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Madeline Consoer Fan Thread


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28 minutes ago, Spurrious said:

She CRUSHED it tonight.  She may be the finalist few saw coming.  I mentioned last week what might happen if Kelly fed her the right song.  Scratch that....she fed herself just fine.  


She won her battle by a little bit. 




"Crushed" may be an understatement. Madeline is superbly awesome. She was vocally and emotionally on point with that performance, and this is her best performance to date.


What do you mean "a little bit"? That poll result is the highest I've seen this season and is the most lopsided win in the KO for me. 


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8 hours ago, Spurrious said:


Here ya go...with an appropriately highlighted "like".





So it was neon lime green. On my old TV, it looked yellow like a ripe banana. :haha: She's gorgeous whether in yellow or in green. ❤️



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Hey familia! It’s results night! Just wanted to let you all know, if you hear me singing a @martinamcbridesong tonight, then that means I’m singing for your vote once again! Once I start singing, get your voice app ready, or log in to nbc.com! Voting is open for a VERY short amount of time DURING the show. Let’s see if we made it to top 9! Love you ALL💚💚


I love that she uses the green hearts. :haha: 

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