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American Idol Season 19: AI18 Top 20 Second Chance Twist

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  1. 1. Favorite Overall?

    • Aliana Jester
    • Cyniah Elise
    • DeWayne Crocker, Jr.
    • Dibesh Pokharel (a.k.a. Arthur Gunn)
    • Faith Becnel
    • Franklin Boone
    • Louis Knight
    • Makayla Phillips
    • Nick Merico
    • Olivia Ximines
  2. 2. Favorite Female Contestant?

    • Aliana Jester
    • Cyniah Elise
    • Faith Becnel
    • Makayla Phillips
    • Olivia Ximines
  3. 3. Favorite Male Contestant?

    • DeWayne Crocker, Jr.
    • Dibesh Pokharel (a.k.a. Arthur Gunn)
    • Franklin Boone
    • Louis Knight
    • Nick Merico

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April 2nd Confirmation: This is not an April Fool's Day joke.


For those who forgot or didn't know, the most recent episode was suppose to end with "a surprise twist that no one saw coming," according to its official synopsis, but it didn't happen. Well, the announcement of said twist was simply delayed. It's not just any twist, either. In our opinion, it's the largest twist in American Idol history, by far.


  • The major twist is that 10 contestants from the AI18 Top 20 will be returning for a second chance, effectively making a Top 34.
  • To clarify, the Second Chance contestants are in addition to the 2 wild cards, which will be selected by the judges.
  • Second Chance contestants will in fact be voted on by the public.
  • Second Chance Performances will air Monday, April 19th, with the voting results serving as the cliffhanger for the 13-day hiatus.
  • Only a "few" of the 10 Second Chance contestants will ultimately compete with the new contestants.
  • The "few" winners of Second Chance will be officially revealed and merge with the remaining newbie finalists on Sunday, May 2nd.


Dibesh Pokharel (a.k.a. Arthur Gunn) - Runner-Up
Louis Knight - Top 7
Makayla Phillips - Top 11
Aliana Jester - Top 20
Cyniah Elise - Top 20
DeWayne Crocker, Jr. - Top 20
Faith Becnel - Top 20
Franklin Boone - Top 20
Nick Merico - Top 20
Olivia Ximines - Top 20


Declined Offer Or Not Offered
Jonny West - Top 5
Jovin Webb - Top 11
Sophia James/Wackerman - Top 7
Kimmy Gabriela - Top 20
Lauren Spencer-Smith - Top 20



(won and/or signed by American Idol-affiliated record labels)
Samantha Diaz (a.k.a. Just Sam) - Winner
Dillon James - Top 5
Francisco Martin - Top 5
Julia Gargano - Top 7
Grace Leer - Top 11

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