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Any voice coaches or artists on your Spotify wrapped?


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1 hour ago, MILO JAY said:

any voice coaches or artists on your spotify wrapped? niall is my number one artist.

Mine from Kelly, People by LiBianca and a few Shakira songs made my Top 100, that’s really it.

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Forgot about People
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My year consisted of like 99% throwbacks with the other 1% being Bad Bunny, The Killers, Caroline Polachek, and Kali Uchis :haha:

Like somehow Gladys Knight ended up in my top 5 songs looool


49. Will Breman - Craters and Canyons

55. Ariana Grande - pov

70. Bizarrap, Shakira - Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53

74. Shakira, Ozuna - Monotonía


A stunning lack of Kelly Clarkson.

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No one made the top 5 this year although Cassadee and Danielle have made the top 5 in the past.


But I did get an artist message from Danielle Bradbery for being one of her top listeners.


40. Kyndal Inskeep - Friends That Kiss

48. Danielle Bradbery- Runways

54. Allegra Miles - Stay

56. Hannah Ellis - Someone Else's Heartbreak

58. Danielle Bradbery - Monster

61. Marybeth Byrd - Just Ain't Right

62. Allegra Miles - Girl

72. Brynn Cartelli - Secondhand Smoke

86. I Don't Love You - Morgan Myles

90. Danielle Bradbery - The Day That I'm Over You

92. Emily Ann Roberts - He Set Her Off

95. Katrina Cain - Things I'll Never Say


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