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Predictions: Will a male or female be crowned as the next season’s victor?


Will a male or female win S7 of American Idol?  

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  1. 1. Will a male or female win S7 of American Idol?

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1 hour ago, mytake1 said:

Predicting a female will win - means a male will win.  


Is this Candace12?  She said she would never make another poll if a guy won last season, lol.

No it's not Candace12! I'm a new user

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11 minutes ago, AD25 said:

No it's not Candace12! I'm a new user


IDF polls will always favor a Female.  But it doesn't matter who wins anymore.  Fact is, of the last 10 winners, only Chayce Beckham has Platinum single.   Winners aren't even guaranteed a record contract anymore.


The goal for any of these contestants is to have some kind of career after the show - so they don't have to keep coming back.  Like Colin Stough, Haven Madsion who got record deals.


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26 minutes ago, KelseyW said:

An Asian/Japanese/Chinese etc. Hawaiian is cool but after William Hung ruined things for Asians and made them unintentionally mocked...

ANYWAY. Time for a non white, female. lol

Asian representation is an issue that spans beyond Idol imo. Even if the actual U.S. music industry, there are VERY few Asian artists in the scene. Olivia Rodrigo is the closest we have to an Asian pop star and she is only half Filipino (and many likely mistake her for Latina due to her last name). Still waiting for Rina Sawayama's mainstream breakthrough; check her out if you like... any genre of music. Theres something in her discography for everyone (pop, r&b, dance, rock, metal, indie, etc.) 


But anyways I agree and voted female because I gotta stay true to my delusions 😍

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