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Who would have won the 4 way Knockout in season 17 if it happend?


Who would win the 4 way KO if it happened in season 17 with all the saves?  

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  1. 1. If the 4 way KO happened in season 17 who would’ve won?

    • Zoe Upkins- Team Legend Battle Save
    • Marina Chello- Team Blake Battle Save
    • Jessie Lawrence- Team Gwen Battle Save
    • Melinda Rodriguez- Team Kelly Battle Save

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IMO Marina would’ve won it easily! Zoe would’ve been another threat to win too! 



Marina Chello- “ I who have nothing”

Zoe Upkins- “Like i’m gonna lose you”

Jessie Lawrence- “Dancing with a stranger”

Melinda Rodriguez- “Always be my baby”


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Marina the queen 👑, she popped off in her performance, and the way that she didn't win or get a steal is honestly infuriating.

Still mad that Melinda couldn't slay b/c she got a trash song (same with Destiny), but that's a little off-topic.


Also, super super off-topic, but did the purple colored backgrounds on the profile pictures (like AliXRose and TeamAudra's) change to become a little lighter or is / are my computer / my eyes being wonky? lmao


edit: actually in general a lot of the colors seem a little brighter. so, it's probably just my computer being weird (or maybe i need to get my eyes checked out :whut:)

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