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Poll: Who Sang Call Out My Name The Best?

Who sang Call Out My Name Better?  

36 members have voted

  1. 1. Who Did It Better?

    • Franc West
    • Kanard Thomas
    • Joanna Martinez
    • Payge Turner

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Rewatched them to prevent recency bias, and the vibe and arrangement of Payge's performance is so unique and refreshing that she easily outranks Joana's rather impressive high notes for me. 

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joana and franc did a really good job. because they were so solid, i'd pick them over payge's, who was more exceptional in most ways, except for her weaker high notes. thus, i took the more consistent performance :), joana's

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I like Payge and Joana for different reasons, they're about even but for style purposes, I voted Payge.

Joana definitely got an interesting pick for her voice and kept it pretty true to the original, the song was outside of what Payge usually seems to do and it kinda seems like it was forced onto her, but she made it her own.

I forgot Kanard, and Franc's was good.

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