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  1. Album of the year she deserves to become a Grammy winner.
  2. Too bad her version wasn't chosen in the the end. VMA NOMINATION FOR MISS CABELLO
  3. No update from them. Her team really "works very hard".
  4. The only song that was leaked and got released was The First Man. I thought we could only dream of a studio version of this song. NEW MUSIC
  5. Three full unreleased Camila songs leaked yesterday.
  6. Her voice is so angelic. Agree or This Love / Feel It Twice. First they have to learn to promote, in other words, must want to promote the single. I think the Romantic era is over. No promo, no tour....
  7. CAMILA HAS HER OWN PUBLISHING COMPANY "MILAMOON". It was created when she did IKWYDLS. "She owns her songs. the songwriting credits go directly to her instead of going to the label." Milamoon songs is mentioned here
  8. It was leaked one year ago. Back then I thought it was going to be on a Romance album. I want a studio version of this song. TODAY
  9. I heard the snippet of this song 5 months ago. She could release a deluxe version of Romance. Instrumental version
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