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  1. I am not a hater but I am a James stan this season so... Normani>>>>>>>>Ally Although Sasha>>>>>
  2. True It was probably because Ally was the one getting overscored and not them two guys oop-
  3. This is what happens when we let 3 females in the finale More male contestants in the finale so IDF is united again with their hatred of the men!
  4. There's a thread in ATRL saying Ally is a better dancer than Normani i-
  5. Shocking, I know But at least if she sings her country song we might get an upbeat one. Or she can sing Before He Cheats, the only country song I can tolerate What is the appeal of Vinnie?! Somebody make it make sense (!) I agree. He's trying so hard to be very "now" with his song choices singing Lizzo, Dance Monkey, Dua, Camilla, etc. I need some glee Artie vocals with songs from Usher for example. I'm imagining Climax with his shirt off
  6. Where are the original country songs, Megan?! Also, tf is Vinnie even doing in this competition??? At least Martin tried singing. Megan, Kevin, and V5 are my faves.
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