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ANTM Rankdown: The Top 20 Countdown


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Adrianne Curry - Cycle 1, 1st Place
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte - Cycle 2, 2nd Place
Shandi Sullivan - Cycle 2, 3rd Place
April Wilkner - Cycle 2, 4th Place
Eva Pigford - Cycle 3, 1st Place
Yaya DaCosta - Cycle 3, 2nd Place
Amanda Swafford - Cycle 3, 3rd Place
Norelle Van Herk - Cycle 3, 5th Place
Toccara Jones - Cycle 3, 7th Place
Kahlen Rondot - Cycle 4, 2nd Place
Brittany Brower - Cycle 4, 4th Place
Bre Scullark - Cycle 5, 3rd Place
Lisa D'Amato - Cycle 5, 6th Place
Danielle Evans - Cycle 6, 1st Place
Joanie Dodds - Cycle 6, 2nd Place
Melrose Bickerstaff - Cycle 7, 2nd Place
Natash Galkina - Cycle 8, 2nd Place
Anya Kop - Cycle 10, 2nd Place
Kayla Ferrel - Cycle 15, Top 4
Sophie Sumner - Cycle 18, 1st Place

I figured I'd create a new thread so we can continue with a countdown of the Top 20 since you all had to wait long enough for me to start the countdown. <3


001. Danielle Evans
002. Joanie Dodds
003. Yaya DaCosta
004. Adrianne Curry
005. Natasha Galkina
006. Shandi Sullivan
007. Eva Pigford
008. Anya Kop
009. Toccara Jones
010. Melrose Bickerstaff
011. Mercedes Scelba-Shorte
012. Kahlen Rondot
013. Amanda Swafford
014. April Wilkner
015. Brittany Brower
016. Sophie Sumner
017. Bre Scullark
018. Lisa D'Amato
019. Kayla Ferrel
020. Norelle Van Herk
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Denise: 12/20
Chris: 12/20
Alex: 13/20
Victoria: 14/20
Dee: 17/20
Diana: 17/20
Richard: 20/20
IDF: 18/20
Wally: 19/20
Richard: 20/20

13. Norelle Van Herk
Everyone can quit their bitching about Queen Norelle hopefully now :*. I’m soooooo glad she made the top 20. She is one of the greatest comic relief characters in ANTM history. Everything that came out of her mouth was pure gold. No she’s not the best model, no she’s not the most dramatic, no she’s not the biggest character ever. But dammit she’s funny! Sometimes that’s enough! This is probably gonna be one of my shorter write-ups because sadly there isn’t a lot to say about Norelle. Before she went overseas, she just made me smile. She got the bling bling on her grill! Her most infamous moment is when she fell while walking for her favorite designers in the world <3. She was also very funny during the acting challenge that she bumblef*cked her way through <3.
Norelle shines overseas though. It’s only for two episodes, but she is a complete goddess and solidified herself as a favorite of mine. Like Furonda, one of my favorite archetypes is the girls who go overseas and become trainwrecks. Norelle is not used to Japanese culture at all to say the least. SHE ONLY EATS PANDA EXPRESS Y’ALL ^_^. She bombs the commercial, expectedly because she can barely speak English let alone Japanese <3. More importantly though, Eva openly roots for Ann & Norelle to fail which is the catharsis for Ann & Eva’s downfall. Norelle lasting this long is super important because she causes that fight. She is an important member of #PinkPositivity. “Oh my Goooood, my one friend wants me to go home, my one friend thinks I’m fat”. Then she attempts to do the Japanese tea challenge. Oh boy. Norelle trainwrecking her way thought that challenge is one of my favorite challenge performances of all time. The hilarious commentary, the facial expressions, the countless fails, just everything. You just gotta watch it, there’s too much happening to describe. She then also fails the photoshoot and gets eliminated (over Ann lol). Luckily she saw Hello Kitty in Japan so something good came out of it!

How did you find your way to the Top 20? Well congrats on outlasting some of my favourites – she had a mediocre portfolio, but she is getting a decent placement since people wanted to carry her here. And if she outlasted my favourites, she should outlast some other people’s favourites, as well.

17. Norelle van Herk (Cycle 3)

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Okay. Cycle 3 is iconic and I will fight anybody that questions whether or not Norelle deserves her spot in the finals amongst this crop of competitors. Even if she is the most questionable finalist in this bunch. IDC. :*

Reality television depends on contestants like Norelle. The unintentionally hilarious. Unfiltered. Ignorant as hell. Deer in headlights. Norelle is an archetype on which the foundation of good reality television is built. The character that is endlessly funny/entertaining without having to do anything besides talk. The entire duration of Norelle's stay in Japan is worth an entire watch of Cycle 3 all over again. Norelle in Japan is reality television gold. Groundbreaking even. A truly delightful gift from the benevolent reality television gods.

Cycle 3 of ANTM is the best in long-running series. I'd argue that Cycle 3 of ANTM is one of the greatest seasons of reality television period. Norelle delivers on the end of both intentional and unintentional hilarity. She really is reminiscent of the great days of reality television past, where cast members felt authentic, genuine, and not-put-on for cameras. Norelle genuinely seemed like a ditzy, sheltered white girl from Newport Beach. P.S. - only 30 minutes away from me, which is the first reason I fell in love with Norelle as a young teenager. LOL.

Watching Norelle makes me remember why I fell in love with this show. Women of all walks of life with real personalities that genuinely had to learn how to live amongst one another while fighting each other for the same title and prize package, almost none of them actually experienced or capable of modeling to begin with. Norelle really did sort of embark on a big journey during this show. The first time she ever faced harsh criticism - I mean Tyra literally had her braces removed! The first time she ever modeled in front of a camera. The first time she moved away from home. The first time she was really pushed outside of her comfort zone. That is what made Norelle such captivating television. Not just for the fact that her ditziness led to a plethora of quotable lines and iconic gifs, but also because Norelle really was figuring out life and modeling right in front of our eyes.

And to be completely honest, Norelle exceeded any and all expectations by the end of her time on the show. Norelle started at the absolute bottom, producing a photo where Janice Dickinson lambasted her for her arms seemingly coming out of her vagina. DEAD OMG. But Norelle had this stunning face and bone structure that just photographed extremely well. With time, Norelle went from producing consistently bad photos to learning how to work with her body like a model. I still remember the genuine surprise at how vastly she had improved from week one to week five, where she really slayed that Dooney & Burke campaign shot. Then her really great alter ego photo. Despite being eliminated during the top five week, Norelle's kimono photo is still one of the greatest shots of the season. Norelle really grew up and learned a ton while on the show, which feels like such an increasingly rare experience nowadays on reality television shows.

While most tend to remember Norelle for all of her iconic ditzy moments and for her role as the catalyst in the ICONIC disintegration of the Eva and Ann relationship, Norelle is actually a far more interesting and layered contestant than most tend to give her credit for. That is the beauty of editing and storytelling in the earlier days of reality television - there is a lot more to uncover about characters than initially realized.

Is Norelle iconic? 100% tbh. Norelle might not scream Rankdown finalist, but she is the underdog finalist that we truly deserve. Enthralling. Memorable. Hilarious. Ignorant. Yet harmless. Surprisingly mature during conflict. A gift that keeps on giving. Whether Norelle is tumbling down the runway, nearly dying during a panel challenge, freaking out over meeting her favorite designers, repping Pink Positive, or laughing while struggling to read a script with Taye Diggs, she always succeeded in creating perfect reality television. Norelle is an actress in her own world, and we are just honored to watch her. :wub:

IPB Image
I definitely did not see Norelle making it to the Top 20, but I do like her and she was one of my secondary favorites on Cycle 3. When I searched Google for gifs of her, sooo many came up with different quotes, so you know she was a fun personality. :giggle: I felt like Norelle was really relatable though, and she reminded me of someone I'd be friends with. She came onto the show with braces, struggled walking in heels and had a huge fall in front of her dream designer, was described as innocent and youthful, and had culture shock in Tokyo. I can't not love and relate. :haha: On top of her personality, she was a solid model as well. I think the beauty shot and maybe the spider one are my favorites from her. I felt like she grew throughout the competition and learned a lot from the experience. Also, my favorite Norelle quote is still probably "Holy crap Toccara. Your boobs are as big as my head." :wub: I wonder who will rank higher between those two.

Norelle Van Herk
Ya’ll we should be ASHAMED of ourselves right now. Norelle? Norelle? NORELLE? Why??????? Basic, boring, not a good model, not a nice person, just nothing to bring to this show and she’s here sitting in the final round? I am so confused on how we allowed this happen. Her portfolio is so bad it’s embarrassing she lasted as long as she did on the show, let a alone this rankdown. Yikes, yikes yikes. I have hives thinking of all the legends (Allison, Jenah, etc) that are cut when she is still around. Not good. I can’t handle this right now, if she is not #20, we have some serious issues lol.


Norelle Van Herk (Cycle 3, 5th Place)

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Norelle was a positive presence on cycle 3. She had a bubbly personality and a naivete to her that made her really endearing. I’m ultimately placing her at the bottom of my ranking because I don’t think she really belongs in the top 20. She was fun, decent at modeling, but not really an iconic character in the grand scheme of things.

Norelle came into the show looking like a stereotypical 2000s teenager, braces and all. Seeing her transform over the course of the show was really cool to watch. Even though she didn’t necessarily become a viable model during her time on ANTM, she definitely took some good pictures along the way and has quite an underrated portfolio in my opinion. Her Nivea Beauty, Lee Jeans, Roller Skating, and Alter-Egos were all very good shots.

Overall, Norelle was really cool, and I appreciate the lighthearted quality she brought to cycle 3 in a sea of dramatic and volatile personalities.

IPB Image

Of course Cycle 3 is such an iconic cast/season of ANTM, but I do feel like it’s really odd that Norelle actually made it to the Top 20. I do actually like her but not sure if I agree with her making it this far. I was under the impression that some other people were going to target Norelle, so I turned my targets elsewhere and I guess others did too. :haha: Despite this #19 ranking, I do quite like Norelle and think she’s a really good model and a sweet girl.

Some of my favorite photos of her.
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

And some of her best and funniest moments on the show:

She was a such a mess in Japan, but at least she did produce that gorgeous photo on Final 6. She was also really hilarious on the acting challenge they did too. :haha: But yeah well done to Norelle and wishing her all the best. But I’m hoping she’s the first of the 5 Cycle 3 models to be posted in the Top 20.
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