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DWTS32 Week 5 - Most Memorable Year Night!


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It's time for us to get our tissues out as tonight is the Most Memorable Year episode. 😢 The celebs will share their personal life experiences and dances dedicated to them. 10 Couples perform and will go down to 9 by the end of the night.



Here's a video list of the dances:


And also, here are the celeb's MMY's and messages about them, which are posted via the official Instagram page:

Alyson: "2003: the year I married my husband and our happily ever after began."
Ariana: "2023: the year I thought I lost it all, but I really gained everything."
Barry: "1968: the year before EVERYTHING changed."
Charity: “2022: the year I discovered the meaning of self-love and flourished.”
Harry: "2020: the year everything changed and I became who I am."
Jason: "1999: the year that I bet it all on myself and started to make all my musical dreams come true." 
Lele: "2020: the year of being broken and happy endings."
Mauricio: “1996: the year I got fired, was broke with two kids and my entire life changed.”
Mira: "2004: the year that I got married and had my first child, Mattea."
Xochitl: "2021: the year I traded a childhood dream for the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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5 hours ago, *Amanda said:

Also, tonight is the Len tribute! Maks, Kym, Tony, Edyta, Louis, Karina, Anna T & Mark are all returning to join the current pros, Derek & Julianne in a performance to “Moon River” as a tribute to him.



Oooh yess, I'm really looking forward to the Pros Waltz tribute to Len. ❤️ Though I don't think I'm ready for it, at the same time. 😢 

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