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Halley Greg Fan Thread

Dalton Eduardo

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Halley was devoted to her academics throughout school and was often bullied, but she found a home and friends in musical theater. She began songwriting in college while earning a double degree in biology and psychology. She eventually became a science teacher and, whenever possible, found a way to use music to help kids learn. Halley's priority in life was teaching until two years ago, when she got involved in the Seattle music scene. She started singing backup for another artist and began performing original music, but she found it difficult to balance teaching by day and singing by night. Halley recently quit teaching and decided to take the leap to focus solely on her music.





Just comment "Add Me" if you want to be added to Halley's Fan List!










1. Dalton Eduardo

2. FloorWax

3. David68

4. jamescasaki

5. jarmon

6. Hamza Tufail

7. Angeles

8. QueenCami

9. sydneysam

10. You??



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I am intrigued with her artistry and her tone is somewhat a mix of Holly Henry and Kat Hammock. I think she and Payge are good friends because they are following each other on Instagram and both of them were also featured "Sessions In Place Presents". I hope she goes far in the competition.


Just comment "ADD ME" if you want to be added to the Fan List.




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1 hour ago, Dalton Eduardo said:


I hope she will have the chance to play the piano on the show. I love how she doesn't look like her voice. 


Her tone is so gorgeous. 😍 


She's being underappreciated here for sure.

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11 minutes ago, Dalton Eduardo said:



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 I hope she gets stolen, though. She'll probably thrive in the show with any other coach except Kelly.



I do too. Losing against Gean or Anna Grace maybe?

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9 hours ago, Dalton Eduardo said:



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Among all Team Kelly members, only 

Gihanna Zoe commented on that post of hers. That may be an indication that she's her battle partner. Gean and Anna Grace are also among the possibilities.



Savanna Woods also commented on her post actually. She seems like a likely battle partner.

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1 hour ago, FloorWax said:

Someone in the comments said she should sing "Samson" by Regina Spektor and I wholeheartedly agree. She would sound great on that song.



Yeah I agree. But we already know the results of the pre-taped rounds. She may sing that song outside of the show though.

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