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Maelyn (TVUSA) vs. Tarryn Stokes (TVAU) -- The Scientist


The Scientist  

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  1. 1. Which version was better?

    • Maelyn Jarmon
    • Tarryn Stokes

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I loved both versions quite a lot and this was hard. I chose Maelyn. While I think Tarryn hit the bigger notes at the end than Maelyn did, I think Maelyn's was more emotional and I loved her tone and approach slightly more than Tarryn's. But both are salad. 

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Tarryn looked like a character in a stage musical performing “The Scientist”. She was good but there’s something so genuine and beautiful about that Maelyn performance, and nothing can really compare. Also, Tarryn had some messy sounding parts near the end.

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I really respect Tarryn's vocal prowess, but some of these are really unnecessary, and like Hsamid said, not needed for the song. That said, she still deserved to move on to the Finale.


I'm sticking to what sounds pure to me. Maelyn is a good role model for it. So beautiful, one of the best tones from a contestant ever. Every performance of hers got me emotional.

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