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  1. Camila and Sofi at a Black Lives Matter protest in Miami today!
  2. Camila Cabello's "Shameless" has now surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify.
  3. He was everywhere and "always with him" I want them to do a duet together. Mix of Beautiful Soul and Wanted. Pop-country ballad or even better just pop song mixed with R&B as it is Bleeding Love.
  4. #9 Biggest first day female album debuts on global Spotify: #1 thank u, next 70.2M #2 Lover 54.9M #3 Chromatica 48.3M #4 WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? 47M #5 Sweetener 37M # 6 Future Nostalgia 29.2M #7 Invasion of Privacy 27M #8 Rare 25.3M #9 Camila 19.5M #10 MANIC 17.3M
  5. Oh noooo. Hate never brought anything good and it will never. Time for haters to stop spreading hate and bunch of lies around social media. You hate a celebrity you don't even know it. You need a life. Stop bullying celebrity. Today I am no longer in that internal war. I feel the healthiest and most connected to myself I’ve ever been, and nowadays I rarely suffer from OCD symptoms. Anxiety comes and goes, but now it feels like just another difficult emotion, as opposed to something that’s consuming my life. By doing the work and showing up for myself every day, I feel like I have more trust in myself than ever before.
  6. wooooooow. Vocal, her guitar skills... I really want her to release an acoustic album.
  7. Watched. He is King of live vocals.
  8. One day before my birthday. The question is when will they start shooting again? We still don’t know anything official about the tour. I'm not even going to start to talk about her team.
  9. First Man . I REALLY hope this is her next single.
  10. He is my wInner of this season. Leavin'
  11. It looks like we're getting a My Oh My or First Man acoustic performance
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