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DWTS32 Week 8 - Whitney Houston Night Discussion thread!


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Oooh the season is dwindling down now. 😮 Tonight the Top 7 couples will be dancing to the songbook of the legendary Whitney Houston. They will be doing their own individual couple dances and also almost all of them (Except Ariana & Pasha) will take part in the dance-offs. Then by the end of the night, one couple will go and we will get our Top 6!



Here's a reminder of what the couples are dancing:





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2 minutes ago, ILuvCarrie4eva said:

Order for tonight


1. Harry

2. Jason

3. Alyson

4. Xochitl

5. Barry

6. Charity

7. Ariana


Dance Offs

I was just coming in here to post this but yay you saved me from making a post. (Though I just did). :haha: 

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