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  1. In terms of appearance: 1. Harry 2. Niall 3. Zayn/Liam 4. Louis
  2. The only time I rooted for a country singer
  3. My rankings in terms of their solo music: 1. Harry 2. Zayn 3. Niall A WIDE A*S GAP 4. Louis 5. Strip That Down (except Liam's choreography)
  4. Obviously I'm obsessed with Harry now. I wasn't even a 1D fan His music is just really great
  5. I tried my best to not harm anyone's top faves so here it is: Veronica Mars - Buffy The Vampire Slayer - The Sopranos -
  6. Cant wait to sign up and get my underrated faves far (or at least try to )
  7. Working on my nominations! Will probably post when everyone is asleep
  8. Ranking at #6 is amazing for them We need them back on our telly!
  9. We stan the superior blood bending queen!
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