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Best Blind Audition Of S25


Best Blind Audition Of S25  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick one

    • Bryan Olsen
    • Gene Taylor
    • Maddi Jane
    • Mafe
    • L. Rodgers
    • AJ Harvey
    • Elyscia
    • Anya True Moore
    • Frank Garcia
    • Dani Stacy
    • Asher Havon
    • OK3
    • Madison Curbelo
    • Val T Webb
    • Serenity Arce
  2. 2. Grade the Blinds

    • A+ (One of the best ever)
    • A (Great)
    • B (very good)
    • C (Average)
    • D (Below Average)
    • F (bad)

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My top 10

1. Val

2. Anya

3. L

4. Rivers

5. Mafe

6. AJ

7. Elyscia

8. Tae

9. Kyle

10. Frank


Pretty easily an F for me, I don’t mean to be overly negative but this is definitely the worst blinds I’ve ever watched. This last episode saved it a little but not enough for me to change my F grade

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I'm gonna go with Val too, I honestly did not know that song (sorry lol) but vocally she was def ahead of the competition.


2. Dani

3. Asher

4. Bryan

5. Mafe

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