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What do you think about this Top 13?


What do you think about this Top 13?  

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24 minutes ago, azwige said:

it's good but I think it's real hard to beat s13 top 12.that season was so good even with the elimination of Moriah, Emily etc

Season 13 was great and all, but these posts seems like boomers remnicising about the “Good” old days, instead of keeping their eye on the present and the future . 

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We have some amazing people but I do feel like we have too many powerhouse belters or whatever. They aren't in the same exact lane but I'd swap two powerhouses for an indie contestant and a rock contestant. Anyway, I feel like everyone but two people are deserving and have already had great performancees in the lives or showed great promise to have one soon.

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I like RnB singers on this show, but there's way too many of them here. I can't even blame the playoff results on that, this season lacks diversity in general.


That said, I love GNT; I heavily respect Wendy, Paris, and Jershika as vocalists; and Hailey Mia's journey is this close to completely pulling me in, she just needs that moment!

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