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  1. You can't blame them if they didn't watch the seasons tbh
  2. Aww, Dustin & Kandice were the team we all dream all F&F teams to be Thought at least they'd make the top 10 like #10 but oh well!
  3. Amy? omg with the glasses on, she totally looks like her.
  4. This seems like a great show to watch! Coming this month on Netflix.
  5. You forgot the songs that made them blew up (well, at least in the Philippines).
  6. One group in KPOP has like 15 members Like... how do you even remember/follow each of them I forgot about 2NE1 I am okay with them joining
  7. I'd rather share my thoughts here with y'all
  8. I'd be down for this No KPOP please
  9. I just watched clips for the second Hawaii show. And damn, I kinda feel bad for this season because there are a lot of talented contestants and the show is getting delayed and might have a shitty live show Anyway, I liked these people from this episode: Dillon James (a whole snacc damn!) Julia Gargano (perfect song choice omfg? her flub was eek but other than that she delivered) Sophia Wackerman (sassy lil bitch luv it) Kimmy Gabriela (amazing voice. I'm sure @Elliott loves her song choice). Makayla Phillips (wow another song choice Elliott would love!) Arthur Gunn (great tone and I love me some reggae) Between the two country girls with this awful twist imo: I think they both deserve to go thru ( @*Chris will be shocked ) but I prefer Grace more for obvious reasons. Also, Shannon Gibbons when she started singing SML(TYNL) I really thought it was Adele until I looked at my screen WTF at them not putting her thru!
  10. I'm fine with this placement for them.
  11. Also, Blair can totally wreck me up any day.
  12. #14 is better than what I expected from Hayley & Blair! I didn't even expect them to reach the top 20 So glad for their finish. ICONS!
  13. @*Wallace being a shady queen LIVING FOR IT!
  14. I just remembered that I have to do write-ups
  15. Fleabag - Tom, Kaley, Sola, Diana, Rei, Elliott, Vee House, M.D. - Alex, Nico, Chris, Anne Avatar: The Last Airbender -
  16. I remember some calling her the next Carrie I cackled (from shocked) when she got eliminated ngl
  17. I see a lot of pop stars/celeb memes in ATRL but I don't remember this one
  18. I honestly thought you were shading her looking like a man which she doesn't
  19. I honestly was just so attracted to Blair and then Hayley was so messy and I fell in love with them
  20. TIM URBAN We remember Tim Urban as that hot buff guy in season 9. He had that surfer dude hair back in the day and I think I did have a little crush on him back then. I was 15, okay. He has a mediocre voice and I don't think he's audition was fully shown, just a small clip of it and Simon telling him that it was a bad song choice. They felt there was more to come from him though so they put him through. The first time he was really shown was in Hollywood week where he sang David Cook's Come Back To Me. He sounded good but nothing mind-blowing. Or maybe because the song is just plain great and anyone who sings it just sings it well? Queen Kara did say the performance was a little bit shaky but other than that, it was good. Like I said, nothing special. For his group performance round, he did Get Ready with a bunch of people which he survived. And then he did Viva La Vida for his final performance. Tim got cut before the top 24 live shows but apparently, I don't remember this part for some reason, a guy named Chris Golightly got disqualified because of him lying about his past recording contract? I never really delved into the important rules on the qualifications of auditioning for American Idol. I just know there's an age range and you can't have a recording contract at the moment. Anyway, he sang Apologize for top 24. It was meh. His head voice was weak and the flip from chest voice to head voice was super rough. I don't know how he survived that night but this was season 9 so there was a lot of questionable things that happened in this season. The judges were like, "So glad you to be back but obviously we made the right choice the first time around." He advanced and then performed Come On Get Higher. The song fit him better compared to Apologize but still. His voice and performances are very pedestrian. It's just bland. The judging was super awkward this round Ellen actually was on point with her comments here. When she says, "...and you can sing a little..." I DIED. Then he did Hallelujah when he robbed Alex a spot to the finals. This was a good performance I guess compared to his past performances. I guess people got shocked that he was decent and just voted him through because of pity. Ugh I forgot he got quite far in the competition and I'm lazy talking about his performances. Anyway, let's just say he made it as far as top 7 for some reason and then finally got eliminated. Ta-da. Well done. I think VFTW helped him quite a lot endorsing him. Tim was the person who got the farthest from all of the contestants VFTW endorsed. Also, Tim didn't get to sing his final song when he got eliminated because the time ran out. They had the Idol Gives Back thing the night he got eliminated. I checked his IG and saw that he is still doing music and he looks so good. He's a dad. Literally and metaphorically. SAVING: DIDI BENAMI
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