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Best Knockout Performance Of S21


Best KO  

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  1. 1. Best Knockout Performance

    • Wendy Moten - Ain't No way
    • Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman
    • Paris Winningham - Tennesee Whiskey
    • Shadale - Impossible
    • Libianca - everything I wanted
    • Jershika Maple - Inseperable
    • Samuel Harness - Bruises
    • David Vogel - Lose you to love me
    • Jeremy Rosado - Run to you
    • Gymani - Pillowtalk
    • Joshua Vacanti - Falling
    • Holly Forbes - Superstar
    • Raquel Trinidad - Valerie
    • Lana Scott - Wildest Dreams
    • Bella Denapoli - Chandelier

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If a favourite of yours is not on the poll, don't vote and name them so I can tally their votes.


I thought the best of the bunch were pretty strong this year. Who do you think had the best KO of the season? And if u want I'd  also be interested in knowing everyone's top 5. I'll start 


1. Girl Named Tom 

Not necessarily my favourite. But I think it was the most flawless, unique, beautiful KO of the past few seasons.


2. Wendy Moten 

Overdone song choice. But her vocals on it are some of the most impressive this show has seen. 


3. Shadale

Biggest surprise imo. Showed a lot vocally that we didn't see in her BA. Beautiful runs, gorgeous, emotional lower register, and she can hold a note!


4. Jershika Maple

Is it me or does she sound noticeably different here than in her other performances? She sounded pretty old school here, a bit jazzy? Idk but I loved it. Her runs are probably the best on this show so far (Raquel being the other contender)


5. David Vogel

I wasn't initially invested in him. But after this performance and relistening to his audition. He might be my favourite male contestant. Loved the intimacy of the performance, and his sound and style is refreshing, feel like we don't get it often on TV.

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