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Best Performance - Top 11 - Judges Song Contest



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  1. 1. Best Performance

    • Nicolina Bozzo - Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson
    • Mike Parker - Chasin' You by Morgan Wallen
    • Fritz Hager - Wonderwall by Oasis
    • Christian Guardino - I'm Not the Only One by Sam Smith
    • Noah Thompson - Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer
    • Lady K - Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo
    • HunterGirl - 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
    • Leah Marlene - Make You Feel My Love by Bob Dylan
    • Tristen Gressett - You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones
    • Emyrson Flora - Lovely by Billie Eilish
    • Jay Copeland - Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley

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1. Leah - Is there anything she can't sing? Give her the trophy already.

2. Jay - Gorgeous rendition of a song I love. No complaints.



3. Fritz - Bold song choice but he made it work.



4. Nicolina - Messy at times but overall it was fine.

5. Emyrson - A pleasant surprise! The last fourth of the performance was pretty weak but I really enjoyed the rest. Props.

6. Hunter - It was good karaoke.

7. Christian - Much better than his last two performances, I'll give him that.

8. Noah - If he learned how to use dynamics I would probably rank him higher, but it seems like that won't happen anytime soon.



9. Lady K - The song choice was perfect for her, but she missed the emotion and there were a few hiccups here and there. I'm glad she got the save though.



10. Mike - He's just so average.

11. Tristen


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1. Fritz - I think he's on the personal preference level, I really can't get picky about his singing.

2. Leah - It was a pretty innocent version. I still remember the bull on the masked singers singing it and got me in tears

3. Jay - Okay, vocally he delivered but I almost fell asleep during the performance. 

4. Christian - Solid but too showmanship, not much true emotion.

5. Nicolina - I don't think anyone can do SUBG not a karaoke non-sense but Kelly Clarkson.

6. Huntergirl - At least I like this fun classic song.

7. Emyrson - She should never try to belt a note. Her upper register in chest voice just hurt my ears so fking hard.

8. Mike - Oh boy, you disappoint me too many times, it's time for you to go.

9. Noah - It just sounded really weird. lol at Katy, and Noah still didn't know what was going on. I can't at Straight boys.

10. Tristen - SIGH.

11. Lady K - BAD as hell, go hearing Hailey Mia rendition or the original one.


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Hey, guys! I was having this conversation with one of my close college friends yesterday, and I remember he told me that he actually watched Season 20 of this show, and that he actually liked the Top 11 round that season. I also remember him talking to me about a contestant that performed “Lilac Wine” (he even sang to me just a line from it to help me remember!) and did a run somewhere in that performance. Even though I totally forgot Jay performed this song because I usually have trouble remembering things that happened in American Idol (unless it has to do with my favorite contestants), I decided that I’m now tying my decision with Jay’s and Noah’s performances.

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