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Best Episode 5 Auditioners

Best One  

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  1. 1. Accepted

    • Ricky Moyer - It Must Have Been Love by Roxette
    • Liliana - 5% by Herself and Someone Like You by Adele
    • Cate Gartner - The Place That I Call Home by Herself
    • Jacy Matthews - Help Me Make It Through the Night by Kris Kristofferson
    • Mia Matthews - No Place That Far by Sara Evans
    • Jordan Anthony - Forget Me by Lewis Capaldi
    • Victoria Johnson - No Excuses by Meghan Trainor
    • Bethany Teague - Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson
    • Isaiah Case - What Could I Do by Himself
    • Julia Gagnon - Ain't No Way by Aretha Franklin
    • Jayna Brown - The Climb by Miley Cyrus
  2. 2. Montaged/Didn't Show a lot of

    • Sophia Ava Marie - The One That Got Away by Katy Perry
    • Carmen Olivia - Oscar Winning Tears by RAYE
    • Brant McCollough - Fire Away by Chris Stapleton
    • Garrison Bennett - Superstition by Stevie Wonder
    • Spencer Wells - Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
    • Ty'Esha LaShay - Unaware by Allen Stone
  3. 3. Rejected

    • Keegan James - The Best by Tina Turner
    • Yvan Vucina - Walking the Dog by Rufus Thomas

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1. Julia Gagnon - Best of the night with Jayna right behind her! Loved this song a lot and she has an amazing voice! A big moment from her and she brought the house down. She brought the right amount of dynamics and power. Loved the vocal choices but give me more! Lots of emotions as well and loved the vibrato. 


2. Jayna Elise Brown - Happy to see Jayna back! Great song choice for her! She brought the right amount of dynamics and lots of runs. Give me more. More runs please! I can't get enough runs at all, and I love when singers brings a lot of them. That was so flawless and perfect! My wigs were snatched. She's going straight to the top 12 and even higher than that. 


3. Mia Matthews - She is fantastic! She's improved a lot and wonderful song choice for her! I could see her going really far and making the top 12. I am a big fan of this. So emotional and she's brought great range as well. Remember Fritz got one no and he made the top 5. Mia could make the top 5 as well just like Fritz did. I would have said yes to her. One of the best auditions I've heard this season ever honestly. She also brought the right amount of grit to the song as well. I loved this a lot. 


4. Jordan Anthony - Beautiful tone! A lot of emotional auditions tonight. He has a lot of range and he hit an impressive high note. Loved his vibrato and falsetto. I could see him going far. He is a standout tonight. Loved the audition. 


5. Bethany Teague - She has an amazing voice! Wow big song choice! This is my favorite Kelly Clarkson song of all time because of how special the song is. The song always makes me cry every time I hear it and Bethany did the song justice. She managed to match her voice with Kelly and brought the right amount of emotions. I also loved her confidence as well.


6. Liliana Tovar Dalton - She has a really pretty voice and I love her song. She honestly sounded like Olivia Rodrigo. She sang with such purity and innocence. That was simply wonderful. I'm a fan.


7. Jacy Matthews - She really has improved a bit. She's got an emotional and beautiful sound to her voice. That was really pleasant to my ears. I see a lot of potential in her as well. Loved the song choice. She's got a great range in her. 


8. Cate Gartner - I'm getting HunterGirl vibes from Cate! She is a great songwriter and has a beautiful tone. Lots of potential and I could see her going far. I loved this. She is a natural talent. 


9. Ricky Moyer - Why was this montaged? He sounded really gorgeous in that montage. I put him down here due to the montage.


10. Isaiah Case - He has a nice voice but I kinda found him a bit generic? He sounds too much like Chayce Beckham with that gravelly voice. 


11. Garrison Bennett - He really does look like Lionel honestly. It's sad this was montaged because he sounded so soulful. It does need a bit more energy but very good still.


12. Victoria Johnson - She has a great voice, but I don't like the song choice for her, and I am a huge fan of Meghan Trainor. I wouldn't recommend anyone singing this song on any shows. She sang with great confidence, but I heard pitch issues. 


13. Camila Galavis - She has potential, but I don't really see her going far at all. Her speaking voice is really mature. It was a little too tentative for me. 

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Thanks for adding Jayna.


Anyway, here’s my rankings of the final auditions,beginning with the ones who were deservedly cut:


1.  Keegan — he was more entertaining.

2.  Yvan — it’s fitting that Luke’s dog was shown during this audition.


Now those who were montaged or weren’t shown much:


1.  Sophia — she did a great job with a Katy Perry song.

2.  Carmen — not quite as good but still solid.
3.  Ty’esha — good enough for Hollywood.
4.  Spencer — best of the guys.
5.  Garrett — he gets points for looking like a young Lionel.
6.  Brant — he did a decent job.


And last are those that got more time:


1.  Jayna — wow!  What a comeback!
2.  Julia — she deserved the Platinum Ticket but I preferred one singer more.
3.  Jordan — the best of the guys by a mile.
4.  Mia — she did very well.
5.  Jacy — just a tad behind her sister.
6.  Cate — doesn’t have the biggest voice but she was still good enough.
7.  Liliana — her first song put her this low.

8.  Bethany — very good but a Kelly Clarkson song?  What was she thinking?  That’s what put her this low.
9.  Isaiah — good enough for Hollywood.
10.  Ricky — not my favorite interpretation of that song.
11.  Victoria — good performance, not such a good song choice.
12.  Camila — sorry, but she’s nowhere near as good singing Spanish as Just Sam was.  Camila’s too green.

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1. Julia - love how she took her time with it, even among many great versions I think hers stands out
2. Jayna - her experience shows on this one, really strong audition

3. Mia - definitely the better of the two sisters, chose a better song and showed more interesting vocal moments imo

4. Jordan - really liked this too, I was just a little more convinced by Mia

5. Bethany - it was nice but I feel like this song needs a little more vocal power to be convincing

6. Cate - it was fine but unless she has more to show, it’s giving Hollywood week evictee

7. Jacy - decent pretty tone but too forgettable

8. Isaiah - nice tone, vocals kinda shaky imo
9. Liliana - yeah, I think this reminded me why I don’t like Olivia Rodrigo

10. Camila - I’m sorry but her voice was barely there

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