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Rank the ABC Seasons


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1. Season 19

2. Season 16

3. Season 20

4. Season 17

5. Season 21

6. Season 18

S17 and S21 are close for me. S21 had the better Top 26 overall, but I enjoyed S17's Top 10 more. We will see how S21 ages but for now I'm saying S17 > S21.


I'll always say that S18 could've been my fave if the season was normal. I loved that cast 🥲

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Season 20

Season 19

Season 16

Season 17

Season 18

Season 21


I go back and forth between S19 and S20. The former is the only time I liked everyone in the finale, but S19 has most of my favourites from the ABC era.


Went back and forth between S17 and S18, but the latter being such a condensed season because of COVID ultimately put it there.


and I wasn’t a fan of this season.

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