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7th most overdone song: The Climb by Miley Cyrus


The Climb  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Best US Version

    • Alessandra Gucerio
    • Justin Rivers
    • Audra McLaughlin vs Megan Ruger
    • Zach Seabaugh
    • Shalyah Fearing
    • Sundance Head
    • WILKES
    • Carter Rubin
    • Eric Who
  2. 2. Best UK Version

    • Twinnie Lee Moore - No chair and no video
    • Jordan and Wesley - no video
  3. 3. Best Australia Version

    • Talia Gouge and Annabelle Eve
    • Judah Kelly and Kelsie Rimmer
    • Emma Sophina

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1. WILKES (robbed, never forget, etc)

2. Sundance


I didn’t really LOVE any of these (WILKES had better performances too), but those are the ones I liked. I thought Carter would nail that song, but idk I just didn’t like it that much compared to his other performances.

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