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  1. I just know I'm the 2nd youngest in the RE gang (because Hayden took my spot ) @hayden98 hiiiiiiii!
  2. Wally and JC fighting about their ages is just RE gold
  3. He didn't apply, I don't think.
  4. The book apparently is a mess too like with the storylines + being set in the 90s Ugh I'm excited now!
  5. I'm kinda hoping that Gigi doesn't win the season so she and Jan will be in an AS together and Jan will be like, "She's gonna steal my win again." And they will lipsync for their legacy against each other
  6. Is anyone watching Little Fires Everywhere? I heard it's great and stays true to the book. Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington are the main actresses So I'm giving it a try sometime this week.
  7. Starts with Flop and ends with No Harmony
  8. I hope you dragged that act I'm thinking of
  9. Chris was probably like, "What is this? A secret message?"
  10. I guess I'll save Sonika and Alyssa
  11. Omg I finally voted in something without imagining it. Although I don't remember my rankings.
  12. I guess it's a battle on which guy is the last man standing
  13. Did i vote or did I imagine voting again... And lol at the men dropping like flies
  14. Jan deserved the win but I am okay with Gigi winning because it gave us that face crack from Jan And then the preview for the next episode... I can't The editors this season are SHADY From Brita's spit, to Aiden's wonky contact lenses, to Jan's face crack (and cries next week).
  15. THE SOPRANOS I am honestly shocked that this was the one to go in my nominations. I thought it'd be one of the easy saved ones as it has been nominated quite a lot and never getting cut. Anyway, The Sopranos is an American crime drama series that aired from 1999-2007 in HBO. Oh wow, I didn't know it aired that long. I have never watched the show but I have heard of the name of the show before I'm quite sure. The show revolves around Tony Soprano and he is an Italian-American mobster from New Jersey. The show shows Tony balancing his life between being a father and husband to his
  16. As JC said, that's in the age range to be at your prime
  17. Should I call you Gramps now
  18. Aw Oh well, I suggested 3 other contestants from different franchises
  19. I'm wondering if people will even suggest contestants not from UK, AU, and US? Does Canada have one?
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