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best Team Blake Member - Not including Steals


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My Opinion:


Season 1: Dia Frampton

Season 2: Raelynn

Season 3: Cassadee Pope

Season 4: Holly Tucker

Season 5: Holly Henry

Season 6: Sisaundra Lewis

Season 7: Reagan James

Season 8: Hannah Kirby

Season 9: Emily Ann Roberts/Morgan Frazier

Season 10: Mary Sarah

Season 11: Courtney Harrell

Season 12: Lauren Duski/ Casi Joy

Season 13: Keisha Renee/ Noah Mac

Season 14: Kyla Jade/ Spensha Baker/ WILKES

Season 15: Kameron Marlowe/ Kirk Jay

Season 16: Gyth Rigdon/Kendra Checkettes/ Rod Stokes

Season 17: Cali Wilson/ Joana Martinez/ Ricky Duran

Season 18: Todd Tilghman/Toneisha Harris

Season 19: Jim Ranger

Season 20: Cam Anthony/ Avery Roberson

Season 21: Wendy Moten

Season 22: Kate Kalvach/Bryce Leatherwood/ Kevin Hawkins/ Bodie

Season 23: Neil Salsich/ Tasha Jessen/ MaryKate Connor/ Grace West


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Cam Anthony, Wendy Moten and bodie, all from recent seasons, haven been some of his best contestants of all time. I would say that Cam is my favorite of his winners and Wendy and bodie are my favorite of his runner ups


Sisaundra Lewis, Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield, Sundance Head, Lauren Duski, Noah Mac, Keisha Renee, Kyla Jade, Dexter Roberts, Ricky Duran, Todd Tilghman and Jim Ranger have also been very good (just going from S6-present). This season has potential names as well

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Who had the most *flawless run? Cam Anthony.


Who had the highest highs? Kyla or Wendy.


Personal Favorite? Criag Wayne Boyd. (But LOVE Wendy, Kyla, Cam, Cass, etc as well)


*Didn't call his run the best bc even though he was flawless, he never took it to the extreme level (Vocally), like Kyla and Wendy.

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My Favorites From When I Started Watching To Now:




S14: Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker.

S15: Mercedes Ferreira-Dias.

S16: Kim Cherry.

S17: Nobody.

S18: Toneisha Harris, Levi Watkins.

S19: Worth The Wait.

S20: Cam Anthony, Keegan Ferrell.

S21: Wendy Moten, Libianca, The Joy Reunion, Lana Scott.

S22: Kate Kalvach, Bodie, Ansley Burns, Kevin Hawkins, and The Dryes.

S23: EJ Michels, Kylee Dayne.

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S1: Dia Frampton

S2: Charlotte Sometimes

S3: Cassadee Pope

S4: Danielle Bradbery

S5: EG Daily

S6: Sisaundra Lewis

S7: Craig Wayne Boyd

S8: Sarah Potenza (robbed)

S9: Emily Ann Roberts

S10: Joe Maye, Katie Basden (although both were stolen, otherwise idk lol)

S11: Sundance Head

S12: Brennley for OG team members, otherwise Lauren I guess

S13: Noah or Adam C (OG team members)

S14: Kyla, Pryor, WILKES

S15: Mercedes Ferreira-Dias

S16: Dexter Roberts, Rod Stokes

S17: n/a

S18: Toneisha

S19: Jim Ranger, Taryn Papa

S20: Cam Anthony

S21: Lana Scott

S22: n/a

S23: NOIVAS, Kylee


Edit: NOIVAS was a steal but we all know he wanted to be on Blake’s team anyway so oh well lol


Edit 2: Wait, Cole wasn’t OG either 💀 changing it

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Not the 'Best' just my personal picks. And according to title, only including og members.


Season wise:


S1: Dia Frampton

S2: None

S3: Cassadee Pope (Like Terry to an extent as well)

S4: Danielle Bradbery (Like Swons as well)

S5: Cole Vosbury

S6: Jake Worthington :stealth:

S7: Craig Wayne Boyd

S8: None

S9: Barrett Baber (His performances in the taped rounds were phenomenal)

S10: Adam Wakefield 

S11: Sundance Head

S12: Lauren Duski

S13: Noah Mac

S14: Kyla Jade

S15: Chris Kroeze

S16: Gyth Rigdon (Like Dexter Roberts and Andrew 7ner as well)

S17: Ricky Duran 

S18: Todd Tilghman 

S19: Jim Ranger

S20: Cam Anthony

S21: Wendy Moten (Like Lana Scott as well)

S22: Between the three Bs. Depends on mood.

S23: Grace West

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Season 1: Dia Frampton

Season 2: Raelynn

Season 3: Cassadee Pope

Season 4: Savannah Berry

Season 5: Holly Henry, Ray Boudreaux

Season 6: Audra McLaughlin

Season 7: Reagan James, Craig Wayne Boyd (I like Jessie Pitts a lot but she was a steal)

Season 8: Brooke Adee (Joshua Davis, originally from team Blake).

Season 9: Emily Ann Roberts, Zach Seabaugh

Season 10: Mary Sarah,Brittney Kennel

Season 11: No one

Season 12: Lauren Duski, Casi Joy, Valerie Ponzio

Season 13: Noah Mac, Mitchell Lee

Season 14: WILKES

Season 15: Kameron Marlowe, Katrina Cain, Michael Lee

Season 16: LiLi Joy

Season 17: Cali Wilson, Joana Martinez, Ricky Duran, Marina Chello, Kat Hammock, Matthew McQueen

Season 18: Toneisha Harris, Joei Fulco, Levi Watkins

Season 19: Ian Flanigan, Taryn Papa

Season 20: Cam Anthony, Avery Roberson, Emma Caroline

Season 21: Lana Scott, Peedy Chavis, Libianca

Season 22: Kate Kalvach, Bryce Leatherwood, Jaeden Luke

Season 23: Tasha Jessen, MaryKate Connor, Grace West, Walker Wilson


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I’m going to try to reorganize by season now (2 names at most)


S6- Sisaundra Lewis

S7- Craig Wayne Boyd

S8- Joshua Davis
S9- Emily Ann Roberts (lives), Barrett Baber (prelives)

S10- Adam Wakefield

S11- Sundance Head

S12- Lauren Duski, Brennley Brown

S13- Keisha Renee, Noah Mac

S14- Kyla Jade

S15- Kameron Marlowe

S16- Dexter Roberts, Kendra Checketts

S17- Ricky Duran

S18- Todd Tilghman

S19- Jim Ranger

S20- Cam Anthony

S21- Wendy Moten

S22- bodie

S23- Neil Salsich, Grace West 

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