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Top 7. Triple Elimination


Who Will Be Eliminated  

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14 hours ago, Bk1234 said:

I actually see the comeback artist getting eliminated. :ph34rwave:

I think they'll have too much hype that day, since we'll find out who it is on the day of performances. I can see them leaving after Top 7 though even if it is Arthur.

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Deshawn and Alyssa, they aren't going past Willie and Grace and basically at this point, I can see voting split taking a bigger toll.

Chayce, Grace, Willie and Casey are safe, for sure.

I don't think they'll want the comeback artist eliminated the first round they're back for, so they're probably pimp them somehow.

Hunter definitely generate some momentum in the last round, the two week break might hurt him but still I don't see him being cut this round.

That leaves us with Cassandra and Caleb.

Cassandra's numbers were pretty low last round even compared to those who were eliminated so it seems likely she's out in a triple elimination but let's hope I'm wrong and she blows away the voters and us again on Sunday. It will probably depend on the song choice and slot they get and the actual performance. Unfortunately, I have to give Caleb a slight edge right now based on voting patterns

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I hate this format. Why can't they cut out the flabby middle TOP 24 / TOP 16 / TOP 16 redux shows and give us at least an extra week of Finals?


Even something like Top 12 / Top 10 / Top 8 / Top 6 / Top 4 / Top 3 would be better. Only a week shorter than the final run on Fox, but enough time for contestants to have some kind of arc. It would make the eliminations mean something more, too, rather than a tacked on boot at the end of the show. 

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On 4/28/2021 at 6:21 PM, MargoK said:

Definitely Deshawn, Caleb and Alyssa. I would bet money on it.

Caleb is the only real country singer left and 40 percent of the viewers are country fans so I doubt he’s leaving  

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I do think the returning contestant may take some votes from both Caleb & Chayce. Caleb has also been choosing super safe songs & not showing much personality... I think he could be in danger.

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Alyssa is the best.  Best voice, stage presence and personality.  I think she will be the next Ameican Idol and an equal to Carrie.  Willie has to go Bye Bye, absolutely horrible.  Casey could be a close 2nd unless Arthur Gunnn won form the last show, then it could be close between him and Alyssa with Alyssa taking it.

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