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Who had the best finale set?

erik g

Who had the best finale set?  

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  1. 1. Pick

    • bodie
    • Omar Jose Cardona
    • Morgan Myles
    • Bryce Leatherwood
    • Brayden Lape

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1 Morgan

2 Bodie

3 Omar

4 Bryce

5 Brayden

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6 minutes ago, Persy said:

I think for me both Morgan and Bodie got the best finale set last night and Omar's last performance had an excellent set up as well. 


1. Morgan/Bodie

2. Morgan/Bodie

3. Omar

4. Bryce

5. Brayden

First time I see you don´t rank Bryce last lol.

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1. Bryce

This is the Bryce I liked during his audition. His tone really shined in both songs and not hampered by the pitch issues he usually had lives.


2. Omar

Both performances were fine vocally but they didn't do much for me. Still, impressive vocals.


3. Bodie

Uptempo was a bit messy, but ballad sounded really good.


4. Morgan

No way around it, her uptempo was a messy performance. But she gave arguably the best performance of the night with her ballad. 


5. Brayden.




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