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Who will be paired against each other in Knockouts


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Who do you think will be Paired


Team Kelly

Marisa Corvo

Madeline Consoer

Sid Kingsley

Kelsie Watts


Tanner Gomes


Team Gwen

Joseph Soul

Payge Turner

Chloe Hogan

Ryan Berg

Carter Rubin

Van Andrew


Team John

Tamara Jade

Lauren Frihauf

John Holiday

Cami Clune


Bailey Rae



Team Blake

Ian Flannigan

Jim Ranger


Ben Allen

Worth The Wait

James Pyle


4 way Knockout

Ryan Gallagher

Larriah Jackson

Julia Cooper

Taryn Papa

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Team Kelly:

Madeline Consoer vs Tanner Gomes - (Country)

DeSz vs Sid Kingsley (Leftover Pairing)

Marisa Corvo vs Kelsie Watts - (Pop)


Team Gwen:

Joseph Soul vs Payge Turner (R&b)

Chloe Hogan vs Ryan Berg (Storytellers/Indie)

Carter Rubin vs Van Andrew (Alternative)


Team John:

Tamara Jade vs Casme (R&B)

Lauren Frihauf vs Cami Clune (Alternative)

Bailey Rae vs John Holiday (Leftover Pairing)


Team Blake

Ian Flannigan vs Worth The Wait (Country)
Jim Ranger vs Ben Allen (Country)

JusJon vs James Pyle (Pop)

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15 minutes ago, thevoiceisthetop said:


Team Gwen:

Joseph Soul vs Payge Turner (R&b)

Chloe Hogan vs Ryan Berg (Storytellers/Indie)

Carter Rubin vs Van Andrew (Alternative)


I'm sorry but, how is Payge RnB, and how is Carter 'alternative'?

  • Haha 4
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4 minutes ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

i meant they both are kinda soulful and carter is pop/indie i meant


I guess Payge does have some soul in her, but nothing about Carter strikes indie to me. He's purely pop.

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  • Desz vs. Sid: I hate to see Sid being used to clear a path for Desz, but I can see this happening since neither of them has a clear genre match on paper within the team (and in this matchup I'd expect Desz to win since Sid was the steal and she's OG Team Kelly).
  • Kelsie vs. Marisa: both are big range pop artists, so Kelly only needs one. Madeline could go here too, but she's done some country-ish stuff, so...
  • Tanner vs. Madeline: since Madeline did country-pop in her blinds, she's a clearer partner for Tanner than either of the other pop gals.


  • Payge vs. Van: both are more "alternative" rock-influenced types, though Payge has some soul to her as well that might make Chloe a good fit to go against her.
  • Chloe vs. Joseph: both have a lot of soul/R&B influences, and I could see this being a very even matchup.
  • Carter vs. Ryan B.: I could see Ryan going against either of Payge or Van, but Carter seems to be a Gwen favorite and having her youngster against her block could be an interesting dilemma for her if both do well in the KOs.


  • Tamara vs. Cami: John's the most likely to do something dumb like pit his four-chairs against each other, so even though they're WILDLY different artists I could see him doing this
  • John vs. Casme: both are big-voiced artists with R&B/Motown/jazzy influences, so I'm seeing this as a potential matchup. I wouldn't be surprised to see John against either of Tamara or Cami (likely the latter) though.
  • Bailey vs. Lauren: younger female artists with no genre matches on the team, but Lauren likes rock which is a first cousin of country so I think she's likelier as a pair-up for Bailey than Cami (who also falls into the "no genre match" pool).


  • Jim vs. Ian: Ian could be the sacrificial lamb against Jim to clear his way into the votes, since both are country guys that don't sound purely country.
  • Ben vs. WTW: it's a yee-haw country hoedown time, y'all. 
  • JusJon vs. James: the two non-country acts make the most sense against one another.
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I want: 



Sid vs Tanner - bye Tanner 

Desz vs Madeline (stolen by John) 

Kelsie vs Marisa (Stolen by Gwen)



Jim vs Ben - 😴😴

WTW vs Ian - 😴😴

James vs JusJon 



Payge vs Van

Ryan vs Carter- not happening I know 

Joseph vs Chloe 


John vs Casme (stolen by Kelly)

Cami vs Lauren 

Tamara vs Bailey (stolen by Blake)


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I want:



Ben Allen VS Jim Ranger

Ian Flanigan VS Worth the Wait

James Pyle VS JusJon



Bailey Rae VS Cami Clune

Casme VS Tamara Jade

John Holiday VS Lauren Frihauf



Carter Rubin VS Chloe Hogan

Joseph Soul VS Payge Turner

Ryan Berg VS Van Andrew



DeSz VS Sid Kingsley

Kelsie Watts VS Marisa Corvo

Madeline Consoer VS Tanner Gomes

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