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Finales with highest stakes?


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Most tend to have a clear winner going in, including S21.


For me, it was S20. Not really nail baiting since I stopped caring who won many moons ago, but I didnt know if Cam or Kenzie was gonna take it, so I was intrigued.


Say what you what about Kenzie's inconsistency (I actually agree about that), but he gave Cam a helluva fight. It was a nice showdown that had many biting their nails indeed. Wish we had more of those.

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1 minute ago, Misirlou said:

I wasnt on IDF at the time, but I assume most of y'all were scared Adam was gonna beat Alisan.

I don’t remember what was the consensus on IDF but for me personally, it was extremely close. And back then I was a bit of a country hater so I would have been very disappointed (thankfully I am not like that anymore)

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