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  1. Can't wait. I thought the feat is with Lil Nas. Her next big hit? I hope so.
  2. I doubt. If the miracle happens, then the new peak is coming. It's amazing.
  3. Happy birthday very excited for his new music.
  4. She served, looks beautiful/hot/stunning Shawn wants to be Harry Styles or wants him. The second night that he copied his whole look.
  5. I'm sure they said to each other hi or even more.
  6. He wants to be Harry Styles, so badly haha The look Stunning, hot, gorgeous, beautiful baby. Congrats to her team. Finally they did a great job. The performance she was on fire tonight and brought Latin party on stage. What I adore about her? She always brings a new performance of the song, can sing live and dance in same time and she can perform. Proud of her.
  7. I'm very excited for tonight Yes, the song was recorded for Miley's new album.
  8. Where is pop rock duet with Miley? Her butt Yesterday in New York. Happy Camz with a friend. CUTER THAN A BUTTON
  9. Love the look. Praying for tonight's look. This is good.
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