
  6. Better Rankings 11-6 11. Bad Light Haley Reinhart - Bad Light Average: 10.3 @jarmon - 9/11 @Bk1234 - 10/11 @Crisis - 11/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 11/11 jarmon Bk1234 Crisis 10. My Cake Haley Reinhart - My Cake Average: 8.3 @Bk1234 - 6/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 7/11 @Crisis - 9/11 @jarmon - 11/11 Bk1234 Crisis jarmon 9. Check Please Haley Reinhart - Check Please Average: 7.8 @thevoiceisthetop - 5/11 @jarmon - 7/11 @Bk1234 - 9/11 @Crisis - 10/11 jarmon Bk1324 Crisis 8. Listen Haley Reinhart - Listen Average: 7.5 @jarmon - 2/11 @Crisis - 7/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 10/11 @Bk1234 - 11/11 jarmon Crisis Bk1234 7. Talkin' About Haley Reinhart - Talkin' About Average: 6.8 @Bk1234 - 5/11 @jarmon - 6/11 @Crisis - 8/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 8/11 Bk1234 jarmon Crisis 6. Behave Haley Reinhart - Behave Average: 6.0 @Bk1234 - 1/11 @Crisis - 6/11 @jarmon - 8/11 @thevoiceisthetop - 9/11 Bk1234 Crisis jarmon
  7. The deadline for ranking and write-up submissions for Better has expired. I'll be pretty busy tomorrow, but I'll try to post at least the first half of the rankings. If not, I'll post them on Tuesday. In the meantime, anyone who wants to participate for the What's That Sound? round may start doing so now.
  8. I'll wait and see about the guesses. You're welcome! At least it was acknowledged. I tried to find the best gifs possible of the guys. I'm happy to see it was so appreciated!
  9. So Lee is down to one performance. Well, I won't be the one to put the nail in his coffin. Cutting Andrew Garcia "Forever".
  10. Family Matters. Although the last few seasons weren't the best (I want to pretend the CBS season never happened), it still is one of my favorite shows despite it having the Happy Days effect.
  11. This is...interesting to say the least. I'll personally admit I was initially going to sit out S9 because it's one of my least favorite seasons. However, after the events that transpired during S5, I knew right then and there I would play in S9 with the intention of unleashing my pettiness and screwing Lee over as much as possible (I even hinted at it at the end of S5). With that said, while Lee isn't one of my favorite contestants by any means, I don't dislike him as much as most people do and I certainly don't dislike him as much as I used to. However, I didn't expect him to be hit this hard this quickly. Because he took such a huge hit in the previous round, I thought about sparing him here. Now, I'm re-assessing everything and deciding what to do now. Speaking of the finals, another thing I find interesting is that Didi and Siobhan don't have any performances in the finals, yet Lacey and Katelyn do (I would include Paige, but I know Hayden worked hard to get her there and I'm happy for him. Besides, I have a bit of a soft spot for her). I thought at least Rhiannon and Paint It, Black would've been there by now. Then again, the actual season itself was perhaps the most random season, so it makes sense for it to be random here.
  12. I was pulling for Kimberly; however, I had a feeling Cassadee would come out on top. Well, she is certainly one of the more memorable and successful Voice contestants and one whose position in the top spot I won't dispute.
  13. OK, I'll extend the deadline to Sunday, August 8 at 11:59 PM EST. It gives me some extra time to listen to and see how to rank the songs as well.
  14. I waited for Denise to see if she wanted to take a stab at the clues, but I'm going to post the next set now, 20. Piglet/Nick Lachey Season 5: First Place Piglet - Speechless Piglet - Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah) Piglet - 7 Years Piglet - The Pretender Piglet - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Piglet - Superstition Piglet - Bruises Piglet - Faithfully Piglet Unmasking Clue: Broke away from a sty with very hot temperatures Pigs, or in this case piglets, live in stys. Nick Lachey was a member of the boy band 98 degrees, hence the reference to very hot temperatures. Kicking off the Top 20 is the first winner to appear in this ranking. Despite this, Piglet was a strong contestant and I still enjoyed him. He gave some of the most emotionally charged performances on TMS while having fun here and there, the most notable one being Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah). Perhaps his most memorable performance was Superstition, mainly because of the operatic beginning. I had a feeling he was going to win in the finale, especially after Russian Dolls were eliminated, because I didn’t think a rapper (Chameleon) would win and Black Swan had a couple of iffy weeks prior. Moreover, his Faithfully performance was arguably his strongest vocal showing of the season. Piglet would go on to win the season and was revealed to be Nick Lachey. Some people pegged him from the beginning, but I was unsure because I haven’t listened to a lot of his or 98 degrees music. The most obnoxious thing was Jenny winning the Golden Ear again and her bragging about how she knew her boybanders (though she didn’t get her husband as Cluedle Doo the week before ). Regardless, Piglet was a strong contestant and solid winner. 19. Kitty/Jackie Evancho Season 3: Fifth Place Kitty - Dangerous Woman Kitty - Mercy Kitty - Mama’s Broken Heart Kitty - It’s All Coming Back To Me Now Kitty - True Colors Kitty - Unstoppable Kitty - Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Kitty - Back To Black Kitty Unmasking Clue: Was a part of two litters with the same host The litter is a reference to cats or kitties. Jackie Evancho was on both America’s Got Talent and The Masked Singer, two shows hosted by Nick Cannon. Kitty was someone who proved herself to be a very versatile performer. In addition, the costume was one of the more interesting ones, especially with the different colored eyes. She got off to a rousing start with Dangerous Woman. With that said, probably the best part was the camera showing a guy who looked like he was turned on by the performance. The rest of her performances were good in some form or another. The most interesting one was Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend in which she combined elements of sultry jazz, standards, and even a little hip-hop. Outside of her performances, she is also known for having a frenemy type showmance with Frog. Kitty purred her way to fifth place before she was unmasked as singer Jackie Evancho. She is someone who I wasn’t familiar with, so I did a little Internet research and learned she was the runner up in S5 of AGT over a decade ago when she was only 10. Since then, she’s had a rather solid career as a classical crossover artist, so good for her on that front. 18. Yeti/Omarion Season 5: Fourth Place Yeti - If It Isn’t Love Yeti - Lonely Yeti - It Takes Two Yeti - Bless The Broken Road Yeti - Celebration Yeti Unmasking Clue: Had an avalanche of hits with some of its fellow species Yetis, or snow monsters, obviously live in snowy areas, which is where avalanches can take place. Omarion had a few hit singles both with the group B2K and as a solo artist. At #18 is the final S5 wildcard to appear in this list. The costume was like a more friendly version of what I think a yeti would look like. The contestant himself displayed some great musical versatility as he performed R&B, country, and even hip-hop. In addition, he showed off some good dance moves despite the perceived bulk of the costume; this was most evident in If It Isn’t Love and It Takes Two. Also, he added a new dimension with the skates for Lonely although it’s been said it’s hard to see in those masks, so I wonder how he knew where to go. Regardless, Yeti was someone who I thought would be in the finale; however, he was eliminated right before it. He was unmasked to be former B2K frontman Omarion and would be Robin’s lone first impression guess this season. I kind of had a feeling it was him after his second or third performance because I was somewhat familiar with the voice despite not listening to a lot of his music. Overall, Yeti was someone who I enjoyed during his time on TMS. 17. Flamingo/Adrienne Bailon-Houghton Season 2: Third Place Flamingo - Sucker Flamingo - Footloose Flamingo - Never Enough Flamingo - Lady Marmalade Flamingo - Go Your Own Way Flamingo - Hallelujah Flamingo - Proud Mary Flamingo Unmasking Clue: Act that waded its way to another habitat with a panelist Flamingoes are birds that are known for wading in water. Adrienne was one of the mainstay celebrity detectives on the game show I Can See Your Voice hosted by Ken Jeong. Here we have Flamingo strutting into the #17 spot. The costume was a really nice design as I felt it really captured the essence of a Flamingo. Flamingo was able to put on a nice array of performances with Footloose being my personal favorite. I liked how they flipped the arrangement and made it more modern. I also enjoyed Lady Marmalade and Go Your Own Way. For the former she brought the sass needed for that song; the latter was one of her strongest vocals of the season. She was able to ride that string of performances to the finals where she placed third. I didn’t think she would overtake Rottweiler or Fox, so she went as far as she was going to go. Flamingo was unmasked as former 3LW and Cheetah Girl member and The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon-Houghton. I don’t know much about 3LW or the Cheetah Girls, nor have I watched a single episode of The Real, so she was someone who I was not familiar with. What caught my attention was her saying she hated her voice, which was a shame because I think she has a lovely singing voice. I hope her experience helped her have more confidence in it going forward. Finally, it was certainly something to have two former Cheetah Girls perform in the same season. 16. Rabbit/Joey Fatone Season 1: Fourth Place Rabbit - Livin’ La Vida Loca Rabbit - Wake Me Up Rabbit - Poison Rabbit - Isn’t She Lovely Rabbit - My Girl Rabbit Unmasking Clue: Hopped, sang, and danced in different settings Rabbits hop, simple enough. Joey sang and danced as a member of *NSYNC, plus he was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars and of course The Masked Singer. Closing out the set is Rabbit. With his straitjacket and glowing red eyes, Rabbit looked like something that broke out of a futuristic pet psychiatric ward. As a performer, he was one of the most committed to staying in character. He would always add something extra in his performances and his twitching after his performances was a nice added touch. His first performance of Livin’ La Vida Loca was a rather interesting one. The beginning sounded like something that would fit in a cyberpunk setting. In addition, I enjoyed his Wake Me Up and Isn’t She Lovely, with the latter having an arrangement completely different from the original. He would be eliminated right before the finale, and his fake crying reaction was pretty hilarious. He was unmasked as former *NSYNC member Joey Fatone. If anyone from *NSYNC would do something like this, it would be him. One of the best things about doing the show was him showing he was a talented singer in his own right because Justin and JC did most of the singing with *NSYNC. Rabbit was one of the most entertaining and committed acts to appear on TMS. 20. Piglet/Nick Lachey: 19. Kitty/Jackie Evancho: 18. Yeti/Omarion: 17. Flamingo/Adrienne Bailon-Houghton: 16. Rabbit/Joey Fatone: We're down to the final set before the Top Ten! Here are the clues for 15-11: - Has multiple layers despite being lost at times - Nothing but net in both song and showmance despite appearance - Skilled with both tongue and hands - Strutted its way into a spooky surprise on another show - Time isn't up for this dark hued flyer
  15. Ugh at Amanda missing out on the Top 5.
  16. Haley Reinhart - Better Track List 1. My Cake 2. Behave 3. Better 4. Can't Help Falling In Love 5. Check Please 6. Bad Light 7. Talkin' About 8. Good or Bad 9. Love Is Worth Fighting For 10. I Belong To You 11. Listen Amazon Music | Apple Music | Pandora | Spotify The deadline for rankings and write-ups will be August 7 at 11:59 PM EST. This time I will wait until the deadline before posting the results. This is who I know is participating thus far: @thevoiceisthetop @jarmon Anyone can still participate as long as everything is submitted prior to the deadline. I will grant extensions if requested. Enjoy!
  17. Our group's decisions (@totes4totes, @goofycilla90, and I): Advance to Round 6: Katie Stevens "Let It Be" Cuts: Lacey Brown "Kiss Me" Michael Lynche "This Love" Katie Stevens "Big Girls Don't Cry" Aaron Kelly "The Long And Winding Road"
  18. Kenan & Kel. Not only did I love the show, it had one of the best theme songs: Really disappointed to see Animaniacs cut but relieved to see Doug saved, so I'm kind of conflicted here, lol. Anyway, going back to Animaniacs: These videos helped a lot with my education.
  19. Listen Up! Rankings 5-1 5. Liar Haley Reinhart - Liar Average: 5.7 @Crisis - 3/10 @KelseyW - 3/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 3/10 @sydneysam - 5/10 @jarmon - 8/10 @Bk1234 - 9/10 @Lackey - 9/10 Crisis KelseyW sydneysam jarmon Bk1234 4. Oh My! Haley Reinhart - Oh My! Average: 5.4 @Bk1234 - 3/10 @Lackey - 3/10 @sydneysam - 3/10 @jarmon - 5/10 @KelseyW - 7/10 @Crisis - 8/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 9/10 Bk1234 sydneysam jarmon KelseyW Crisis 3. Free Haley Reinhart - Free Music Video Average: 4.6 @jarmon - 1/10 @Bk1234 - 2/10 @sydneysam - 2/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 2/10 @Lackey - 8/10 @KelseyW - 8/10 @Crisis - 9/10 jarmon Bk1234 sydneysam KelseyW Crisis 2. Hit The Ground Runnin' Haley Reinhart - Hit The Ground Runnin' Average: 3.9 @Crisis - 2/10 @jarmon - 2/10 @Lackey - 2/10 @sydneysam - 4/10 @Bk1234 - 5/10 @KelseyW - 6/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 6/10 Crisis jarmon sydneysam Bk1234 KelseyW 1. Undone Haley Reinhart - Undone Average: 1.4 @Bk1234 - 1/10 @Crisis - 1/10 @Lackey - 1/10 @sydneysam - 1/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 1/10 @KelseyW - 2/10 @jarmon - 3/10 Bk1234 Crisis sydneysam KelseyW jarmon And on that note, that's a wrap for the first ranking of the thread. Thank you to everyone who ranked and contributed write-ups to this ranking. The latter were really nice to read and it was nice to see other opinions about the songs. I'll start the ranking for Better tomorrow evening, so there's something to look forward to for anyone who are participating and who wants to participate. As of right now, I have confirmation from two posters; however, there is plenty of time for anyone else.
  20. The first set's up! I'll post 5-1 when I get home from work.
  21. Listen Up! Rankings 10-6 10. Wonderland Haley Reinhart - Wonderland Average: 8.3 @Lackey - 4/10 @sydneysam - 7/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 8/10 @KelseyW - 9/10 @Bk1234 - 10/10 @Crisis - 10/10 @jarmon - 10/10 sydneysam KelseyW Bk1234 Crisis jarmon 9. Walking On Heaven Haley Reinhart - Walking On Heaven Average: 6.9 @Bk1234 - 4/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 4/10 @jarmon - 6/10 @Crisis - 7/10 @Lackey - 7/10 @KelseyW - 10/10 @sydneysam - 10/10 Bk1234 jarmon Crisis KelseyW sydneysam 8. Wasted Tears Haley Reinhart - Wasted Tears Average: 6.7 @Crisis - 4/10 @jarmon - 4/10 @KelseyW - 4/10 @Bk1234 - 7/10 @sydneysam - 8/10 @Lackey - 10/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 10/10 Crisis jarmon KelseyW Bk1234 sydneysam 7. Keep Coming Back Haley Reinhart - Keep Coming Back Average: 6.3 @KelseyW - 5/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 5/10 @Bk1234 - 6/10 @Crisis - 6/10 @Lackey - 6/10 @jarmon - 7/10 @sydneysam - 9/10 KelseyW Bk1234 Crisis jarmon sydneysam 6. Now That You're Here Haley Reinhart - Now That You're Here Average: 5.9 @KelseyW - 1/10 @Crisis - 5/10 @Lackey - 5/10 @sydneysam - 6/10 @thevoiceisthetop - 7/10 @Bk1234 - 8/10 @jarmon - 9/10 KelseyW Crisis sydneysam Bk1234 jarmon
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