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Rank the Teams (Week 1)


Rank the Teams (Week 1)  

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  1. 1. Favorite Team

    • Kelly
    • Chance
    • Niall
    • Blake

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1. Team Kelly

Sheer Element

Holly Brand

D Smooth


Sheer Element and Holly Brand were both standouts this week, and D Smooth was solid


2. Team Blake

Neil Salsich

Tasha Jessen

Alex Whalen

Carlos Rising


Neil was a standout, Tasha was very good, Alex was good and Carlos was decent


3. Team Chance





Magnus and Sorelle probably have my 2 least favorite auditions so far, but they weren’t terrible, and the other contestant is NOIVAS, so I can’t say it’s the weakest.


4. Team Niall

Kala Banham

Ross Clayton

Michael B


Kala was very good, Ross was solid and Michael B was okay. None are favorites of mine, which is why I have it the lowest.

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Personal preference only:

Blake > Niall > Kelly = Chance


I liked everyone on Blake's team, liked 2 of the 3 on Niall's, and liked one each on the other two's (but both Kelly and Chance have another act I'm on the fence about). Ironically, my overall favorite audition of the week is on one of the teams I ranked as the lowest (NOIVAS with Chance). 


Within each team:

Kelly: Holly > Sheer Element > D. Smooth

Holly started off shaky but found her footing quickly and has really clear belts and a decent amount of power; Sheer Element had the more consistent audition but I have mixed feelings about allowing anyone back who's already made it past the blinds; D. Smooth has raw potential but picked a song that didn't do him any favors.


Chance: NOIVAS >> Sorelle = Magnus

NOIVAS was my favorite of the week given the passion in his delivery and tone; Sorelle has strong potential for a growth arc but felt a bit all over the place, and Magnus was good but I heard a few shaky moments pitch-wise in his higher register.


Niall: Kala > Ross > Michael

Kala's tone is gorgeous and I am a little biased because I love Joni Mitchell, but even so it was a solid audition; Ross was pretty good but others have done better with his song in the past; Michael's sense of pitch was excellent but his song choice didn't do him any favors (it grew on me after a re-watch, though).


Blake: Neil > Alex > Tasha = Carlos

Neil had the best audition of this group and was my second favorite of the week after NOIVAS; Alex was a pleasant surprise and very enjoyable overall; Tasha's tone is gorgeous but I'm not 100% sure about the match of song to voice; Carlos' laid-back style is nice and I did like his take on the song but overall it was a touch forgettable.

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Team Blake is my favorite. Neil and Alex were the best of the week and I enjoyed the other two as well. 


Least favorite is Team Niall but not by a huge margin or anything.

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