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American Idol Season 22 Renewal

Idol Maniac

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Awesome news! I remember when people were saying it probably wouldn’t last but one or two seasons. Then the talent on Season 16 (S1 on ABC) was the best in years and the ratings were solid, even beating The Voice in the latter half of the season. Still going strong, usually number one in the 18-49 demo and amazing social media stats. 

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I'm definitely quite pleased that American Idol has been renewed for 2024. I still would really like to see one of the networks try to launch a new singing competition based on The Masked Singer concept, however, since I think a singing competition like that could be so interesting to watch. And I wonder if all of Luke, Lionel and Katy will be returning as judges on AI for 2024 as well.

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21 minutes ago, Anythingcanhappen said:

Thank goodness!! Any chance we could get a bonus season as a result of the writers strike? 

I’d love that but I doubt it. 😞 Just because I think Idol costs a fortune to produce. 

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