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  1. On the other hand, Hayley & Blair are still in?
  3. Same. I'm like very moody irl now. I think I am having cabin fever
  4. I thought so okay I didnt even know Southland and South of Nowhere were 2 different shows
  5. I wish she's the running gag this season until the finale
  6. It was brought back according to the front page.
  7. I guess I slept through the drama and I'm glad I did
  8. Also, Dahlia sin as the broc-ally making two comebacks her character is slightly turning iconic
  9. Snatch Game was actually good? No one was cringe-worthy (well except Spita but not as cringe as some queens from other seasons). Snatch Game Ranking: 1. Gigi - Love her or hate her, you just can't deny that she actually slayed this Snatch Game. I did not expect that from her. 2. Jackie - Great impersonation and really funny! 3. S***** - Disgusting human being aside, I can't help but laugh at her jokes. 4. Heidi - Funny but she's totally just doing Heidi and she did it well. 5. Jan - I didn't laugh at her but she didn't do bad at all. Faded into the background for me. 6. Jaida - same with her. Didn't go far enough. Cardi is like a walking, talking meme. 7. Widow - Tried with the two characters shtick but it didn't work for her. She's definitely not the worst though. 8. Crystal - Not funny at all. 9./10. Aiden 9./10. Brita - For both of them, really bad snatch game. Both did repetitive shticks that didn't even land in the first place. Crashed and burned. Double sashay would've been great and brought back someone IDK. Runway Looks: 1. Jan - you know what, she looked really good. My problem with Jan tbh is idk what her aesthetics really is? Like queens are versatile with their looks but you know they have a signature aesthetic. With Jan, I haven't seen that. Her runways are all fun and creative that's for sure. 2. Crystal - Oh wow, she served me fashion! My favourite look from hers and she slayed it. Totally something I would design/make 3. Gigi - Creative although the oufit is the same silhouette as her sewing challenge outfit. Love the creativity though of being an ice cream woman and I guess the silhouette does fit the era of her look. 4. S***** - They didn't show her walk down the runway But what I saw was better than most of the girls. 5. Widow - Creative bitch! Literally screamed when she blew that whistle! Serve us titanic survivor, queen! 6. Brita - Tired of this iridescent looks but she looked good. 7./8. Jaida/Heidi - basic boring af white outfits. 9. Jackie - This outfit just looked cheap to me. Especially those crystal boob panels she had. 10. Aiden - Love the camp style of the look but it wasn't just up to par with everyone else in terms of stylistic choices. The dress could've been way better even if she wanted it to be simple (the cut, some little detail changes, etc.).
  10. Hayley & Blair are still in? I AM HERE FOR IT ♥ Love Peih-Gee tho ♥
  11. ADORE DELANODANNY NORIEGA Danny Noriega auditioned in the seventh season of American Idol (but apparently he auditioned in the sixth season but didn't make it). Anyway, he is most remembered because of his sassy personality and rapport with the judges, especially his reply towards Simon Cowell which later went viral. Anyway, he auditioned singing Proud Mary and he slayed it to be honest. I don't remember much of his performance in Hollywood Week of When I Need You but he made it obviously. For the top 24, he sang Jailhouse Rock where his reply to Simon became viral. The performance was a bit messy in my opinion. Randy and Paula kinda liked it while Simon just hated it. He said it was "verging on grotesque". Simon basically read and drag him as if he heard RuPaul shouted, "The library is open!" Ryan asked him what Danny thought of it and he was like he thought it was a fun song for the first live show but some people *head movements* weren't LIKING IT. Mess. Danny sang Superstar next (I guess people were just voting for him for his reply to Simon ). This is probably his best performance in my opinion. He did really well and his voice fit the song. Then for his last performance where he got eliminated, he performed Tainted Love. It was okay I guess. It was good but I still liked Superstar better. I like Danny/Adore but I was rooting for more people in his season. SAVING: ALEX LAMBERT
  12. They might be next though
  13. @*Wallace Hayley & Blair are still in!
  14. The TAR teams are dropping like flies and i am NOT HERE FOR IT
  15. Hoping for a good snatch game!
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