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  1. She was doing IG live today. What a cutie. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CG7rPV9JCwm/?igshid=1dbse0wcqif8o
  2. Now that she is back in the Miami, maybe it means she is making a new music.
  3. It would be amazing to get the full song. C'mon, we want to hear these songs
  4. With straight hair now, we're talking. Straight hair suits heeer and it's better. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGs0XnXJU_I/?igshid=12zi1lc5c12cy
  5. I already miss her long hair. Wait for when Shawny has longer hair that Camz hahahaha
  6. It might be Tori Kelly. Some are even saying Carrie Underwood or Jessica Simpson. 100% is not Camz. Jenny is wrong this time but it's cool to hear that she loves Camila's music and Nicole agreed with her.
  7. No feat Camila I don't want to hear anymore about 20+ songs they did with her.
  8. Me too. Release date is not out yet, some are saying it will be out in February next year. It's a music comedy and director of the movie said "kick ass soundtrack" is coming too with two original songs. Ayyyyyy
  9. "Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote" campaign video.
  10. I really loveeee him and his music, and yes we want a duet.
  11. I thought feat song with her is on the album too. They really know how to tease us. Bless her.
  12. Too long. Do we know when it`s coming feat song with Major Lazer? This or next year? Already looking forward.
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