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  1. It all counts I remember being annoyed at that and not being called out by the judges.
  2. All I remember from Lee Jean was that he sang Ed Sheeran more than 3 times in the show.
  3. I think DWTS is/will be eliminated? Denise won't vote for PLL I think and the last two votes won't matter?
  4. Oh wow he grew up... nicely.
  5. Alexandra let's celebrate her being in the top 10 by listening to the best selling XF single!
  6. Hayley & Blair better not be the next to go
  7. American Idol - Rei, Diana Dancing With The Stars - Victoria, Alex, QK, Wallace, Vee Pretty Little Liars - Sola, Elliott, Anne
  8. PAIGE MILES I literally have the worst memory for Idol so let me watch what Paige did. I think I just remember her Against All Odds performance and that was bad. I don't want to listen to that one again I'm sure. She's from season 9 and I don't remember her audition at all. I don't think it was even shown? Let's just talk about her live shows performances. Paige did All Right Now for the top 24 performance. She did really well with this one watching it now but why can't I remember any of it except for that horrible Against All Odds performance Then she did Smile for the next week of semi-finals. It was meh. Shaky at best. The last performance she did for the semi-finals was a Kelly Clarkson song which is Walk Away Her song choices are all over the place This performance was decent but I guess now I know why I don't remember any of it. They're just not memorable enough. I think I erased most of the finalists in my mind when Alex and Lili got robbed hard. Anyway she did Honky Tonk Woman for the Rolling Stones week and it was great. Her last performance was that horrible rendition of Against All Odds that she finally got eliminated. Miley was the mentor that week. The judges comments were something like this: Randy Jackson: Honestly, that was terrible. It was terrible. Ellen DeGeneres: You didnt fall down (heels). Kara DioGuardi: Somewhere along the line you stopped competing. It was the worst vocal of the season. Simon Cowell: There were like five of you singing that song. You are going to be in serious trouble tonight. That song just killed you. SAVING: JASMINE TRIAS
  9. I don't know how to vote
  10. Who listens to Alaska's albums?
  11. Katya, Alaska, Tati, and Alyssa?
  12. The top 3 of S6 in the top 14
  13. iconic duo getting cut back to back
  14. I was going to cut Tati if I was being objective but I cut Alyssa instead
  15. I'm not ashamed to still love P!ATD Death of a Bachelor and Pray for the Wicked slays!
  16. ALYSSA EDWARDS (AS2) I love Alyssa but she's in my bottom 2 in the list of those who are left. Alyssa is one of the five queens from season 5 to compete in All Stars 2. I was excited to see her to compete again because she definitely became one of the most iconic queens in drag race herstory. Also, for the Coco/Alyssa storyline to happen because Coco is back. But apparently, they were friends by then and had already made up. That was a great thing because their feud might be iconic but I was not there to watch it all over again. Anyway, Alyssa did good in the talent show. She showed us her skills that we knew she had and she delivered. She was safe this week which was deserved. The next week, she did Joan Crawford which was really funny! She delivered and probably deserved to be in the top 2 if it weren't for the performances of Katya as Bjork and Alaska as Mae West. Her Latex Extravaganza look really stood out to me because it wasn't black and I love the aesthetic of it with the yellow and the pink lips. Very creative. I think I really started rooting for her when HERstory of the World happened which was the week after snatch game. She delivered as Annie Oakley but her runway was so bad in my opinion. It reminded me of the drag looks back in her season. Vom. It was tacky af. The acting challenge where she was eliminated, I don't know how to feel because I just think it's not as bad as the judges said it was because she was actually a funny trainwreck. Her 2-in-1 look though was... okay, I guess. The cameras flashing was definitely creative but it wasn't my cup of tea. Especially the first look before the ruveal. She then came back with the other eliminated queens and she, along with Tatianna, served us with one of the best lip syncs ever to Shut Up and Drive. But let's go back a little, shall we? First, with her feud with Phi Phi that gave us so many iconic moments! Second, I didn't really find her funny in the stand up. Alaska definitely did all the work there. I'm not saying she didn't deserve to be in the top 2. Anyway, she came back with Tatianna in the competition and then had that Drag Fish Tank. Let's be real. Roxxxy and Detox were the real bottom 2. Anyway! She did well in the challenge. Her pants looks was again okay but nothing special or made me gasp. She finally got eliminated in the makeover challenge which she should have not left. But we all know the riggory in this competition. Oh well. Overall she did great in he competition and would've gone further along with Tatianna if Rolaskatox didn't freak things up. Does Alyssa deserve to be in the top 14? Yes. But with the others still in, I prefer her to leave.
  17. I have 12 more hours to do my write-up so I'll chill for now.
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