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Best block by Kelly


best block  

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  1. 1. Best Block by Kelly

    • Hannah Goebel
    • Kymberli Joye
    • Rizzi Myers
    • Marybeth Byrd
    • Samantha Howell
    • Cami Clune
    • Kenzie Wheeler
    • Kinsey Rose

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Her smartest blocks were easily Kenzie and Kymberli, since they were bith going to Blake and JHud, respectively had she not blocked them. Same goes for Hannah for Alicia, even though she dropped out. Blocking Blake for Marybeth was also a smart move, even though she didnt pick her.


Her blocking Blake for Cami made no sense, even though she got her via a steal, it was a stupid block. Same goes for blocking John for Rizzi, she was gonna pick her from the start, even though things didnt end well.


I voted for Kenzie, since they had a succesful run.

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