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Battles Week 2: Who deserved a steal the most?


Who deserved a steal the most?  

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    • Ava Lynn Thuresson
    • Nia Skyfer
    • Grace Bello
    • Sydney Kronmiller
    • Benny Weag

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I thought Ava , Nia and Benny actually won their battles, but I didnt really love those performances to begin with, so I'm not sure I would have stolen.


I agree with picking Eric, but that battle really worked for me and I think both deserved to stay.

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Sydney for me. I absolutely loved her tone.


Eric still deserved to win because he really didn't come to play in that battle lol, but Sydney absolutely deserved a steal. She would have been so interesting to hear in the Knockouts, even if she didn't go any further due to how competitive the 3-way KOs would have been this year. In my opinion, it's a classic example of a battle where the only reason a deserving singer went home was because of the bad luck of being in a later taping.


To be fair, though, I thought Ava and Benny gave better performances in their battles than the people who won. I don't get why Ava wasn't chosen (like, at all - I've tried understanding and I can't lol), but I do understand why Benny wasn't chosen, because he isn't as marketable or interesting to follow as a 15-year-old country rookie. I don't think Brayden is bad. I just think Benny was more in tune and consistent for that battle.

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