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The Amazing Race 33 (Premieres 1/5)


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Akbar & Sheri, married educators (bottom left team)

Anthony & Spencer, childhood friends (top middle team)

Arun & Natalia, father and daughter (lighter red shirts)

Caro & Ray, dating couple (yellow shirts)

Connie & Sam, married couple (darker red shirts)

Kim & Penn, internet personalities (bottom right team)

Lulu & Lala, twins and radio hosts (pink shirts)

Michael & Moe, singing police officers (middle left team, blue shirts)

Raquel & Cayla, flight attendants (purple shirts)

Ryan & Dusty, best friends (middle right, gray shirts)

Taylor & Isaiah, youtube sensations (top right team)



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Notable teams include Ray & Caro from Love Island, Anthony & Spencer who stopped the train robbery in Paris in 2015 with Alek Skarlatos from DWTS 21, Kim & Penn who have a big YouTube channel with their family, Ryan (& Dusty) who was falsely imprisoned for 10 years, and Taylor & Isaiah who went viral for a flash mob at their wedding.


Ray & Caro could be interesting as they broke up during the pandemic. So they could be happily dating the first few episodes and then come back as bitter exes when filming resumed :wub:

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Caro! :wub: 


LOL I can see her being polarizing where people will either love or hate her. She was the most entertaining on her season of LI, so I think/hope she can bring that here. I think I can picture her being a messy trainwreck on here, so I am thinking/hoping she'll be loved here. :haha:Ray likely would be chill and have to try to calm her down. But who knows, roles could be reversed here. Also... oooooo I also didn't know with S33 stopping early/mid-season, I was thinking they were going to re-shoot the season and cast all over, so I had no idea Caro & Ray would be on it. I did hear about their breakup but had no idea they would be on this. This would be really interesting to see them back together.


And oooo... I remember Anthony & Spencer, thanks to Alex's description on them and them being friends with Alek Skarlatos. I know/seen a bit about them but don't know their personalities that well. Looking forward to learning more about them.


Don't know any of the other teams, but I like that I know at least 2 pre-season. Looking forward to getting to know the other teams though!

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1 hour ago, holinessss said:

still no bios on the site 😤

Yikes, really? I wonder why that is. :unsure: 



Looking forward to the premiere. Although I didn't know it would be 2 hours. LOL that's a long commitment for possible live viewing but it'll be fun having the show back!

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19 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

I don’t like TAR has turned into the cheesy BB intros with the houseguests “finding their keys”


17 minutes ago, jarmon said:

okay no this beginning is so cringe...where is the proper starting line...

Yeah I was like "why does this show feel so different now?" :dead: 

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