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10 years ago today, Kristin & Mark were booted out of DWTS 13.

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You know, I'm not over this elimination to this day. Because Kristin entertained me so much.


They were eliminated week 3.


You know who else was eliminated week 3 in 2011? Wendy and Tony! OK, Wendy was kind of entertaining too. You know, talking about other people's eliminations...


But Kristin & Mark came in second place week 2 and improved their score from there week 3. They would've been in second place in season 12. They also danced the best Cha-Cha in week 1.


Well, the next two couples that were eliminated week 3 also got 24/30. Both of them had Anna Trebunskaya in them. After that, she left. Maybe she was so upset, she rage quit.


The couple eliminated week 3 after that received an even HIGHER score than 24 - 25.5! With Len saying the couple deserves to be back, but no. Chelsie, the pro, has since never participated again. Maybe she rage quit too in upsetness.


Also, if some people refuse to sympathize with people just because they use sob stories as an excuse, wouldn't it actually make so much sense if Kristin & Mark were back for week 4? But no. Kristin & Mark would never score a paddle higher than an 8. They would get the same highest paddle as... Michael & Anna. It's like the world is against me.


The last couple to be called safe would never even get a 10. I bring that up because Len said it's crazy that one of these two couples would be out so early.

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Oh wow, I wasn't expecting to see a thread like this today. :haha: :dead:


I was also upset about Kristin & Mark's elimination as they were amongst my favorites on a really lackluster cast. They def deserved better, but there have been a number of even more upsetting eliminations since then.

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