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S21: Pre-Season Power Rankings Per Team


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Just with the information we have (since we're still missing a lot), what would be your power rankings of the Top 20 per team?


To clarify, this is not ranking in order of your personal preference, but rather in voting power.


This is just to see how right or wrong we end up being.

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I think it goes:

Kelly(Jeremy, Hailey, GNT) > Blake(Peedy, Wendy, Paris) > Ariana (Holly, Bella, Jim & Sasha) > John(David, Samuel, Joshua)


Let's be real, John has no shot, Ariana can win if her fanbase pulls through. If not then Kelly or Blake will win again. 


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Holly>Ryleigh>Bella>Jim and Sasha>Raquel





I did it mainly based on voting potential (it would QUICKLY switch up if it were preferences lol)

There are some that I can't see not moving on in the POs and are bottom tier in their teams (just because I'm sure they'd get the CS in that situation) and there are some I'm really unsure of. Took into account arianators' preferences for team ari lol

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I'll give this one my two cents, and of course this could all change once the show is aired. (And is likely gonna lol).



Jeremy > Hailey> GNT> Gymani > Brittany


So far, I think Jeremy takes the lead here. He's a dude, likeable, can sing, and gospel wont hurt either. Plus its clear that Kelly digs him. Hailey also has potential due to the teen girl growth arc. GNT could rise above if given enough support, but for now I'm keeping them in third.



Samuel > Joshua > David > Jershika > Shadale


For me, given what we know, Samuel and Joshua are probably looking at the best bets for the PVs. David and Jershika could sneak in with one of them too, but I'm keeping them lower for now. 



Holly> Ryleigh > Jim/Sasha > Bella > Raquel


Holly is without a doubt getting PV. I'm still torn between Ryleigh or the duo getting the second one, but I'll give her the slight advantage for now.



In terms of voting potential:

Wendy > Peedy> Paris > Lana > LiBianca


Unless one of them massively flops, the PVs seem quite clear to me.


In terms of moving on:

Wendy > Peedy > Lana/LiBianca > Paris


I make this distinction here because Paris definitely has more voting potential than both Lana and LiBianca, since his conservative style might get him some support from Minivan, but in terms of the coach save, his chances of getting it are lower than them, given that he is a steal and we all know how Blake treats them.


Assuming one of them gets saved, he is getting more votes than the other one that wasn't and is likely going into the WC, which he could win depending on his opponents and with the Blake support.

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I’m not going to attempt to rank every contestant. I’ll just stick with my overall power ranking. 

These two are basically tied for me, but I’m giving Wendy a slight edge, because I know for sure she will deliver. Peedy winning the show would not surprise me one bit. 

1. Wendy 

2. Peedy


Kelly will have at least one competitive contestant, and being with the new coach will have some advantages, so I’ll round out the top 5 with this group. 


3. Hailey 

4. Holly 

5. GNT


Any of those 5 could conceivably win the show, but I have the top 2 separated for a reason. 


Others potentially knocking on the door...Jeremy, Gymani, Jershika, Bella, Joshua, Samuel and maybe someone I’m not even considering at this point. 

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Jeremy > Hailey > GNT > Gymani = Brittany


I think the top two on this team voting potential wise are relatively clear (Jeremy as a solo male act that has previous singing show experience and likability + the gospel background, Hailey as a teen pop gal with a coach that does well with teen girls). GNT has strong potential based on the sibling situation and genre, but the group factor is holding me back from giving them the PV over Hailey despite them being more experienced. I do think they’re the likeliest coach save candidate, so that’s why they’re third. Gymani vs. Brittany is likely to come down to song choice and tonal preference.



Samuel > Jershika = Joshua > David > Shadale


Sam is arguably the most versatile genre wise of the male acts to make the top twenty, and he has an adorable young kid to boot. Based purely on what we know about how his KO went, I put him as the likeliest PV getter for now. Jershika and Joshua I have as roughly even, since one’s a female gospel artist who advanced over an OG team member and the other’s a male pop artist who took out another singer in the battles with a song not really catered to him. David is one of the artists I adore this season, but being a steal on a team with two artists he shares similarities with has me nervous about his odds for advancing. Shadale’s really good too, but I think she’s likely to be more polarizing than Jershika or the guys.



Holly > Ryleigh > Bella > Jim & Sasha > Raquel


Holly’s tone is likely to be widely appealing and she appears to have gotten song choices that work well for her so far; if that continues into the lives, she should have little trouble getting the PV. Ryleigh’s a vocal gymnast with a big pop voice that isn’t purely pop, and she’s apparently gotten high praise from sources and coaches so far. Bella’s got a strong emotional aspect to her voice and Ari apparently really digs her, so I’m expecting her to at least make the wildcard. Jim & Sasha stand out on the team by not only being a duo but also being the male representation and not pop or R&B; Ari also seems to really like them, having advanced them over multiple artists who seem more in her lane on paper. I ranked the duo behind Bella because I’m less confident about their ability to make it into the wildcard if they don’t get the save. Raquel ends up in last in the power ranking because as much as I dig her voice, it’s not for everyone, but that is absolutely not a knock on how talented she is (if anything, it’s a testament to Ari’s lives team being very strong vocally).



Wendy > Peedy > Paris > Lana > LiBianca


Wendy is a force of nature and there’s a handful of big names in Nashville that will kick Blake’s a** if he screws her over at any point. Peedy is tied in terms of vote potential, but I trust Wendy to deliver live more than I do him at this point (but he’s charismatic and more clearly country-adjacent, so I expect him to also get a PV). Paris is the only one I could see unseating Peedy for the second PV if the latter’s bussed in the playoffs, but Paris needs a PV to not end up in the wildcard. Lana is good and I think she has the best shot of the three at getting the save, but I’m not as sure about her odds of making the wildcard if she isn’t saved. LiBianca is a classic case of an act who unexpectedly picks Blake doing well on his team up until this point, but given she took out an artist who sang Blake’s own song in the KOs, I don’t think Minivan will rally to her in the playoffs and give her a fair shot at the wildcard.

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