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Who won the Battle: S25 Edition


Who won the battle?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Ryan Arghast vs Karen Waldrup

  2. 2. Gabriel Goes vs Kamalei Kawa'a

  3. 3. Asher Havon vs Alyssa Crosby

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1. Karen won that for me, but Ryan was really good too. There were parts where it felt like he was just yelling and relying too much on the rasp. 


2. Kamalei won that for me, but Gabriel is more interesting, and I like his energy more. Wrong song though. 


3. Asher took that for me. He is insane! Alyssa was great as well, but Asher deserved to be Reba's frontrunner. 

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1. I think Karen won fairly, but I prefer Ryan´s voice. Would have probably picked him, admitedly biased. That´s a grunge rasp.


2. I don´t think either really stood out from each other, so I would have gone with Gabriel, who I think was the more interesting pick.


3. Really close battle. I´d give Asher the slight advantage, both killed it.

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