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  1. hi why i cant like post?? sorry im just new here

  2. 44 37 Up this week MORGAN WALLEN More Than My Hometown 1097 870 227 6.481
  3. might be a good time for her to get something new out
  4. hope it's true, wonder how much has been completed it is but they keep delaying the release, they should let her fans watch it what the hell? glad it's back though
  5. ^ will we ever get that Mastercard part 2? congrats to them Yay the song is timeless,and such a huge hit woohoo
  6. i dunno what to think about it being real, but her team has made some mistakes with promotion for sure
  7. she's really keeping busy, that's good for right now, and working with Nickelodeon is a good gig
  8. season 3 starts tomorrow
  9. are they fixing it or something? i can only find reaction videos
  10. istersay

    Harry Styles

    i agree, love the song also, video is cool too
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