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  1. First auditioning contestant confirmed Sam barber https://instagram.com/sambarber_music?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Are we sure Casey signed ? I think she would of said it in that interview
  3. If you are talking about that TMZ article it’s not true
  4. I mean I get it but if 3 are doing it for free and 1 is making you pay something is wrong
  5. I went yesterday it was a great show but Julia really screwed up making people pay for photos with her Louie Wyatt and Cassandra Coleman were doing pictures for free
  6. My mistake Again. She is at the show. So if you see her say hi
  7. My mistake sounds like Cassandra is just taking a vacation in New York. don’t think she’s going to the show
  8. Looks like Cassandra is going to make a surprise appearance at the Julia gargano show tomorrow
  9. Figured idol did not send Chayce and Willie to NYC because of covid but then they send Grace what the hell not a good look when twitter is calling Chayce and Willie performances terrible because they were virtual
  10. I mean if it’s true and the show being owned by Disney they have to do it
  11. Seems like the judges turned on him last night
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