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Favorite Performance (Ep 6)


Favorite Performance (Ep 6)  

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  1. 1. Choose

    • Austin Montgomery - I can't Help it
    • Día Malai - Real Love
    • Jillian Jordyn - Issues
    • Grace Bello - Ghost
  2. 2. Grade Episode 6

    • A (amazing)
    • B (good)
    • C (ok)
    • D (Subpar)
    • F (fail)

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A big step down from yesterday. Not as bad as many of y'all made it sound but still pretty weak. C- for me.


1. Grace - Though it did get a bit monotonous at times, her tone effectively did the carrying, and it provided good results.


2. Austin - He gave me way more Zach Seabaugh vibes than Peedy, which isnt a good sign, but he does have a nice, old school deep tone. Enjoyed it, sans the cringy pointing and winking.


3. Dia - Love the song choice, great stage presence, and nice runs but she clearly struggled through the vocal at some parts, like running out of breath. Tall order, since this is an upbeat song that requires vocal and performance.


4. Jillian - Great start, fell off the rails after the coaches turned. Excitement got her.

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1. Dia Malai (8.5/10) - Really liked her. It was solid despite some messy moments.

2. Grace Bello (8/10) - Good voice and good song choice for what she's capable of. A bit too breathy for me, but that's something I think she can easily work on.

3. Austin Montgomery (7.5/10) - Not my thing personally, but he did well enough.

4. Jillian Jordyn (7/10) - Good start and then the coaches turned. That kind of tanked it. This is another Rachel Mac situation. Julia Michaels is a good comparison for her style though! I expect her next performance will be 1000x times better.

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What a terrible audition episode filled with nothing but filler. There was a total of one audition that I enjoyed tonight.


The Good:

1. Dia Malai: I loved her tone and energy. Her voice reminded me of Sa'rayah at times, which really excites me! Not the best audition of all time, but the voice was there.

2. Austin Montgomery: Not my style, but he has a pleasant voice. I think he's capable of giving some really nice performances and I predict that he'll go pretty far.


The Bad:

3. Benny Weag: Honestly, his audition seemed like it would've been really good? He picked a super difficult song and sounded okay in the clip we got. Still, since he was montaged, I can't really judge him.

4. Grace Bello: Her voice was kinda boring to me, but maybe I would like her a bit more with a more interesting some choice.

5. Jillian Jordyn: I'm sorry, but she should've been montaged instead of Benny. Rough, messy performance. This song needs to be BANNED ASAP.

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