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Who won the battle: S24 Edition Part 3


Pick your winner  

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  1. 1. Kaylee Shimizu vs Elizabeth Evans

  2. 2. Reid Zingale vs Noah Spencer

  3. 3. Dylan Carter vs Tom Nitti

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Tone preference partially bc her voice sounds so full and developed but also I keep replaying that one run she does on “go off and date her”






Pretty clear imo, better connection to the song (which I know is subjective) but I also thought he had the better vocals

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Kaylee > Elizabeth by a hair, but both were very deserving of going through. Easily one of the best battles overall.


Reid > Noah by a hair as well. Both did great and Noah was a pleasant surprise, but the performance just felt a bit more natural and aligned with Reid's voice. Shame it wasn't taped earlier.


Dylan > Tom once again very close. Preferred Dylan's take just a bit.

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1. Kaylee was more spot on vocally, but Elizabeth´s take on the song stood out to me the most on this battle. She´s my pick.


2. Noah´s roughness and growl sounded way more natural here, he´s my pick.  I enjoyed Reid´s tone too, I just think he got overshadowed a bit.


3. Even though he wasn´t perfect, Dylan´s voice seems to resonate with me, it happened in blinds too. I preferred him here.

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1. Kaylee. Elizabeth did well too, but tone is the single most important thing for me, and Kaylee has significant edge there. Kaylee is also the superior vocalist, and demonstrated that in this battle, despite few opportunities to do so. I think this was the best battle of the season. Great job to both. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t care for either of these battles, and don’t have a strong opinion either way.  

2. Noah. 

3. Dylan. 

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